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Sex in our family  

Friday, July 17, 2009

I am a new reader of this site. I am going to tell a real story which happened and still happening in our family. Actually I wanted to share this incident to some one but in India people will not accept this kind of Incest sex.

First I will tell about my family. We are from Kerala and presently staying at Chennai. My father and mother are working as teachers in Kendriya Vidya Bhavan. We are three sisters and a younger brother. I am Reetu aged 30 (All names and place are changed) elder sister and next Sheeba aged 28 and Asha aged 26. My brother name is Justin aged 24. All are good looking girls and have sexy body.

This has happened when I was at 25 waiting for marriage and Sheeba and Asha were studying in a college. And Justin was studying in PUC. We used to sleep in a big bed room and our parents sleep in their separate bedroom. Justin used to sleep in hall. One day my father's colleague those who are staying in our quarters came to our house for my marriage proposal. The next day again they came along with their son David, working in Railways. They have seen me and said ok and fixed date for engagement. After this daily he used to phone up and talking with me. My sisters used to tease me and ask what you people are talking always. One day David asked to go out for shopping. My parents also accepted. He came and picked me in his car we went to one hotel. We were talking for lot of time about all. Finally he kissed me and I also kissed, that's all we have done that day and came back after shopping. After dinner Sheeba and Asha were started asking what we are talking about. What all he done? Whether he hugged or kissed? I told the truth. But they didn't believe and continuously asked. So I told yes he hugged me, rubbed my breasts and I have shacked his cock.. Immediately Asha asked when he rubbed your boobs how it was. I told I was really enjoyed. Again she asked explain the matter. . So just for joke I put my hand on her boobs and pressed. Then I asked how it is. Like that only I also enjoyed. Then Sheeba asked Asha how it is. Then Asha massaged Sheba's boobs. Sheeba rubbed Asha's boobs. They started enjoying. Then they asked me whether he touched your pussy. I told yes and put my hand on Asha's pussy and started rubbing. She started moaning. Immediately Sheeba asked what happen Asha. Then Asha put her hand on Sheeba's pussy and started rubbing. Then both hugged themselves and started kissing. I also became horny. Then Asha called me to join with them. I refused and told I am David's wife He only should touch and see my body. They told no you are our sister first then only David' wife. If you refused we will rape you. I told No. Immediately they came near me and tear my nighty. And they pulled me on bed. Then Asha started rubbing my boobs and Sheba started massaging my pussy. We all became horny. Then we removed each other cloths and became naked. Then Sheeba put her finger in to my pussy. Even though I enjoyed the strokes I told them don't put finger in to pussy. If hymen broke David will suspect me He will think I am not virgin. So please don't put fingers. Then they accepted. Then I told them with out putting finger will play this sex games. After our marriages we will do what ever want. We all accepted and promised each other that we will not disclose this matter to any one in their life.

Since we don't know much about sex we used to rub the boobs and pussy daily night. One day three days before my marriage Asha asked me how the erected cock will be. I told I didn't see ever before. I told them after my marriage I will tell you. Then they wanted to see fucking. I told after marriage when ever we come we will stay in this bed room. You have to sleep in hall or kitchen. Then they decided to sleep in kitchen and planned to put a hole in the kitchen window to see the bed room. That they have done.

After my marriage fist night was at David's house. After two days we came to our house. That day night as per our plan we were in our bed room and Asha and Sheeba were in kitchen. First he hugged me then kissed all over my body then removed our cloths. Then he licked my nipples then my pussy. I also sucked his cock. That was the first time we have sucked each others genitals. Then we fucked. Next day morning Sheeba and Asha came to me and told we have watched the bed room scenes. Still we are so horny we also sucked each other, it was very interesting. We cannot control what to do. We want to touch an erected cock at least. I advised them that don't go in wrong way. After your marriage you enjoy sex. When he fucked me flood has come from vagina and still paining David is so happy that I am virgin. Then I told them that we are from well respected family and asked them to promise that will not go in wrong way before marriage. They also promised me. These things we were talking at the back side the house. That time Justin our brother has come and told mummy wants some mangoes. Then he climbed the mango tree. He didn't wear any undergarments. We have seen his lengthy cock. I was amazed how big it is if erected I also could not able to control my mood. Because my husband's cock in not so big. Then Asha told me like us we can use our brother for sex. Again I warned them don't loose virginity. Please take care. Otherwise life long you have to suffer, if your husband finds it. Then I asked them to promise on Bible that even if we use our brother for sex we will not loose virginity.

