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Loving siblings  

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I was 17 those days. I was very close to my sister who was 19 and was very sexy, infact she is still very sexy. We had a servant in our house who was close to my sister and she slept with my sister Hina. I always wanted to see her nude and almost every day I tried to touch her breast.

One day I almost got my hand through her long shirt upto her breast but she moved and I didnot do anything. But this is not the main story. So here is the main and real story for you. I swere it is real and there is no fake in it. So, one day when my dad and mom decided to go out, may for sex, I decided to talk about sex infront of my sister.

I asked my sister to come to my room where I was holding a movie of XXX hardcore in C.D., and I was ready to play it.
My sister came in, she didnot know what was I trying to do. I asked her to sit by my side. Then I got up and went to the bathroom and put be underwear off and then came in. I was yet fully covered but my face was red. I sat by her and kissed her on her face, this was usual. Then I asked her, "Do you know about incest?" She answer in negative. Then I told her all about sex and incest. She doesnot seem intersted. Then I asked her to sit firm. I got up and locked the door.

Then came to the computer and played the video. She was looking at it as she cannot move her eyes. Then suddenly she looked at me with red face. I slowly came to her and sat by her side and put my hand on her legs near her feet and slipped it up to her kHello my name is Afzal. Today I am going to tell you a story of a night which took place very dramatically. I nees. She ordered me to unlock the door, I did it at once because I knew she would have sex with me. But did not know the purpose of the unlocking. Then again I slipped my hand upto her knees and too her shalwar upto her thyes. She was constantly looking at me.

Then she put my hand off and lyed downon the bed upside down and put her long shirt off her big ass which was anyway covered by her shalwar. I sat on her and moved my hand on her hips. Then I got up and she lye straight. I untight her nara( Belt used to tight shalwars) But she caught it by her hand. Then she suddenly saw my penis got up and it war hanging my pant. She flicked my penis naughtily. I smiled. Then I pushed her long shirt up and reached her breast, she got up and put her shirt off. Now this was the seen. I could see her some part of breast through the bra. I put my hand on her breast and then unhooked her bra.

She smiled embaracingly. Then I licked her juicy nipples and got sticked to them for some time. She slowly put off her shalwar. I kissed her on her lips and sucked her tongue. Then asked her to lye on me as I can suck her vagina and she can take my penis in her mouth. I had already applied spray which can keep erections in my penis for long time, about thirty minutes. I and she started sucking each other, we were completely naked.

Suddenly the door opened and we saw our servant standing there, shocked. Then she put off her clothes and started sucking my testicals I felt really nice. I was doing all as I liked. Then I requested my sister to leave my penis and allow me to fuck her without any safety. She allowed me after some resistance. I put my 7" cock in her virgin vagina. She screamed, But then she was enjoyimg the pain. Then I was fucking her and our servant was licking my ass and testicals, she put a rod type thing in my ass I enjoyed that too and realised that why people become gay.

But that is a diffrent thing. I fucked my sister and released my erections in her vagina. After this day I used to fuck her every day at night when everybody was asleep. With in a year she got a child and our parents knew what we were doing for this
much time. They kicked us out of house.

We rented another house and opened a business of fucking and we are enjoying it. Now we have 5 children from us and other 7 from other men and women.

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