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Sex with Savitri  

Monday, July 20, 2009

Hi Every Body, I'm from Hyderabad, now 26 years and this incident happened when I am 23. I too masturbate watching TV or thinking of some one who is close to me, But things started getting real when I went to bangalore to my Uncle's house as I got engineering seat there. I know them from my childhood. Savitri is his wife and sonu us his daughter (10 yrs age). savitri is of 38 years. She is fair in color and her boobs are really huge. She is really sexy lady All the males whoever seeing her will definitely dreams about fucking her real hard.

She used to wear sari showing almost the whole of her belly (deep naval) from under her pallu, she had a sexy provoking belly xposing her belly hole. I watched her belly almost every time, when ever she got up or came and sat down, I watched her hips, It was provoking me and I was aroused by the way it danced in her sari. I used to masturbate thinking of her. Most of the time she used to b alone as uncle used to b busy with his office work and her daughter goes to school. As days passed I used to be very close to her that some times I used to hug her from back when she is in kitchen and no one at home I used to rub my dick on her ass with her sari on. She has no idea abt my intensions and always used to treat me as child She used to take me to shopping whenever uncle is busy and we used spend most time chatting watching movies, sometimes when ever uncle has nightshifts she asks me to sleep in her double bed as there is only one bed in the house, usually used to sleep on mat when uncle there. Her daughter has a single bed in the same room. in nights in sleep I used to put my hands on her belly, she didn't mind as I used to do very often from child.

She used to change sari in front of me I mean in petticoat. I sed to watch her beautiful belly part and her body curves. One day after finishing my class I am abt to go home but it was raining instead of waiting I started, by the time I came home I was fully wet..... Savitri shouted at me and she took towel and asked me to sit on the chair and started to wipe my head, I was very close to her belly, that almost touching to my lips, I made a move still further and touched her sexy belly with my lips, no response from her, that made my body hot.....I hold her waist and pushed her towards me, she didn't tell anything, this gave me courage and rubbed my face onto her belly, she gave me a smile and asked what you are doing. Abt 8 pm when she is busy preparing dinner for us and I am busy with my assignments phone call came from uncle saying that he got some urgent work and may come morning.

I am very happy hearing that as I could sleep with savitri. After dinner sonu gone to sleep, savitri is also tired of work she said that she is going to sleep and asked me to sleep in bed. I saw a movie in TV. After some time I too getting sleep, so went to bedroom where, she was sleeping facing upwards towards the ceiling. I went near her and slowly pulled the pallu to reveal her boobs. Her chest was rising and falling with each breath. Every time she inhaled her breasts raised. Her nipples were clearly outlined. She doesn't wear bra and panties. I slowly started to unbutton her top three buttons of Blouse, I had to stop for a second and get a hold of myself because my hands were shaking a little. I slowly came on top of my aunt without putting weight bent forward, put my lips on Aunt's right nipple and started sucking slowly, with my hand I fondled and squeezed the other. The nipples hardened under my attention and savitri started to breathe faster. I stopped for a while as she might getup. I slowly moved beside her and put my hand slowly on her belly, caressed her naval & kept there for sometime.

Slowly removed her sari from her petticoat and moved my hand into her petticoat & kept there for a while. I got closer to savitri and put one leg on her thighs onto her pussy and pressed on her pussy, my dick is rubbing towards her body. I am becoming very hot and almost Cumming....... I stopped and moved on her and slept on top of her, she didn't move I kept my whole body weight on her, she is taking deep breathes.. I am pushing my dick into her pussy on her petticoat, she was moaning ohh sssssssss....... as I was abt to cum, I don't want to b caught so I got up and masturbated there itself and dropped my juice on her petticoat...... satisfied and cleaned my dick with her sari.... and slept beside her with fully satisfied. Next day she was normal, didn't tell anything this gave me more courage....... later I couldn't get chance for a week, and the day came, whole week my uncle got night shift......I thought I have to utilize this time and brought a sleeping pills. later in the evening I put a coffee for savitri and me.......

I powdered the pill and put in coffee and gave it to her. the affect of coffee started immediately, she is very drowsy and trying to control as she should cook food for us, she was not able to concentrate on household work, but manage to cook food and she served us, later uncle went to office, sonu also slept and she asked me to clean the kitchen as she is getting sleep, I cleaned it within 10 min, and went to the bedroom where she is sleeping. I saw at sonu whether she was slept r not, then couldn't tell whether the pill was having any effect on her. To check I touched her lips lightly, they were partly open as happens in deep sleep. Her lips were very soft and beautiful; to double check I pressed both her boobs real hard with both my hands. She didn't move one bit. I pressed her hard in every part massaging every inch of her body. I removed her sari and petty coat and blouse, I licked, chewed, sucked, bit and anything I could with my mouth on every inch of her juicy flesh from the legs to the ass, to the back, and boobs, cheeks, navel and what not.

I smelled my auntie's pussy, my goodness what a musk and aroma it had to give me a real hard one. I made her to lay upside down on the bed, I spread her butt cheeks apart and saw a little whole, applied Vaseline on it, fingered for a while and it became loose, while fingering she is moaning, but didn't wakeup. I positioned my dick and rammed it inside her ass, couldn't go so easily but managed to push, she all of a sudden gave jerk to my push and made a sound of ssssssssss ohhhhhhhh…..she slowly started moving which made me to stop and jerked for twice and removed my tool. But laid over her…..then again she started snoring….. then I made her lay back I pulled her legs apart fully exposing her hairy cunt. I grabbed my penis. It was pulsing and jerking around. I was more then a handful. I rubbed the tip of my cock along her pussy. slowly sled head of a cock into her. Inch by inch I slid whole until my entire 6 inch penis was in; she was so very tight. It felt like I had my cock in a vice. The moaning from my Savitri was getting faster and louder. I started to slid back and forth in her. Man was she wet and warm! I didn't last long; I felt my ball tingling.

My first hot molten jet of cum pulsed into the vagina. Jet after jet filled her up, it felt like it would never stop. Cum leaked around my cock and d I didn't last long; I felt my ball tingling. My first hot molten jet of cum pulsed into the vagina. Jet after jet filled her up, it felt like it would never stop. Cum leaked around my cock and down the crack of her ass. She couldn't hold the large load of cum my penis was injecting. Slowly the pulses ebbed and stopped. I have never felt like this stopped didn't last long; I felt my ball tingling. My first hot molten cum pulsed into the vagina filled her up, it felt like it would never stop. Cum leaked around my cock and down the crack of her ass. She couldn't hold the large load of cum my penis was injecting. Slowly the pulses ebbed and stopped. I have never felt like this before ever in my life. After shooting huge semen I was weak and collapsed onto savitri's chest.

When I came to my senses, it was around 3 am. Saw more of my cum was oozing out of savitri's pusy and run down between her buttocks. I put her petticoat, blouse and sari and lay side of her with full satisfied in my face, putting leg on her pussy and hand on her naval. I awoke later that morning and had shower and came for breakfast where she is busy with her household work, I could notice in her face that she was different and tired in her face. But didn't ask me anything. It continued for 2 more days and later she caught me and what happened is next story

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Me & my aunt  

This happened when i was around 16 and my aunt was in her mid 30s, she lived in kerala and i in bangalore, every year during vacations we visit kerala, coz my grand parents used to live there, onw special year when we went to native something happen so surprising that would remain in my mind forever, it was a usual night all of us had dinner and was going to sleep, in my native its a small house, 2 bedrooms and a small hall and a kitchen, and once we reached native the house was full and we had to adjust in that house, my mom,dad,grand parents occupied a bedroom, my brother and cousin brothers took the hall and me, my aunt and her husband had to share the other bedroom,

i and my uncle used to sleep on bed and my aunt sleep on the floor, all lights were off, it was almost midnight when i woke up and felt like going to the toilet, so i got up and went to the toilet and while returning i accedentally stepped on my aunt waking her up, she got up and asked me what happen, what are you doing, i said i had gone to the toilet and while returning i accedentally stepped on you, she said ok and went back to sleep and i also went to sleep, after a while i felt a something crawling on my leg, i slowly put my hand to check what that was and i touched a hand which was immidiatly removed from there, i got suspision and got excited together, after sometime i felt the hand again but this time much higher on my legs, it was getting close to my dick, i thought i will not react and watch till where this goes, just as i thought it reached my dick which was rock hard by then due to the excitment, she slowly kept rubbing my cock and after that she removed my zip and pulled my underware down and started creasing my dick, i gusses that she already knew that i know what was going on, so i slowly went down and cought her hand,

