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Nagesh & Veni  

Friday, July 17, 2009

I am Nagesh. Today I am going to share the enjoyment of my first sex experience with you people. I am a student of MSc and aged 23. My sis age is 20 and is studying BSc . We use to go to college in Scooter. My dad and mom are bank employees they are always busy with that work. They used to go to bank early in the morning everyday and come back late in the evening.

One day my class mate gave me a sex story book to read, from that moment I want to have sex with ladies. Before that I don’t know much about sex. When I am returning from college I was always thinking about sex sex sex. After reaching from college my sis Veni went to toilet. Our toilet is in out side and there is no roof and can see from our first floor. I rush immediately to upstairs room and saw the bathroom. There my Sis was washing her face then started removing her churidhar and petticoat. I was wonder she has little breast in the size of an apple. My cock erected fully and I started rubbing, Then she changed another cloth and came out. From that incident I wanted to see my sis fully naked. Then I came down and thinking that how to touch her breast. Then after some time I went to kitchen and taken a Frooty and started drinking I know that she only kept that in fridge for her. She saw came to me and tried to catch that I purposely stopped her by my hand touching her breast and given the frooty. She started crying that I had all and nothing remained in the pack. Then I convinced her that I will get another one frooty. But she was crying continuously. So I told her immediately I will go and get two frooty. Then she stopped crying then I kissed on her cheek first time and told You are a good girl. For that she didn’t say thing.

Then I went to shop and brought and gave two frooty and a five star chocolate. When I give she was very happy and kissed me and told me “you are a good brother”. After having a frooty she started eating chocolate and gave me half of that. Since I could not able to control my sexual desire I hugged her and kissed again and told ‘You are a good sister” with out removing hands. She didn’t say any thing and She liked hugging. She smiled and I kissed her again and again. Then she started kissing me. Then I took her to bedroom. Then I also kissed her on face then I kissed her lips and looked at her reaction. She liked that and told me kiss again on lips. I kissed again for long time while I kissing I put my hand on her breast and stopped kissing. She smiled embarrassingly and told it is very nice. The breast became too hard.

Then I told her I want to see you naked. She has agreed and told you to be naked first. I agreed and removed my dress. My cock was fully erected. She caught my cock and started sucking. I asked her how do you know all these things. She told I have read a sex book which u have kept in your shelf. Then I removed all her cloth and started kissing and sucking her pussy. She started moaning. Then I fucked her for three times. Still we are continuing the sex when ever we are alone.

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