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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Well this happened quite some time ago my first sexual conquest. I was 18 at the time about 5ft tall. I didn't no much about sex and had never seen a real women naked before. I had only seen pictures of women nude in a magazine a friend had brought to school. Obviously i had got my first hardon a long time ago and had also realised the pleasure i could have from playing with it however i did this in secret.

My mausi Geeta and her ma lived with me and my ma. It was definitely too small a second floor flat for the four of us but we managed. Geeta and I got on well we were always teasing each other. Boys are better than girls and so on. But what really got her was when I use to call her Mausi. She felt like she was alot older when I called her that. She playfully used to hit me when i said that.

Geeta was 18, she had long flowing black hair, was about 5ft 5, 36-25-36, had creamy silk coloured skin and looks a cross between Twinkle and Juhi.

Both our parents where looking for a boy for her before she started college.

The day had started as usual i was studying maths on my khat and both our parents had gone next door to see some guest. I was told to lock the front door and to continue to study.

Meanwhile Geeta was fiddling with her hair I wasn't paying that much attention. Although lately I had found the curves of her body much more appealing and how it use to affect my groin area on a regular basis. I had thought about her on many occassions whilst playing with myself. Our beds use to be at right angles to each other allowing me to see down the front of her salwaar khameez, when we went to sleep, because it use to rise up, allowing me a good glimpse of her breasts.

Our parents both trusted us because they still thought of me as a child and also because she was my mausi.

Geeta yawned and got off her khat. She was wearing a dull floral patterned salweer khameez with a light coloured dupatta. I looked at her gorgeous body from under my books my loins stirring. She then headed off to the kitchen. Our kitchen was quite small and was really a combination bathroom and kitchen.

After a few minutes I started to hear splashes of water. Geeta was taking a bath. I immediately got up from my work. I had always wanted to see Geeta naked but never got the chance. So I took my opportunity. I stormed into the kitchen/bathroom and headed for the mutkaas of pani.

Hey she said I turned round to see her standing totally naked one hand in her hair the other holding a small metal mutkaa. She didn't even try to cover herself. She was more beautiful than I had ever dreamt, her curly cunt hair, her slit, her well rounded breasts, her shapely hips and thighs just took my breath away. I began to stare.

Rakesh I'm having a bath do you mind!

Umm, umm. I was still gawking at her, Im thirsty i stuttered i wanted some pani.

For the first time in my life i got the hardest longest erection, the front of my lungi tented.

Geeta slowly turned around soaping herself. Her lovely curvaceous arse coming into full view.

Well since your her make yourself useful. Soap my back.

Was I dreaming, she was asking me to come closer!

I thought she would of screamed at me to get out. With a huge knot in my stomach i slowly approached her.

Here she said handing me the soap.

I gently used the soap on her back.

No not like that she said use your hands.

So I lathered up my hands the knot now passing to my throat as i gently lathered her back with my hands. Her skin was so soft to the touch. My erection was straining against my lungi.

Come closer she said and take of your lungi and top otherwise they will get wet. I was about to step into the indian bath with her with my underpants on when without looking and still lathering her breasts she said i should also take off my underwear too.

I quickly pulled them off and got into the bath with her. Without turning round she asked my to soap her breasts, she began rubbing her pussy whilst my cock was now rubbing against her fleshy arse. My hands hungrily found her breasts and I began to soap them very slowly. I had found that her nipples had become hard with excitement. She eventually turned around pressing her naked body against mine. My cock was still hard as a rock.

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