she came close to my ear and said come out we shall go to the terace, and then she got up and went, i silently without waking anybody followed her to the terace, as soon as we reached the terace she hugged me and gave me a smooch, a deep one, she was almost inside my mouth, wild kiss, her toung was fully inside moving from one place to another, i pulled away and asked her, do you think this is right, she looked at me and said i was the one who started this, i was surpriced as asked what did i do, she said that i touched her boobs while she was sleeping, then it occured to me that when i came back from the toilet i accedentally touched her boobs and woke her up, anyway i was happy that it turned out like this, she then said it was ok, no matter what we know that what we did is wrong and we have already done it, and also we know what we want too, and she came and hugged me and kissed me again,

this time i put my hands into her blose and was exploring, she asked me to strip her and i did it slowly, oh my god it was a beautiful sight i was enjoying everybit of it, i felt that the night sould never end, as soon as her boobs where visible i started to suck it like mad, she was exploring my dick, she striped me after that and kissed my dick, i asked her to suck it and she told she does not like it, i said it was ok coz i did not want to spoil the fun, i made her lie down with spread legs and gave her pussy nice little sucking which she enjoyed i guess coz the moans which she was giving out, those noices where making my dick explode and out of control, she was making sure the sound would not be loude which was making it more sexier., she was making sounds like mmmmmmmmmmm..... oooooffffffffff..... after that i did not wait a bit i took my rod and inserted into her sweet wet cave, it went in smooth and she could not control her sound so she closed her mouth with her own hand and the other had was near her pussy helping me to go on,

i went on and on thrusting in and out in full pace, until i was ready to explode, i removed my dick and exploded all over her body, she and me was exausted and happy, we lie there on the terace for some time and then we went for a second round and after that we went down slowly and took our places and slept, we did never have sex again after that, and i also have never had sex after that, i am 23 now still having the memory of that night with which i can still fantasize and mastrubate

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Subha, my sister  

Hi this is Praveen Kumar. I read almost all stories on this site. Today, I am sending my story to you. This is a real story. We live in a small city of Haryana. I am a Chartered Accountant. I have one sister only who is 5 years younger than me. She is an engineer. Her name is Subha.

Now she is happily married. She did her engineering course from Gurgaon (Near Delhi). She used to live in a house as a paying guest along with her other female friends. I never thought of any sexy feeling towards her. When she was a student, I went to her city. I had a friend there who was doing CA with me. He was living alone because he came from Himachal to do CA. We were very open to each other. We enjoyed whole the day. It was Sunday and I thought to meet Subha on Monday at her college as I did not know the exact location of her stay. We took some beer in noon and talked some dirty. Then my friend asked me for enjoying sex. He told me that sexy girls are easily available here. But I said that I avoid ?paid sex? due to fear of Aids, etc.

But he told me that these girls are not prostitutes, rather they are from very decent families and students of some reputed colleges. He told me, Girls from rich families have higher expenses. Being students, they got a limited pocket money and they need more money to fulfill their expensive desires like films, lunch at some hotels, etc. So they adopt sex, with which they get both enjoyment and money.? He told me that these girls are not available to everyone. They are available to very limited boys who can afford them. I felt very hot to hear this. I requested him for such a girl. He told me that he knows a girl. He told me about that girl like this?Friend, that girl is too sexy that anyone can become mad for her. She has nice and firm boobs and her shaved vagina is too tight to give full enjoyment.

I have fucked her two times and she charges Rs. 1200/ for one fucking.. On my request, we went to a PCO and he rang on her mobile and talked to her. Then he told me that she will come at 4.00 pm and she will charge Rs 1500/ . I said okay. At about 4.30, the door bell rang. My heart started pumping. My friend went and opened the door. There was a girl at the door. I could not see her face as my friend was standing in front of her. I heard he was saying to that girl that she has to enjoy with his friend, i.e. me and she will get Rs 1500/ cash. After that he kissed her and lifted her in his strong arms. As he turned towards me, I was really shocked to see that she was Subha, my real sister. Subha saw me and she was also very upset. Neither me nor Subha could speak any word. We both were silent. My friend said This is the same girl. She is a sex bomb. I have enjoyed sex with her two times and she gave me such pleasure that I can never forget. I was not in the position to do anything, rather to speak anything. My real sister was standing before me for sex and she was not virgin at all. The veil between us had been lifted. But we did not do anything. What happened darling, why are you so silent?. Then he kissed her again and put his hand in her shirt. Subha was looking towards me.

She was motionless. My friend was pressing her boobs and then he said to me,? She is a great cock sucker?. Then he made her laid on the bed and mounted on her. He was sucking her boobs and his hand was moving on her salwar. Slowly and slowly, I get excited to see my own young sister. I noticed her body first time. Really she has firm boobs, so soft and so big and so sexy. Her stomach was tight and flat. Her boobs were covered in lacy bra and were trying to come out. Then my friend went out and asked me to bolt the door from inside. I did so. Subha said, ?No bhaiya, No, please no.? But I said, ?Subha, I never know that you are so beautiful as well as sexy. Please forget everything for some time. Forget that we are brother and sister , and please allow me to love you. Suddenly her soft arms were around me and we were kissing madly. Subha had a passionate tongue. It darted in my mouth, wetly seeking mine.

I was little surprised when I felt that she was opening my zip. Then her fingers gripped the root of my cock and brought it out from my underwear. It was already rock hard. ?Subha, please speak dirty and filthy words, if you can?, I requested. She said, ?Oh bhaiya, fuck me! Take me in your arms and fuck me with your big cock?. That was a sweat request to honor. I took her on bed. My fingers eagerly tugged down her dress. I removed her pink shirt, followed by her slip. I unhooked her bra, then slid my fingers under her armpits to cup and squeezed her full tits. The nipples poked out eagerly into my palms. I unknotted her salwar. She was wearing lacy panties.

She turned her head and kissed me. My hands slid down on her tummy and under the waistband of her panties. I rubbed my fingers through her pubes, searching for the wet spot. When I found it, the tip of my middle finger slipped inside her soft pussy. I am going to fuck my sister, this feeling made me more excited. ?Oh bhaiya, you are really great,? said Subha. Her pussy was wetter then hell. Her bush was soft and curly. I pushed her thighs wider apart and insert my finger again in her cunt. It was slippery inside. She was moaning. I pushed my finger deeper inside and she twisted violently and rolled her head around as I played with her hole. I started removing my cloths and she was playing with herself, rubbing one hand in circle on her tits and the other hand on her cunt. ?Please, let me suck your cock,? she whispered, the she lowered her head and parted her red lips. I pushed my cock at her and she immediately wrapped her lips around the head and began sucking. I watched her mouth moved up and down on my cock.

She was using her tongue. She blew me with a fury of lust. Her head bobbed up and down, taking my rod in so deep I could feel the head against the back of her throat. I was feeling fire in my body. I never expected such a shy girl doing all these nasty games. I got in between her legs and told her to hold them back. I took my erected cock in hand and rubbed it over her cunt lips. Then I pushed it an inch or so into her tight slit. ?Oh yes!? she cried, thrashing her head back and forth. I was caressing her soft thighs also. A high shriek of pleasure escaped her lips as I entered my full cock in her. She closed her eyes and seemed to tighten her cunt walls around my cock. She was tight and I was deeper inside her as she draped her slim legs over my shoulders. I started out pumping her slowly, delighting in the way her cunt gripped my prick and seemed to grab it, pulling it back in every time I made a backward motion.

She was maoning???Ohhh Uhhhhh???aaaaaahhhh???seeee??Oh God, you are making me cum now.? She yelled. ?My cunt is cuming for you! Give it to me hard!? Then our bodies jerked as one as I shot off a huge load of semen into her waiting cunt. She tensed herself against me, grinding her clit into my pubic bone to intensify her climax. Then she relaxed, fell away from me, and lay there exhausted, too tired to even undrape her legs from around my neck. I collapsed on top of her, panting against her breasts until I finally went soft and slid off to the side. We never told anybody about this. Even my friend does not know that she was my sister. Now we both are married, but we do not indulge in sex now. We exchange dirty mails, chatting and adult jokes.

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With my sister  

This incident happened 4 years ago. That time I was 17 year old, in 'Bombay we are staying, as every one knows, it's very difficult for accommodation and it's very expensive, ours is very small two bed room flat, me and my sister use to sleep in one bed.

The story started like this... That night around 12:30 I suddenly get up from my sleep, as I was feeling heavy on my legs and with the sounds Ahhhhhhhh, Huuuuuun like. I opened my eyes and saw that my sister spread her legs widely folding the knee joints, as there is no place her thigh is resting on my legs. Her thighs were totally naked and they are very beautiful, she moving her hands between the inner thighs, she closed her eyes and moaning. My dick erected with the erotic seen, I feel my body temperature raising and my breath become heavy.

