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Beautiful sister  

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hi to all reader I am rahul I am 18 yrs of age I have a cousin sister who is 23 years of age we use to leave in joint family her name was neha we both use to sleep in leaving room where t.v was kept . every night at around 1.30 I use to turn on the t.v where every night there were adult movies shown I use to watch them when my sister use to sleep as I was afraid if she would watch me while watching this movies I used to watch this movies every night once my sister woke up I changed the channel but I thought that she saw me when I was watching this movie than I turnred off T.v than I slept I was afraid that what if she tell to my mom I was afraid of that but next morning she was normal & I thought that did not watch that then from that night I left watching those movies than after some night she use to watch t.v late night as she was very fond of serials therefore I thought that she might be watching serial but after some days I thought lets check wats she is watching so I just acted I am sleeping at around 1.30 when the movie started she switched on that channel I thiught that she might not know that around this time the adult movie starts but when the a couple was fucking I thought that she might change the channel but she didn’t I was shocked to see that but infact she watched the whole movie every night now she used watch it every night I also used to enjoy it

After some days my whole family went out only I & she was in the home as usual I acted to sleep at that night she kept the lights on as there was no one in the home the movie started as I was sleeping ahead of her therefore she did not notice me watching this movies that day the movie started I opened my one eye & was watching the movie as the fuck scene came my panis was up at 90 degree she watched that therefore to check wheather I was watching she came secretly towards me & saw me that I was watching so she told me why I am watching it by hiding I was shocked to hear that I closed my eyes she told don’t worry come watch it with me I will get company I will not tell to anybody she took my hand & told me to watch that movie sitting besides her on sofa therefore I went there I was not able to look on her eyes I watched movie but I saw that her eyes were on my panis which was erecten so I kept my hand on my panis and after sometime she took my hand & placed it on her breast it was soft but I took my hand she told that we will enjoy this night as there was no one in the home first I did not agree but after sometime I agreed first she took of my pyjama then my t shirt I was not wearing under wear so she took my panis in her hand & first rubbed it than she put inside her mouth and sucked hard I was moaning then I placed my hand on her breast I remowed her nighty and then she was in bra & pyjama then I took of pyjama and then her panty then I unhooked her bra and then she was naked I was very happy to see this her big boobs were looking like ball hanged on the wall her nipples were superb I first pressed her boobs then asked her wheather I could suck her boobs she smiled and told me enjoy your self then I sucked her boobs very hard she was moaning I pressed them whole night and sucked them I loved her boobs and we both fucked each other whole night then next day we both took bath together I washed her boobs with my hands and pressed them than she was dressing herself I asked her to be nacked in home as there was no one in home she said that she would be in bra & panty when ever I feel I could go & press her boobs I laughed and kissed on her lips & on her boobs she was in bra&panty I pressed her boobs whole day we both fucked the whole day I loved her boobs

And next day our parents came and whenever we got chance we fucked each other

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