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My first experience  

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hello to all hot chicks & cocks ! here is a story of my exp.want to share with u.(names changed) ok.

I am Raj now in AP working in state govt dept. & having a small business toooo. this incident happens 12yr.back when i just returned from my studies. I was joined in a private firm as a sales exe. so useally i may come late in the nights. we have a long corriedar which connects to the main gate to our house. beside the gate there is small house which is fit for a small family. in that house (my aunty) sunitha & family were staying. her hubby is working in central govt. dept. in the near by town to ours. so he's shuttling daily. my aunty have no work except keeping a veiw on me, this i observed very lately that toooo after hearing the word from her onlyyyyyyyyyyyyy that she's observing from 2 yrs. her size is very goooooooddddddd for a man who wants the sizes is in her body. i think this is enough to describe abt her.

In the starting of summer my parents have gone to vsp. to my sis house & to attend some marrieage functions also. so there r me & my bro. at home. and we have our own house along with two other portions for rent. one of them is vacant and for that vacant house my mom has told to my aunty sunitha if any body come for rent just to tackle them & send to me. so one after noon i came from camp by12nooon. and taking rest after getting some food. around 1.30 sunitha aunty came to our house calling that raj some body came for ur house for rent. so came out side and showd the house to them by the time she also with me talking some gassip abt the daily news.reg. house .

After they went by saying that they will let me know after some days abt the rented house. she didnt returned to their house, she came along with me by asking me shall i come in as she is getting bore in their house. i noded my head and asked to come in her. she came inside & sat on my bed. i just wonderd how she sat on my bed, while i am there any how i sat on a chair before her to talk with her.
while talking with her...
she asked me that have u saw the moovie of "preama saagaram" the famous moovie by that time going on with house full collections. i said no i didnt.

B coz i have no time. she offere me if i would like to c that moovie she can give company for me. now i got herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. but i didnt spoke anthing out . finally she asked that atleast give a little gift to her & then she would like to go with that gift. then i asked that which one u want, she said any thing as u wishhhhhh so now got her idea and sat beside her and took her lips to my lips started pressing them gently 1st. and then inserted my toungue slowly in to her mouth by searching somethin more & more. at the same time my right hand has gone down to catch the little heaven in my hands, but she wont allowed for it. then i wrapped her in my hands, and started squeezing her boooooobs on her blowse itself. after 5mins squeezing she allowed me to get inside of her boobs so my hand gone inside of the blouse & catched the bing milk mounds with the errected nipples, she started moan slowly, slowly, but i am not in a position to hear her, now i opend the blouse and freed her bb's to get the fresh air in my hands. with that she goat a big moan & put her hand inside my lungi got my errected rod in her hands and started squeezing itttttttttt gently.

Now i started to go inside of her peticoat to catche her pussyyyyyyy, when i touched herrrrrrrrr clit, she wassssssss not able to controle and huggggggggged me tightttttttttttly saying that raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaj pleeeeeeeeeee go on dont do any thing with ur hands coz iam not able to controle, but i want to tease her, so i didnt stopped to fingering her,i inserted my 2 fingers in her wettttttttttt pusssssyyy,started her more to tease, thennnnnnn she her self lied on my bed & invited me to get in. i asked to remove all her cloths & i wnat to fuckkkkkkkkkk her in a bare body like a doggggggggggg. but she didnt accepted that if some body come then it will be a prob. so i can give as u wish in the night as her hubby culd not come to home for that night as an inspections is going on in their office. i said ok let me c. but now i want to lick her hotttttttttt pusssssssssssssssyyyyyyy at any costtttttttttttttttt, she allowed for that at last & i started to lick her clit & the hot lips ofthe hornyyyyyyyyyy pussssssy but she is not able to controle her self moaning ho ....... how sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet its ia m waiting for this chance from the last 2 yrs. come onnnnnnnn raaaaaaaaaj get innnnnnnnnnnnnn, by telling this word she pullllllllllllllled me on her by catching my hair with her hand & she her self took my louda in her hand and guided it to her hotttttttt horrrrrrny pussssssssssy hole. i startd to claimb slowly first, and then make it spead and spead increased slowly, now i am in the hevan of my auntys hot hole which sensing like a burning hole, with sweat & hot fealing,

Now i started to fuck rithemicly, by increasing with fullllllllllllll spead. aunty started moaning loudly aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh! raaaaaaaaaaaaajjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj fuck meeeeeeeee dont stoppppppppppppppppppp ( kaaaavalante yennisaarlainaa dengu, neeku yela kaavalante alaaa istaaa, naa puuku chirigi povaaali eedebbaki, aapodduuu, alaage dengu inkaaaaa lopaliki ponivvu, antu puukunu pustakam laaa vidagottindi. nenu matram aapakundaa dengutuune vunnaanu,) finally after 10 min. she after getting her ejaculation many times,me 2 came for my final position and asked her where to cummmmmmm? she told no prob cummmmmmmmmmm inside onlyyyyyyy . so i dippppppppppppped my rod finalllllllllllllly with my alllllll cummmmm in to her hooooooooooooottttttttt hole.

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