I slowly moved close towards her now my face is near her big boobs and I can feel her aroma of her sweat from her opened arm, which is hardly one inch near to my nose, really that was the great smell I've ever smelled. I was really exited, I took a daring step by putting my hand in her thigh like accidentally, and it's really very smooth like silk. My sister shocked and checked my eyes whether I'm sleeping are not, she couldn't able to confirm as I was acting sleep. She moved uncomfortably but she failed to take my hand as her thigh is in between my leg and hand. Few minutes passed, I dare farther and moved my hands close to her pussy.

I didn't got any response from her and I confirmed my self that at this movement she is helpless, only thing she can do is she can take off my hand that's all. And I got lot of strength with this thought and I slowly started moving my hand further and I can feel her bush now, I stop my fingers to wait the response as I was scared to do this, but she simply closed her eyes. Now I started moving my fingers on her pussy really her pubic hair so silky and outer lips are smooth and I feel the wetness of the pussy. I pinched on pussy with out second thought.

She screamed with low pitch Aaaaah, and I started fingering her count. My two fingers are moving in her juicy pussy and she opened her legs more widely and started moaning. I started biting her boobs, which is near to my head, she started pressing my head hardly towards her breast. Hear the drama stoped, we got up and I take off her top really she is having very big breast with good shape and it's really firm. I kissed on her pussy and started tasting her sour juice, really her pussy is very sweet. I licked her pussy for ten minutes still she cum, I sucked the erected black nipples, she gone mad and pushed me back and kissed too hardly that few drops of blood came out from lips.

Our tongues fight for some time and she pulled out my hot muscular rod out and shacked with her hand, and then started blowjob, sucked my dick with a tight strokes. Before I about to cum I told her to stop so that I can fuck that bitch, but she didn't accepted, as she is my sister. She told that we could play like this not any thing more, but she promised me that she would arrange her friend, who needs a dick desperately. I played with her beautiful boobs, pussy and with her ass for 3 years. And she kept her promise that's the different story. Now iam living in Hyderabad any aunty or ladies or horny girls want to have fuck with me

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My sexy aunty  

Hello friends, Its Kam again, it’s the story of the time when I was the student of 8th grade. My age will be 13 or 14. Like all other teenagers I was not interested in gals of my age group rather I was attracted to older about 25 to 35 aged ladies. The sole reason of this attraction was their BOOBS. Me true boob lover. Maybe it is natural for the kids those have been breast feed for longer periods. As my mother said that she feed me, for about three and a half years. So naturally I could feel the LUMS (feeling of touch).

Because we live close to my Nanny home so I spend most of my time with my MAMI and my AUNT. I was the only child of my family and the first one from my NANOO side. Thus I was the LADLA of all. My aunt was in her start of 20’s and my mami (The wife of my mother's brother) was about 30, but she still not has any child yet. At her blossom age my aunt was a real treat for any guy who could access to her perfectly shaped and beautifully carved body. Long dark black hairs well below downs her soft and silky butts.

Magnificently round firm and stretched as they are starched. Believe me at that time I did not know about the real sex or man & woman relations (Intercourse). I just have seen a pictorial magazine of Indian Film Actresses. That’s all was my background of sexual know-how. Watching naked boobs in the magazine boost-up my urge to see some real ones with my own eyes. So I start thinking that how it could be possible.

I said to myself KASH I found a magical cap by wearing that I could be invisible and easily enter in the bathroom when my Aunt or my Mami taking bath. But I know that this whole thing is just an illusion & nothing more than that. Meanwhile when I was in search of any way to get the glimpse of real boobs. One night, I was wandering on the roof. I heard the sound of water as someone taking bath and the sound of gold bengles. It suddenly strikes in my mind that any lady taking bath and as soon as this thought came into my mind. My manhood start responding in his own way. (I admit this fact that in this age me and one of my friend have explore this fact that after playing with our dick for a while a white fluid spilled out of it which provide us an enormous pleasure). So I start searching those sounds and after a short search. I found that the half of the ventilator of the bath were open. Which exposes the whole showers taking area of our bathroom. Could you guess what was in front of my naked eyes? No, she was not my Aunt actually she was my Mami.

HHHMMMMMM she too was a real treat to watch. If she is not better than my Aunt is she is not lesser too. (Me not describing her right now cause it’s the part of my next story). I watched her taking bath for at least 5 minutes and then she dressed-up and leave. This was my first sight of real naked woman by my own naked eyes. But not the last cause now it became my habit and I start peaking all my family members through that ventilator whenever I got the chance. I usually avail this chance in the night. So, no one could see me in the dark except that someone came to the roof and caught me red handed. And it happened!

One night when I was watching my Mami enjoying her bath under the shower and I was busy playing with my dick too. I forget to be alert from the only caution that I have mentioned earlier. I really astonished when I heard the sound, " YAA KIA HO RAHA HAY?" the sound was not so loud but louder than a whisper. I turned my face towards my back while my dick was still in my left hand and found my Aunt standing there and staring me. This sight makes me speechless and me throw down my head with guilt and shame. She again ordered me "NEECHAY CHALOO." I followed her to her room. As we both entered in the room she pushed me a side & locked the door. Then she shout again but not loudly, " TUMHAIN PATA HAY TUM KIA KARRAHAY THEY?"

My lips were sealed and my eyes buried in the floor. I can’t face her as she caught me red handed. I know that if she disclose this act to my mother or my Mamoo they will definitely be furious. The sound again touched with my ears, " HOW DARE YOU WERE DOING THAT. TUM NAY KABHI SOCHA HAY KAY AGAR KISI KO PATA CHAL JAY TO TUMHARA KIA HOGA?" I don’t know from where I got the power. I sit in her feet and holding her leg start begging for forgiveness while tears flowing over my cheeks.

I said that AUNTY PLEASE MUJHAY MUAF KARDAIN MUMMY KO MAT BATAIN, MAIN SARI UMAR AAP KA SERVANT BAN KAY GUZARDOONGA, BUT PLEASE MUJHAY AIK BAR MUAF KAR DAIN." She think for a while and then smile meanly, " THEAK HAY IS DAFA MUAF KAR RAHI HOON PER AIK SHART HAY TUMHAIN MERI HAR BAT MANNI HO GI." MAIN AAP KI HAR SHART MANNAY KO TAYAR HOON, I said. That finished my court hearing against my Aunt and she left the room after sometime me too leave the room cleaning my cheeks and eyes. I returned to my home and start trying my best to avoid going to my Nanny home.

One day, about after a week or so to this incidence. My Mamoo, Mami and my Nanny came to our house and said that they are going out of the city. To attend the death ceremony of my Mami's relative. They have planned to stay a night there. So they asked my mother to send me to my Nanny’s home to stay with my Aunt, as she will be alone there. My mother accepts this request and ordered me to take my books with me and go to my Aunt and stay with her. Now I can not refuse my mother. Thus I took my bag and went to my Aunt. She received me at the main door and start interrogation with a smiling face " KHAN THAY TUM AIK HAFTAY SAY?"

She never let me answer taking my bag in her hand; she kissed me on my cheek and said "MAIN NAY TUMHARAY LIYAY FRUIT-CREAM BANAI HAY. HATH MOON DHO LO MAIN FRIDGE SAY NIKALTI HOON." I was really shocked with her response. Because I was expecting that this night would be the worst night of my life but here the scene was totally different. Me washed my hands and mouth from he toilet and join her in the lounge. She was sitting rather lying on the couch and a large bowl filled with fresh fruit-cream along with two small bowls & tea spoons were placed on the center table. The television was on and I soon got that she was watching some movie cause video was also flashing. Me sit on the couch too and after filling my bowl start eating (I should mention here that fruit-cream is my weakness).

She was wearing a white cotton skin-fitting shirt with red color shalwar and a multi color chunri covering her lustrous boobs. I can imagine how cute & lustful they are as I have seen her naked in the bath too. She suddenly turned towards me and said, "KAYSEE LAGI FRUIT-CREAM, PASAAND AAEEE." As she make quick turn one of her breast spilled out to her chunri’s cover. Then I noticed a bit dark pink color circles and a semi erected nipple. It strikes in my mind that she is not wearing her bra. My mouth stopped chewing the fruit-cream as soon as this thought came in to my mind. Me took another snap of whole colored part with my eyes to confirm my illusion and found that it is real. "KYA HUAA? OHHHHHH…." she smiled, stop the movie and moved closer to me.

"ACHA BATAOO TUM KKAB SAY YAY SABKUCH KARRAHAY HO?" Me replied "KKKYA CHEES AUNTI?" "JHOOT MAT BOLO TUMHAIN SAB PATTA HAY. SABKUCH SACH SACH BATADO, WARNA…" This attitude of her really scared me once again and I replied to her shamefully, "since last month." Oh! So since a month you were watching BHABI naked in he bath. Have you ever seen me too? Me confirmed her "YES" with my head movement in affirmation. Oh! She giggled loudly. Because we were alone in the house so no one could hear us. "DO YOU LIKE ME?" she asked "JHOOT MAT BOLNA SABKUCH SACH SACH BATAOO?" My eyes were fixed on the fruit-cream bowl and my face covered with perspiration due to the inner guilt feeling. My brain was just dead and I am just answering her question like a man who is hypnotized by her. "You are so beautiful and sexy" me replied. "ACHA!