That day night Asha and Sheeba were slept in Hall along with Brother. While sleeping Asha put her hand on Justin's cock deliberately. His cock became erected but he didn't do any thing more because he dint know that she has put her hand deliberately. Then she has taken her hand off from his cock. After half an hour she put again that time he caught her hand and started shaking his cock with her hand. With in five minutes the fluid came out. Immediately Asha got up and he got frightened and act as sleeping. Asha woke up Sheeba and as per their pre plan they wake up Justin and asked some thing on my hand what it this? Justin told I don't know. Then Sheeba told it like semen he only may do it. Justin got frightened and begging that don't tell daddy and mummy. Like innocent, Asha asked that what semen how it would come to my hand is. Sheeba laughed and told he had shaken his cock with your hand. Again Asha asked how? Sheeba caught his cock and started shaking. It became hard, erected after 10 minutes shaking semen came out. Then Asha asked why Justin is moaning? Sheeba put hand on her pussy and massaged. She also moaned. Then Sheeba explained about sex.. Then Justin asked Sheeba to show her boobs and pussy. Sheeba asked him to promise on Bible that will not fuck at any moment before marriage. He also promised .Then Sheeba has removed her nighty and removed his shorts and underwear. Then she hugged and kissed him. Then she licked his cock and he licked her pussy. Then she has removed Asha's nighty and told him to lick her pussy. Till they get orgasm. The next day I asked Justin what happened yesterday Sheeba told everything. Then I told him If you want to fuck you can fuck me, don't fuck them before their marriage, He accepted and told me to show my pussy. I showed my pussy. Since parents and my husband were there we couldn't able to do anything more. Then after one week my parents went to school and my hubby also gone for duty. That day he fucked me 2 times in front of Sheeba and Asha. After wards when ever we get time we used to play this sex game with out any problem.

Then after 10 months Sheeba has completed her M.Ed and Asha completed BSc. My father in law wanted to marry the Asha and Sheeba for their 2 sons Sam and Vincent. He asked me, I happily agreed. My parents also agreed. Both marriages held at same day same place. After marriage Justin fucked Sheeba and Asha. Some times we three of us used fucked Justin when ever we get chance.

One Christmas day when we all are talking about buying a big house for three of us I told why doesn't Justin marry Selvi? We two families can live in a same house happily. All of us agreed. Justin and Selvi also agreed. Then they decided that next year will have the marriage. Why I have told this idea is we four of us want have sex with Selvi. Because she is very beautiful and very sexy.

Next day I told Justin our parents agreed for marriage you try to have sex with her before marriage and we also want to have sex with her. He agreed. Then when ever she is at home Justin used to come to our room and talk with her. They used to go to college and other place together like lovers. One day in our room my self and Selvi were there. I went to Justin and told she is alone go and try to have sex. I will come after half an hours, don't lock the door. He went there. After half an hour I went there, Selvi was standing and holding her nighty Justin was sucking her pussy, her eyes were half opened and moaning.. Simply I shouted why are you doing like that before marriage? Selvi got frightened and told, he only induced me, Sorry; don't tell to David and daddy. Justin went out immediately. I told ok. Then I asked her are you interested in sex. Before marriages don't have sex if you became pregnant it is shame for us. If you want have sex have it safely or I will satisfy your sexual desire. She asked how? I told about Lesbian sex. Then I touched her boobs and started massaging. She became horny. Then we removed our cloths and started sucking our pussy in 69 position. She got orgasm and told it is enough. Then I told her when ever you require sex we will do like this. If you want to have with Justin, use condoms. While we were talking this with out dress, Asha and Sheeba came as per our pre plan. They asked what happened why you are sitting naked. I told the incident. Then Sheeba and Asha came closer to Selvi and told you are so beautiful, very nice boobs, Justin is lucky and started licked her nipples. Asha was rubbing her pussy. Again Selvi became horny. Then we 4 of us had lesbian sex. Then Asha scolded me that why you have shouted that time, any way they are going to get marry, let them enjoy. Then Sheeba called up Justin and asked to come immediately. Justin came.

Sheeba told don't worry about that when ever you want have sex you can have, we will help you. Then I told Justin sorry, and took his hand and put on Selvi's breast and told enjoy. Selvi became so happy and Justin started kissing Selvi. She became shy and told Justin will go to bed room and continue. Immediately Asha told in front of us also you can have sex. We don't bother, we will help you. But she didn't accept and went to bed room. After half an hour I took a condom ant went in the bedroom. They were sucking each others. Simply I got amazed and told how a big cock, you are very lucky Selvi. I have the condom; Justin told I don't know how to use it. Then I put the condom in his cock and I told them to continue. After half an hour they came out. Asha and Sheeba asked Selvi how the sex was. She became shy and told it was wonderful. Then they told Selvi to ask Justin to show his cock. Selvi told he is your brother why you are behaving like that. Immediately I convinced Selvi that "Once we enter sex we cannot stop the desire whether it is brother or sister that time we will forget about relationship. Accidentally I've seen you both I became horny, Sheeba Asha also seen they became horny, like that we all seen others naked. It is not bad if we have safe sex, after sex you both became very friendly and intimate, your affection with him has been increased. If we all have sex our affection between us will increase, we are going to stay in a same house, and problems will not arise in our family. She accepted all those things and told Justin to show his cock. Justin showed his cock to Asha and Sheeba , they touched and feel very happy, Then Selvi went to bathroom. We all laughed and told, the remaining people are our husbands, we will make them to fuck each other's wife.