She giggled once again this time the sound pitch was a bit higher. "HAY IDHAR DEKHO, SHARMATAY KYUN HO?" She took my face in her hands & placed in front of her. Then first time I see that she has taken her chunri off and her white skin tight shirt fairly exposing all the features of her magnificent boobs. She kissed me on my forehead providing a closer look of her cleaves and said "DARO NAHAIN MAY KISI SAY KUCH NAHAIN KAHON GI." She said all this so politely which gives me some courage and I thank her for her kindness. She picked my hands kissing on them with her warm silky lips and then placing them on her lustrous boobs asked?

"DO YOU LIKE TO PLAY WITH THESE BALLS?" An indescribable current run through my whole body as my hands touched her soft breasts and I feel the hardness of nipples first time in my life. I was shocked and a bit shy but her heart melting soft noise and loving support gradually take off my fear. Me start squeezing them and feeling the pleasure of my life. Then a strange noise reached to my ears (that was her moan) and my hands stopped. I assumed that maybe I have hurt her, so I withdraw my hands. "NO NO PLEASE DON’T STOP." She opened her eyes and said "DAROO NAHIN you are doing really great." She again put my hands on her breasts. "HHHHMMMMMMMMMMM" so soft, fluffy a real MKHAN MALAI.

My whole body was shivering with the pleasure and heat, which could easily be measured from my dick. Complete or rather extra stretched dick very prompted in my short. She starts moaning again but this time she hold my hands and join me in pushing & squeezing her breasts. We both enjoyed this life experience which was my first and maybe her too for a while. Then she slipped to the floor and lying on the carpet she pulled me over her too. Kissing me on my lips she asked, "did you remember that how you suck your moms breast for milk."

Me, who am fully in control now, wait for a while and replied, "I did not remember that but I assure you that if you give me the chance, I will not let you down. (Actually the whole conversation was in my first language that is URDU, but I am translating it to make it more readable.) She smiled and said, "you naughty! You got my point very soon." After finishing his sentence she take her back up to the floor and start taking her shirt off. Me help her in this course, as I want to see her well-shaped pink color body as soon as possible. As she take off her shirt and throw it on the couch. I can’t stop my emotions and hugged her with my face crunched between her big breasts. She circles her arms around me too and gives me a kiss on my head. I pushed her on the floor again and grabbing one nipple in my mouth start sucking it hard. Hay takes it easy she screamed. First lick it as you lick a cone ice cream. Ok Aunt, as you like.

Me start licking her whole colored part of both breasts one after another. UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMM, now bite on my nipples gently, she ordered again. Me fulfill her order like a good servant. OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, she takes a deep breath. Me repeating licking, biting and sucking while my hands squeezing and rubbing her breasts. Her hands were busy in massaging my back and her body color changing from pink to reddish-pink. Suddenly I feel that my body temperature start rising as she hold insert her right hand in my short & hold my dick. Oh! 1 you have already ejaculated, she smiled and me too.

She pulled down my short to my knees and start playing with my dick, who was about 5" at that time. I felt that my dick is getting a bit extra length than the normal masturbation. I don’t know the reason at that time but the feeling was really great. She was stroking him with great expertness. As she was pleasing me I noticed that her left hand is in her shalwar and moving up down, up down. What is in there Aunt, me asked? Do you like to see? Sure why not, me replied with a great curiosity. Ok, she raised her legs up and asks me to take her shalwar off. As it done she takes her legs apart and asks me to sit right between them. What you see she giggle? It is CHOOT (pussy) my friend told me. And girls use it to do pee as we use our dick, me replied with innocence. She laughs loudly, oh! Yes but it also very useful in other aspects too. You will know it later. Before that I asked about those later parts of my life. She said, "could you give me some fruit-cream? I am feeling a bit hungry now." Me filled the bowl and give it to her. She took few spoons in her mouth and then place some fruit-cream on her puss. I was astonished that what is she doing. How she could eat it through her puss. After covering the top of her puss cut she asked me, "Have you seen Jackie (our dog) to drinking milk from his pan with his tong."

Yes, several times but why are you asking this me replied. I want you to act like Jackie for me. Lick this whole fruit-cream with your tong only. My puss must be neat and clean. Me bend forward as I was sitting right between her parted legs and start licking the fruit-cream. HHHHHHHMMMMMMM she starts moaning again. I licked the whole fruit-cream. As I finished first she placed more double this time and me start on my job again. Then she opened her puss lips with the help of her fingers and asked me to lick in. the inner was filled with a greasy fluid, which is trying to blend with blended fresh cream. Eeyakh, "is this your pee Aunt?" Oh! No it is my love juice. I am sure you would like it, come-on gives it a try. I start again what was doing before but now with a different taste. Very new for me because to eat fruit-cream with love juice dressings. As I was doing my job she was busy in making different noises.

When I was at the end of my second round. Suddenly she grabs me with her legs. Her eyes were closed and her head was in motion from right to left and left to right. AAAHHHHHH, OOOHHHHHHH, AAAAHHHHHHH, HHHHHHMMMMMM. The room was filled with these noises. Me trapped in her legs watching her movements with a blank mind. After sometime her legs grip loosen a bit & then legs straightened. She pulled me over her and start kissing me on my lips, cheeks and all my face. We spent some time in the similar posture. Then she took me to the bath; we both take our bath together. Then we went to bed together and naked. So this was my first sexual contact with any girl that opens a real New World for me.

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Mother's sister  

This story with me and my mums sister.In my home me and mum, father,and my sister. my mother had five sisters,the lost one is ,married and her husband in gulf,he is not getting good salary in gulf.Financily she is very poor.All other sisters and mum is helping her.

I was in bangalore and working and staying in a small home ,I was 20 and she is 27 and having one 4 year old girl day one of my mums sister and family came to see me in bangalore for tour . she asked me why dont you call the mums sister for your cooking she also lonly there,she also happy you can solve the cooking problem. I told her to tell my mum ,she told my mum,and mum called me to take her sister to bangalore. one day I went to native and look her and her daughter to bangalore.In the home is one bed room and small hall and a compind kitchen and bath place. She is happly staying with me ,saturday and sunday we use to go park and moves on my bike. now she had good time .one day we went park we sat a long time ,she seeing all those lovers she little un happy

I asked are you happy she is silent, then I took her to shoping she told me to by some under garments,she purchesed braw ,under skirt ,panties,makup items. Then I took her to restarent had food and went to 6.30 pm movie . In the movie hall not much people, she sat near me the girl baby was sleeping so put a towel on floor laid her.she put her head on my sholder ,I got my dik erected,I press with my arms on her breasts,she silent and help me to press to close to her my arm on her breast put my palm on her thighes. she hold my arm and press on her breasts.the other hand she hold my palm and guide my fingers in between her two thighs.

she squese my fingers between her thighs. she kissed me I can feel her got breath,I put my right arm on her shoulder and kissed her she hug me and kissed me ,we fourgot ourself,I press her boooobs ,boath one by one.I put my finfers on her pussy above the sarry,she put one thigh on the chair rest and allove more gape to finger her pussy. suddenly light on for the intermission. she told me ofter two years some one male tuching her.again the light off she open ber blouse and cover with sarry,I press and squese them ,the other hand lift her sarry up and in sert my finger in to her pussy she sat forward on the edge of the chair and allow me to do freely.

Then we reach home , she and baby gone in side ,I told her going to by eatables for us and baby, one I came from the shop ,the baby on the floor,and she lid on cot and her sarry up to her knee,and her sarry pallu not on her breast.I sat near her and put my hand on her thigh and massage slooly towards her pussy ,she closed her eyes and bend her knees ,her sarry on her updomes I can see her pussy ,I sat close to her and squese ,her pussy and press her boobs. she hug me and told me to change my dress ,I remove my pant and shirt,with my jutty I laid and hug her , we boath heg togather ,kissed,she moved my jutty down with her leghs. she told to fuck,she is hungry for two years, I tried to insert my loud in to her pussy ,she hold my loud and guide my loud in to her pussy it was wet and my loud went in side

I fuck for 10 min she lift her butts up and down. finily I filled her pussy with my hot seman.she hug me a long time . then she remove her sarry and blouse ,we boath naked ,we hug again like one body even air cant go through . she told me to do fuck from her back ,she bent forward I insert my loud from her back in to her pussy.I fucked her from back.again I ejaculate she is happy.the hole night I fucked 4 times. this was my first time still we are contnewing ,now I am 28 she is 36 /only twice her husband came and stayed for three months. ofter her husband gone she will come and stay with me. once my mums other sister came .she was sleeping on the cot we boath badly want to fuck,in the we boath went to kitchen ,she went forward I lift her sarry up to her hip.she showed her pusssy open ,I fucked her from back,it was a different expirence

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My aunty - Bua  

Hi friends I am Kam from India living in northern part of India. I remember the night when this all happened I was working on the Internet and was caught watching nude pics. I will tell you this in a wide manner Then my age was 20. Let me first describe my Bua (in India father’s sister is known as bua) to you.

She is 38 years old lady she is little fat but cute, married and having 2 daughter age 19 and 17 her physical appearance no doubt plump but her plumpness makes me mad .She was having really big BOOBS, the Boobs never fitted in her Bra little portion of it always appeared from her Kamiz. Her cunt was really sexy I really can’t explain it to you how nice is her cunt. My father and mother had gone to see their far relatives from town and were doing to come after three of four days. They told my Bua to sleep at their house because I would be alone at night.

My bua agreed because her Husband had gone outside the town because of his touring Job and her daughter’s we with her. So She decided to shift to our house. My parents had gone and I was the only male member in the house. My bua decided to sleep with her two Daughters and me in my dad’s room. My room is divided in two parts one is the computer room also known as study room and the other is my bedroom. As night falled I was working on my Internet with the door closed so that no one come to my room but I did not lock my rooms so that anybody could come to my room it was 10:00 PM in night when. I was working on my Internet staring nude Indian pics when all of sudden my Bua came in and saw me seeing nude pics at that time I was making my cock hard she saw my hands on my cock.

She was shocked for a while and went to my bedroom my heart started pumping at the speed of 300 km/h my legs started shivering. I felt that this is the end of my life I started thinking if my bua will tell my mother what would I answer to her and started thinking all negative. My erect cock at once fell down as if building falls to the ground. I started felling very embarrassed how would I face my bua what would she be thinking about me in such tension I switched my internet off and shut down my computer and felt it is better to sleep in my computer room instead in my bedroom. The most embarrass night passed in the morning I rushed to my collage without seeing my bua and even did not eat my breakfast. When I was returning from collage I thought it was stupid ness to hide from bua I have to face her why not now .

I went to my house sat on the dining table for my lunch thought I will face my bua. I asked for my lunch on hearing my voice my bua came to me and asked me why did you rush to collage without telling me and why did you not come to your bedroom to sleep last night I thought in my mind how could I face you at that time .She said Ok now have your lunch. I had my lunch with my 2 cousin sisters (my bua’s daughter), my bua was quite frank with them I felt bua must have told them about yesterday night she was frank to her daughter because she believed that it is good to know what her daughter’s thought of the opposite sex she even knew that her 2 daughter’s had boyfriends. While eating lunch they were laughing at me, I felt that moment bua must have told them. My legs started shivering I finished my lunch and went to my room .In the night I went to my bathroom to pee there I saw my bua’s BRA My cock was almost at its best I did not knew that my bua was keeping an eye on me must be because of yesterday night She entered the bathroom my saying sorry I did not knock on the door it might be deliberately or might be a chance .

I said it is ok and went to my room it was around 11:00 PM she came to the room to sleep wearing saree and a silk Blouse I could easily see her erect nipples I felt that today bua is missing her husband we had to share one pillow and one blanket as she came close to me and laid aside me her big BOOBS touched my hand and on this she gave me a smile I could not understand why she smiled bua was sleeping very close to me her hot boobs were keep on touching my hands I tried to squeeze her boobs my touching them she all of sudden asked me a question what were you doing on the Net yesterday night I said watching nude pics of Indian babe She said there is nothing bad in watching nude pics but you should close the door properly had your cousin come in what would they had thought that there brother is sexually frustrated .I could not understand what is bua saying I felt it might be because she is quite frank to her daughter’s .

I said I am sorry I will shut the door properly next time . She said “I would like to watch those pics which you have downloaded from the Net” I first of all hesitated then I thought what to hesitated I felt something in my mind about my uncle (my bua’s husband) I felt that my bua’s husband is 90% outside the city in his work and bua could not have sex with him regularly as other wives do have with their husband I understood’s bua’s feelings and took her to the computer room there I saw her nude pics of Indian babes she said to me “tumhe is me kya acha lagta hau”I replied “bade mamme”(big BOOBS ) she came closer to me and took my hand and said press my BIG BOOBS I first of all hesitated she said it is OK your uncle is almost outside and he is not able to satisfy me and I can’t take a risk to have another men in my life so I thought of you would like to be my other man ,no one will know of it I said would your daughter mind she said no I have told them about you first they assessed that a small boy of our age will have sex with you and they refused I explained them if I will keep another man the news will move around and it might happen one day yours friends will point on you so I have thought to make a person who is close to us and no one know of it in this my daughter said OK.

Listening to this I was surprised on my bua’s behavior how long she thinks. My Bua was so frustrated she unzipped my pants took took my 7”inches cock into her hand and started licking my cock as it was my first experience I told my bua it is my first time I am going to fuck a female she replied it is your first time but not the last you have to fuck many girls and many ladies like me I smile and said you are correct to put my 7"inches cock in her mouth and started to lick it my cock started getting hard so hard just like a hard wood she licked for 5 minutes I also got frustrated and started to squeeze her breast her boobs were so big that they could hardly come in my hand’s I asked her the reason of such a big boobs she smiled and said sorry it can’t be told and then she put her tongue on my dick and start to suck it while she was sucking my dick my hands start to move on to her breast and I press one of her breast started to squeeze her nipples .

I told my bua to strip herself she took her palloo (saree ‘s last part) from her chest part I could clearly see her big boobs coming out of her blouse I told her to quickly undue your blouse as she undue her blouse I could see white BRA of my bua. I was now dying to feel my Bua’s breasts and when bua asked him in a mischievous voice 'Kam, inko choosne ka man nahi kar raha kya tera?', I immediate put my mouth upon her breast. My hand almost trembled with excitement as my hand went inside her saree. By now we both were feeling less inhibited. Now we both knew that we wanted each other. Bua also was beginning to feel impatient. Quickly she unbuttoned my shirt. . My whole body tingled as the stroking went on. It felt incredibly nice. Suddenly I felt the ejaculation coming.

But Bua realized it too and she stopped stroking it. She didn’t want me to ejaculate at this moment. She decided that it was time for her to take off her clothes completely. She stood up near the bed and pulled down the sari. She then undid the knot of her petticoat and let it fall around her ankles on the floor. She also took off the already open blouse and threw it on the floor. She was about to pull down the panties when I asked to do it, 'I eagerly began to pull her panties down. I swallowed hard as Bua had shaved her cunt. It looked beautiful and I was dying to touch it. After stepping out of her panties, Bua helped me undress totally. Then she laid herself on the bed and whispered to me,'Chal, mere uupar AA JA.' As I put myself on top of her, she put her arms around me.

For a moment we looked into each other's eyes. Then I whispered,'can I kiss you.' On hearing this, bua immediately pulled my lips upon her lips. As we opened our mouths and our tongues met, we both felt excited in a way we had never felt before. After this kiss, I stopped feeling inhibited. Spontaneously I explored every part of her body. I planted kisses all over her face, then went down and hungrily sucked her breasts. Bua moaned as I fondled, tickled, suckled and caressed her breasts. Then suddenly she whispered, 'now you give me a kiss' I was about to put his mouth upon hers, when she smiled and said, ‘Chutiya kahin ka! In hothon pe nahin, neeche wala hothon pe puppy chahiye mujhe.' I was waiting for this moment and then I moved back.

Then I put my tounge in her pussy it was really exciting to lick her shaved part I licked for 10 minute during which she moaned like hell I felt something coming out it was her juice I liked to drink her juices her juice was just like drinking a coke. She was shouting like hell I felt her daughter’s might have heard her voice I stopped the process by saying your daughter might come here she surprised me my telling that they already know that I am going to have sex with you tonight .She then ordered me put my 7"inches cock inside her wide pussy. The pussy was so wide that it took no problem for me to put my dick in her hole. Then I started the to and fro motion which she also started to support I continued this process for 5 minutes after which I felt I was about to cum I told her I am cumming she said it is ok I will take care of it I cummed in her wide and deep hole.