Till their marriage our sex game were continued like this with out our husbands knowledge. That also happened one day after their marriage.

After marriage we all wanted to go to Ooty in the summer for 4 days. We went in 2cars.. We reached the guest house of our fathers' friend. In afternoon after bath and lunch we went to Botanical garden. After one hour I told we will go back to guest house and take rest, my body is paining. Let Justin and Selvi enjoy and came back later Then we went back to house. There my David told today we all are going to have a party, everybody should drink. I refused and told we don't have the habit you people drink, Sheeba and Asha also told the same. But they told no occasionally we used to drink, here our parents also not there you should drink you first prepare non veg. items. Then we accepted. He send the watchman for purchasing chicken and other vegetables and drinks. Then we went to kitchen to prepare the food. That time I told Sheeba and Asha that don't drink too much, we have to make them drink more, today we have implement our plan, we have to talk more about sex today after drinking, they also accepted. At night 7 o clock party has started. We 3 of us in tight churidhar without shawl, we were looking very sexy. They had rum and told us to have beer. After the second round they started talking about sex jokes. We have listen their jokes and laughing and told them to tell more jokes. When it was continuing I asked Sam what you think about sex. He told sex is very interesting, but fucking same girl is not good, to enjoy the sex thoroughly often to have sex with other girls. Because each girl is having some peculiar characteristics while having sex. I want to enjoy the sex like that. Immediately Sheeba told if you have sex with other girl I will cut your penis or I also will go with other. Every body laughed. Then I asked David and Vincent about sex. They also told the same. That time they have finished their fourth round. Then I asked them If we have sex with others what you do. David told if I am having with other you can also have I don't say anything. Then I told them don't mistake me simply I asked. For that they told we know that you were all virgin before marriage. We are very happy to marry you people. Then I asked David Whether I am satisfying you in sex or not?. That time they finished fifth round and out of control. He told I am satisfied but now see Asha , in this dress she look very sexy I want to have sex with her but it is impossible, he wont allow, because she is his wife. Immediately Vincent told If she agree you can have sex with her but I will have sex with Reetu. Then Sam told it is a good idea we can have sex with each other's wife, we need not to go to other girls or prostitutes, it is safe. Immediately we told no if our parents came to know that's all, we will not accept. That time David told me to bring some chicken fry. I brought and kept on the table, that time David pushed me on Sam. He holds me by his hand and put his hand on my boobs and stated pressing. Simply I told leave me David, all are watching. Immediately David told Sam you enjoy they drunk more, they are in out of control. He took me in her arms and went to bed room and David took Asha and Vincent took Sheeba and came to bed room. They thought we were in uncontrolled condition. Then they removed our cloths and started licking our boobs and pussies. Then they fucked us for long time. We were lie on the bed with out saying any thing. Then they also slept with out any dress and with out having any food. We came out happily. The time was 9o clock. That time Sevi and Justin came back. They asked what happened. We told they drunk more and had sex with us. They don't know whose wife is who. David fucked Asha and Vincent fucked Sheeba and Sam fucked Me, we couldn't able to say anything. Selvi told if I were here they fucked me also, don't worry, we all will have sex tomorrow onwards in front of my brothers with out fear. . Then Justin and Selvi also drunk, Then we have finished dinner, then we all started our usual sex game. Then we slept with out any dress in the same bed. The next day at 9o clock they got up and asked us because of drink we have done, sorry, don't complain to parents. We told ok and if any one wants sex with us you can have at any time. We are all happy but don't go with others. We explained the same to Selvi and Justin also. All are accepted. Then we had bath and went out. We went to Lake for boating. I asked them that who has Give Company with whom, select we will cooperate. David told like yesterday. Justin went with Selvi, Asha went with David I went with Sam and Sheeba went with Vincent. Actually it was a new experience like first night. That day night also we had group sex in one bed room. Really we have enjoyed the sex thoroughly.

Now we are in living in a 8 bed room house. . Some time we all will have sex in one room. We used have sex with each other. We are satisfying them. We have one child each. We are living happily. But till today they didn't fuck their sister Selvi.

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