Then I took my cock out of her I was totally finished. But my bua immediately stood up and asked me to wait for a moment.fter a minute, she came with an oil bottle and applied some oil on my cock. I again attained the hardness. Then she sat on me as my tool entered her tight ass. I was having fun of lifetime. I cummed after 3 or 4 minutes. After that both of us went to sleep and in the morning we had bath together where I fuck my bua again. This continued for 3 days, AUR IN TEEN DINON MEIN MAINE BUA KI BUR AUR GAAND KO JAB BHI MAUKA MILA CHODA. Now whenever I go to my bua’s house my cousins give me a naughty smile as if I am going to fuck their mother again. I had also offered my cousins and my bua to have group sex with me. But that’s another story which I will narrate to you later. Any lady/girl want to have some and enjoy what u r not getting then contact me. Fulfill your desires and write about ur fantasies

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My dream  

Hello Readers, Myself Kiran Kumar Padhi from Jharsuguda here with a story of sex between me and my sister which i saw in dream last night. That was a good piece of dream that i saw . If that will become true to me, than it will be more comfortable to me. I will be more happy.I am telling you my dream story.

My sister is Rashmita, aged about 17 years old, small boobs. Hairs are so styled cut that she was looking very stuled. I don't have the thought that she would be so that she would go for fucking. In dream i saw that she was about to go to the woods with his boy friend . My friend Sushant knew this and brought her with him to home and told me the whole thing. He left home. My parents were not at home. So she got the chance of going out with a guy. I became sad and had a drink(wine).Than i went to her and said the words heard by sushant are true or false. In shame she said that this is true. I said,"You are attracting guys through your hairs and so on.Isn't it." She remained silent. Than i said that for which you were going to woods, i will show you in home.She hesitated.

There was no parent at home. I put her in a room. Closed the door. I went out and brought home with power capsules and a condom. I put that on my penis. I had the power capsule. I became totally naket. Than went into her room. Closed the room. I switched on the light. What i saw i could not believe. I saw she was totally naket. Her hands were over her brest. I pressed them sloly. She was kissing me. I was kissing her. I was kissing her breasts. I said her to sit over my cock. She sat. My cock was styrong than. I remarked that she was enjoying the warmth of my cock. She was sliding over my cock. I put her hands on my cock. She hold that. Slowly i remarked that she had no shame.She was shaking my cock up and down. I was silent.She was shaking it up and down. This continued for moments.

Than my hands were over her head. I was enjoying her hairs. I was smelling them.That were too smelling. Than i made her back side. I put my cock at the back of her cunt. I filled the cock three to four times. She was screeming. Ah...Ah...Than laid her down. I fucked and fucked. She was tired and faint. She was crying. Her ROSY PUSSY WAS INJURED. THE BLOOD OF HER PUSSY PROVED THAT SHE WAS VIRGIN AND WAS FAINT.




My dream became lighter. I again saw a dream that i am going through the well and i fell down inside it. I woke up. when i woke up i found that i was dreaming and there was not my sister. In my pent, the sperms were sprayed.I was feeling tired. Now a days i am masturbating thinking that dream. I think to make the dream true.Reply me.

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Mum's sister  

I am vijay 29 years old,this is between me and my mums sister,she is my mums last sister,she married a police man ,he is a drunken fellow,he nerer come to home regularly.he will sleep in the station ,out station duty he will come once in 15 days,he never give mony for her expierence .my father is a bussiness mum send things and mony to her without knowing my father,I uswally take there ,mum told not to tell father.

I also gave my mony and things to her . This happend when I was 19 years she was 28,she is good looking ,innocent,she had a girl baby 3 years. ,she living 5 km away from my home .one day I went there she is lying on the coat and the baby and me sitting and playing on same coat,the baby is one side I am the other side of her.while playing some time I tuch her boobs and her inner thighs,she is not listening my acts, I seeing her body and boobs MY rod erected. I slooly rub her inner thigh near her pussy.she asked what are you doing .I murmed and sad my friend every body have expierence in sex I dont know any thing can you teach me. she told I am your mums sister.

If I tell to your mum ,she will kill u, I keep silent and sat the corner of the coat.told I am leaving I never come to your home. Then she think and told me to closed the door ,and let the baby down to playing the floor. I sat near her butts , she fold her leg up and told me to put my hand under her sarry I put my hand rub her pussy ,It was not shaved.she told me to in sert my finger,It was wet.I massage nicely.she closed her eyes, then I put press her boobs above the blouse. ,then she sat on the coat and kissed me I also kissed.she open her blouse and told to drink milk I drank.she told me go home and get permission from my mum and come in the night. In the night I went there,baby was sleeping on mat ,to day ungle is not comming out station duty will come ofter two days , we slept on the coat ,she kissed me ,and hug me.she opend her boobs and told me to press,she moved my lungi,and hold my loud ,and astrubute.

she told you had a big loud.I was sucking her boobs she mastrubute me.suddenly semen came out ,wet her fingers.she told me you gron up. she asked is this the first time are you ejaculat. she told me to kiss her pussy,I told full of hair in you pussy .ok tomorrow will do shave .then she lay and move her sarry above her pussy ,told me to penetrate my loud in to her pussy, I tried ,then she hold my rod and guide me to insert.I fucked her she lift her butts up and up .I pump my semen in to her the night 2 times fucked .she told once in two or three times only your uncle fuck he had connection with another lady. Next day we went shoping she purchesed shaving set ,face powder nighty,under garments I gave the mony. on the way to home she leave her baby with her mother in law,we reached she told me to help her for shaving ,I did ,she took bath ,once she came from bathe place I hold her ,remove her towel.she is naked ,I kissed her pussy it was like polished morble.

I bite,suck. salty juce came out.I remove my cloth and fucked her,it was a difference expierence. the we started secound round ,she put her leg down on the floor and lay on her back on the coat.I stand in frond of her and puck her.she was happy. Ofter that every day we use to fuck ,one day we was fucking my mum came and nock the door she and me dressed and opend my mum came to know we are doing somthig.if she come to our house she will sleep in my room ,there is no objection from my mum.the baby will sleep with my mum.

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Sexy & hot sister  

Hi freinds & reders of this site.I m a regular visitor of this site & want to share some of my real experiences with you.Don't even dare to think it as a fake story.Well to begin with,it all started when I was in FYBcom.My mom & dad work& this leaves me & my sister alone all day at home.My sister Neha is really beautiful &damn hot.She has long hair right upto her waist & bulging boobs.she was in TYBsc.She was around 5'9" tall but short than me.I m 6'1" tall.This event took place on a hot summer afternoon. I returned home after college at around 12.30 pm, took a bath, had food & was relaxing in the sofa in the front room.

She normally used to return at around 2.00. Since i was alone,I got a little bit horny,so I started watching a porn video with the door locked on our VCD player.I got a hard bulge.Suddenly my sis entered the house.She normally used to carry a duplicate key & used to enter without knocking or calling. I froze at the scene,my sis looked at the porn movie on the TV & she turned around & saw my big bulg.She didn't utter a word & went running inside the bedroom & locked the door from inside.I felt ashamed at the events that happened,turned off the TV & slowly went inside to apologize to my sis.I saw that the door was locked & no reply came even after knocking.

After sometime I again knocked,this time she opened the door.I entering started apologizising to her.She didn't utter a word & slowly closed the bedroom door.She came & stood near me.I was scared & started apologizing again when suddenly i felt a hand on my cock.My heartbeat raced & I said"what r u doing sis?" she said,"Just what you want to do". & then holding me tight gave a juicy kiss.She then started unzipping my pants,took my cock in her hands & started sucking it.carresed it with her soft & juicy tounge.She uttered"oh bro,I always wnted to do it"She sucked hard.Finally after sometime she stood up & said"Wanna take off my cloths".I didn't wait for another second & took her top up first.This was the first time i was seeing my sister's boobs & no wonder they were big.

I gave it a nice squeeze & started s! ucking her nipples.They had become rock hard.She moaned"ohhhhhhh.....yes lick it,press it,play with them.I took off her jeans & panties which were quite wet & got a god damn view of her pussy with her public hair. She said" what r u waiting for"I got really aroused & bagan licking her pussy.She moaned"Ohhhhhhh..........yessssssssss; just lick it, come on play with me, come on fuck me.I pushed her to bed,parting her legs slided my cock inside her vagina.I began fucking her really hard.She started screaming"Yeah fuck me,enjoy me satisfy me bro.That big cock of yours,come on play with me,fuck me,fuck me hard"

After sometime i came.All my juices were licked cleanly by her.After all things were done she said" this is what you wanted right,you got it,I love you & always wanted to have you in bed."I was shocked to hear it & replied,"Really".She said "Yes I always fantasized about you.You see I also watch those porn movies but doing it in real is all fun"After that we had sex many times & we even used condoms.She used to treat me as her husband & we even watched porn mov! ies together.

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Mother's sister  

In th last story I told about my jurney from out of bombay to my home. Then she was happy . she very much attached with me ,we forgot who we are, she is mums sister ,her affaction to me is incresed, she controled of my salary.she is all in all for me,I am all in all for her, every day minimum two times I fuck her. Same next month I have to go to out station work ,I told her I am leaving next week for one week out station work. She told me she is also want come ,she cant stay alone,I told you are still need some bodys help to walk,be in the home .I decided to take her ,It is 6 hors travel from bombay.

I arrange reservation,hotel,every thing as uswell the company providing me. Saturday night we went to railway station , 10 pm train , reach there 4 am in the morning,we sat on the train she is 30, I am 20 every body think brother and sister. In train we got side reservation up and wown bearths.we sat in the bottam birth,she put her leges to wards me sitting the other end. I put mine to her side.Every body sleeping, I just massage her leges,she told me this is train,her first expierence in train,and she is from willage. no problem,I called her to toilet and closed the door, she is telling somebody will come, I told in the home this the time for our fuck I want now,she sad no here it is not possible,I kissed her she also kissed,we hugged each other ,I moved her pallu and kiss her boobs ,then I opend her blouse and kissed and sucked her boath her boobs.I put my finger in to her pussy above the sarry and rubbed, I opend my pants take my rod out ,told to hold ,she told your naughty now days.finely she hold. I told her to sit on the toilet, she sat I try to in sert my rod to her mouth ,she got angry I cant,she refused ,you are telling to do the daty things.I told you are not loving me ,ok leave , I am going ,finely she agreed told next time dont tell and put my rod in to her mouth and sucked ,I cumed in to her mouth.she spit all cumms out.

then we went to bearth.In the morning we reach their.went to lodge. In the lodge thay provide the room ,we reach the room ,I started the next round ,I told her you are ever butifull to day. we sat on a sofa I placed her my chest on her back,I moved her pallu down and press her boobs from back,and told her I LIKE YOU AND LOVE YOU.She opend her blouse and braw .I massage nicely,and put my hand in to her pussy intie the knots of her inskirt,I fingering her pussy it got wet ,she hol my finger and act fast. Then she remove her dress I also undress,she turn to me now we face to face .her one leg down and one on the sofa ,mine one leg down and one on the sofa.Wace to face ,hug eacher .her breasts pressing my chest my rod is tuching her pussy,she hold me tight and we kissed each other.

realy a different expierence to her ,she hold my loud insert in to pussy and stat fuck we boath fucking ,she put apillow under her butts and put her boath legs to my back fucked nicely I POUR MY CUM IN TO HER PUSSY. we went to bed and slept. Next day we went to a park that was a hill station to much lovers will come , we also went their ,she can walk slooly she put her arm on my sholder,her boobs pressing my ribbs.we sat on a stone and watching all the love games the lovers doing , she was not beliving the seens, the lovers doing,some lovers fucking hiding the stones ,we also got a place to sit and hide, she lane to my chest I hold her breasts press with one hand and put my hand in to her ussy,ander her sarry.she turn towardes me I lay on the floor ,she open her blouse put her boobs in to my mouth,by covering by sarry.

I massage her pussy well,her pussy git wet and woosing.I OPEND my pant take my rod told her suck,she laugh and cover her head ,and my loud with arry,start sucking . she did two times for me. In the evening we have food and walking to lodge ,there was heavy rain,we boath wet she cant walk fast finely we reach lodge , we went to bath room to change dress she remove her dress I also remove my dress. she is full nude I went near her ,with one hand tuch her pussy and other hand pressed her booobs,and hug her, she apart her legs put her leg on the cummod and gave me hull gap,I finger it well ,she kissed me put her arm on my sholder.then sat on the floor and put my loud her mouth and gave a blow job for me. The full 15 days we was there,all the days we have a difference ,we enjoyed nicely,next part I will tell the other story

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My mother & sister  

Hi my mame is Unny , I am from kerala,I have a afair with my mum and sister,they knew each others but thay not talk each other .In my home we three mum me sister ,mum is a widow is working in a school cleark.mum was 44 years ,sister was 22 years married 5 months back and her husband is in gulf.she and my mum looks like sisters. This happend one day I came from my school due to a strike in the school. I saw a very pain full seen in my life .I just came to home ,the front door was closed from in side,i thought mum may be in the school. I notice light in my mums room was on ,I just came from kitchen side push the door opend, I saw there mun is bend and hold a chair roll up her dress upto her hip showing her back , somebody fucking her .one min I unconces , I waight a while,he stoped and my mum sat on floor and hold his penis in to her mouth,and turn left she saw me. Suddenly she came to me and the fellow went from the front door,she asked when you came ,why there is no school, I was silent ,I sat on the a wooden piece out side kitcken.I was think to leave home. she is calling me come in to home. In the night i told herI am leaving to unknown place she shocked and crried , she hug me and told i lost my husband now you, you go i am going to suside, i looked her sad no.

she told last 2 years no happy with out your father We eat food , as uswell we slept in the same bed,she asked how long you watched the seen, I sad from the begining ,she asked do you like . yes my friends share there expierence. can we do here ofter I never go other than you.i agreed ,she huggd me kissed me ,told me to do same. I did she moved my lungi and hold penis ,it got erect,she pull up and down and rubbed.. tookmy hand and press her breasts. told me to do.i press nicely she move her nighty up.told me tosat on her top put legs boath sides. she hold my rod, rubbed on her pussy told me to got wet she told me to insert in to her pussy .and i start fuck.she lift her butts up and dowen. I pour my semen in to my muns pussy. We boath went to toilet and clean ,we return to bed room .I put light i hugged herand told I love you mum she kiss me , told i love you ,you saved my life. we sat on the sofa ,she sad you can do whatever you want.i press her breasts she told press hard .ofter some time i remove her blouse and press,then i drink milk from her she press my head on her boobs.she put her hand on my rod and shake well.and put in to her mouth.them she remove her dress. now we boath naked ,I told want to see her pussy ,she sat me in front of her on the floor. she part her legs two sides ,I open her pussy it was red in colour ,clean shaved I put my finger slooly .she told to kiss.I kissed and suck well.

Then we started secound round on the bed,she lay on her back and part her legs two sides I insert my loud to her pussy. i fucked nicely.15 minofter secound time I ejaculate in to her pusssy. then we slept .next day she get ready for the work i told put leave,she went to school took leave .I waited in the home once she enter the bed room i undress her ,and full day we fucked. The next week my sister came ,now i bold and asked her how you are adjusting without your husband she laughed , in the night we three are sleeping in the hall ,I was center ,I put my hand on my muns pussy and massage .then i slooly pull up my sisters nighty and tuch her pussy ,she wake and hold my hand ,still i am keeping my hand on her pussy,she took her hand.i slooly massage and insert my finger.thenI put my hand on her breasts,and press them. my mum know i am playing mysister.she went to bed room and sister told me do the same I told we will go to bed room we went her bed room and closed the door. I remove her nighty.she told mum will know what will do,i told no problem i take care of that are you interested ,she agreed. I pressed her tender brests and kissed .she call me for fuck,I fucked her, in the night three times we did . Morning mother and me went to school , on the way I came back to home.

I saw my sister was ofter bath with towel on her chest.I went near her press the boobs moved the towel. she is like golden girl .I fucked her two times .in the evening mum came she asked me about my sister I two times did in the night. On day my sister came to home by the time . mum told me you dont go to colleage, help sister .she also full mud to fuck.mum left I went her bed room she was ready to change dress I told her I will do for u I take her sarry out and remove her blouse ,braw and inskirt. I hold her boobs from back and message her body ,then I move my hand to her pussy and rub her ,she turn to me and sat in front of me and start suck my rod ,my rod pour semen in to her mouth.she washed her mouth and my loud ,in the bath room there is place for apply soap for the cloth ,I sat there SHE STAND in front of me I SUCK,her boobs,then she sat on the place I NELED on floor ,she show her pussy I suck her pussy,then ,then I told her to bend forward and hold the place. I fucked her from back,while fucking I hold he

r boobs. then we took a bath. in the evening mother came .she asked how many time fucked ,I told 4 times. night come to me. One day mum was taking bath I came from town . I push the door it opened I watching the bath seen.she asked me are you take bath.I change clothes and we boaththaking bath,I rub her pussy ,she showed well pat her legs ,then she put a leg on the stool ,rest her back on the wall,I take my rod penetrate to her pussy hole it went in side along with soap,I start fucking it making noice,like pluk pluk pluk,we boath enjoyed , she laughed, then she sat on floor I also sat ,boath face to face ,she put her legs over my thigh,sat on my thigh ,she insert my rod in to her pussy,hold my sholder and pumped up and down I pour my semen,then she stand and placed her pussy in to my mouth,I sucked well. then we finish bath .

when ever she is in kitchen I HOLD HER breasts FROM back rub my rod on her back.some time in the dinning table,she will stand near me I RUB her butts , she enjoyed that. Ofter that there is no difference between us, ofter my marriage me and my wife went to town living there. ofter one month i call my mum i am comming to see you return in the evening,.she took leave waiting for me ,I reached home she opend the door, she huged me and crying i am loonly ,she coverd by a shaal.she closed the door and called me to bed the bed room i just moved her shaal,I surprissed she was naked, I carry her put on the bed. I emove my dress and fucked her . we fucked 3 times .in the evening I left. every month I will come to my mum and my sister . some time mother and sister will come to my home ,when my wife is on night duty (nurse) thay will come to town . Now I am 31 years and my mum is 56 years. last week my wife and children went to her house.I came to see my mum .when I enter the home she was in bath room washing clothes ,she lift up and kissed me ,comming two more clothes to be put soap.i rub her back butts and press my rod on it.then one hand pressing her boobs and other butts,i lift her sarry up,and opend my pants take my loud ,rub her pussy from behind.she part her legs and gave me place to enter my rod.

i rub her pussy with my rod .now slooly getting wet .I take some soap on my rod, insert in to her pussy.i was fucking she told me we will go to bed.then we went to bed room I remove her dress one by one ,I kissed her she also kissed me.she hold my loud in to her mouth start sucking.she lay on her back i insert my looud in to her pussy,and fucked. Two days I was with my mother ,secound day I shved her pussy I kissed ,I sucked her pussy.she is happy. likeI am fucking my sister and mum

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My first time also  

my first time I am shankar ,19 years ,I am from kerala a small willage .we in our home father mother A sister AND me. next house fathers brother and his wife two small kidds like 5&7 is rubber estate ,our two homes father mother ,step father are government employes .morning thy will go and evening 6.30 pm only return. my step father wife ,the aunty is not working she always in home .

she is good fair ,butts,nice looking.her lough and her looking is a sexy look,her hair also long .there is no dfference between our family and her family. some time I purchese things to the kidds. I help her home works.we to good friends ,we talk jocks.she is 30years one day I came to home due to school strike. at 11.00 am I reached home ,I went her home kidds also went to school.she asked me why you come early.she wass cooking I helped her.ofter food she told me to fetch water from well to her bath .I was fecheing she carry the water ,fill the tank near the kitchen side.she used take bath there ,little while she start bathe I was sat near the kitchen door,she wear a towel to cover her breasts, and her thigh above her knee.I enjoyed the seen I saw many she and mother my sister also this time I got erect my loud .

applying she turn other side apply her boobs and her pussy . she turn this side pouring water her boobs ,showing little to me .I noticed. ofter her bath she came to the room to change dress , we wore a lungi and blouse we sat in the hall in the sofa and watch TV.I atracted her breasts .I start to notice.she also notice my look.she asked me what you are looking ,I smiled ,she also smiled she told me to come near to her ,I moved near her.she asked me what you want. I saw her and told ,I want drink milk, are you small baby to drink milk.I told yes. she put her right arm to my sholder and pull me to lay on her lap,she kissed me then she open her blouse and ,she hug me towards her breast I start to drink milk.

I was drinking she put her right hand move my lungi look my loud out pull my jetty down. she move her hand up and down it was 90 degree.,I stop drinking and kissed her,she closed the front door ,told me to come to the ded. In the bed she lay on her back ,she told to rub her pusy ,small hairs on her pussy she bend her knees up and told me to lay on her top .she hold my loud near her pussy and told me to insert,it went inside ,it was wet told me to fuck .I WAS FUCKING ,she put her legs on my back and pull me down. ofter some time I feel some thig pour out of my loud, fill her pussy. she call me come to bath room she clean her pussy,and hold mine also cleand she wore her lungi and blouse we sat and watching tv ,she was not talking I told her it is my fist time, can we do one more time,she sad come close to me ..

she told me stand in front of her she remove my lungi hold my loud in to her mouth,she suck some time. again we went bed she told me to lay on the bed she came up on me put her legs boath sides in sert my loud in to her pussy ,start pump up and wown,ofter some time sat near me hold my loud pulling up and down ,little time later my semen jump out in to her face and on the blouse blouse. again we went clean. ofter she told me ,your step father fuck me once in two weeks, I need daily, dont tell any body,we can do when ever got time.some time cut my school and we day we went to her parents home for a function.their she arrange to sllep togather we did in the night, 4 times we are doing last 6 years

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My first time  

my first time I am karan from trichi ,I was 20 at the time ,I dont have any expierence, I was working in a engenaring company ofter my diploma in chennai, once in two time I go to my native place near trichi .one time I went to my native ,my sister ,my fathers brother daughter staying next willage told me , that she want come to chennai, to take a enterance test to her daughter., her husband is in gulf ,no body is there to help her ,I told come with me. we traveled to chennai we reached chennai in morining we took lodge near her enterence center. 90am, me and her daughter went the enternece center and told her I will be commming 4 pm .

once I reached to hotel sister took bath ,and wore a inskirt on her chest comming from bath room. she told me her leg is swelling ,and pain do little message. she lay on the bed and put a pillow under her leg, I sat near her thigh and,I started massage I can see her thigh well she is telling her husband will come once in 2 years she is suffering with out any help every thing she has to do.she is 35 and good helthy and straight body.

During massage I just gone up to her thigh ,she move her left leg towards left,and fold the leg up ,her pussy showing to me,she was closed her yes ,I moved my hand little up she is not told any thing ,I placed my hand on her pussy she press my hand with her two thigh. she hold my thigh and pull me forward, I sat near her hip tuching my thigh. she told me I dont think any thing I am with out my husband past 20 months, every day night I sufferd a lot ,she roolup her inskirt ,hold my hand put on her boobs,I pressed them ,she told me to change my clothes ,now we togather on the bed with our bare bodies. she asked me , do you intercourse any girls,I sad no she kissed me ,hug me well she told me to come on her between tighs .

she sat in front of me put her legs on my thighs hold my loud insert in to her pussy,and hold my body,lay on her back on the bed ,told me to fuck I FUCKED NICELY, Then we dressed and went restarent have food ,return to the lodge .once we enterd room I hold her from behind and press her breasts nicely she turn and kissed me ,remove my shirt I MOVED her sarry down and open her blouse and braw,I kissed the breasts and suck them.she remove her sarry and inskirt.again we started fuck up 3 pm we fucked 3 times.

she told me ofter 20 months she is happy In the evening she went native with sher daughter. I called her nest day she told me ofter 15 days she will be comming .one day she called me in the factory she is comming next day, the train will arive 4 .30 am in the morning. In night I dont have sleep ,morning 3.30AM left train stationon my bick,she reached 4 am she came out of the bus I hug her and kissed her . going to my room on the bike I rub her thigh,she hold tightly press her boobs on my back. once we reach my room ,my home owner told me to drop min in the bus station he want to go out of town .

I return from the bus station.I reach my room she took bath and in her nighty SHE is making coffe I hold her and kissed her mouth and her breast,she also hug me,I LIFT her nighty up and kissed her boobs and drank milk .took our coffe and sat on the bed drank ,she undress me boath naked ,she lay on the bed on her back ,I hold her boob and massage her pussy and insert my fingers ,she is shivering now,I went on penetrate my loud in to her pussy and fuck and I pour my juice in to herpussy secound round we started she lay on the bed her butts on the edge of the bed put her leges down. I stand in front of her insert loud in to pussy ,start pump about 15 min again I pour my seman in to her then she sat on the bed put me on her lap,she kissed me I suck milk she hold my loud and masterbute she suck my loud I SUCK HER PUSSY. 3 days was with with me we enjoyed .every body know she my sister sher daughter is studing in chennai.her husband know she is staying my room,some time he call my room. past 5 years we doing . still coundnuing our relationship .

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My mother & me  

I am from bangalore ,my name is Ragava, I am 25 years ,in our house me my mother and a sister ,sister IS a teacher married ,mother was 45 years at the time,I was 19 years,my sister was in the hospital for her 1st delivery,our earning is my fathers service pension mony my mother looks young little big butts and normal size breasts, when she walk in the streets every body looks her,I am the only male in the home,our uncles will help us.

It happen when my sister was in the hospital ,me and my mother attending her ,in the night I will come to hospital to help my mum and sleep their toghter in next room, in the home also me and mum sleep togather in the mat. 7th day night nurse came and gave medisin to my sister and left .we closed the door and start sleeping ,in night I have a pain in my loud I dont know what happned ,I sat and see my loud it feel little swelling , I called my mother and told I have pain in my loud she put light and told me to show her she saw the fore skine sweling ,she remove the fore sking down she saw a ant bite the skin it is sticking and she found some white powder tipe in side my loud ,she asked me are you cleaning your loud every day I said , no ,she called me come to toilet,we went their she washed mine,then we slept togather .

In the night I could not sleep ,I called my mum still paining, she told no problem sleep , she hug me and moved my pyjama down hold my loud gave message ,it got erect and stand straight. immidetly she stop message ,I hold her hand and told to do ,she told no enef pin will go ,I hold her hand sad little more time to message, she sat on the bed and start message up and down I CANT control the different plessure in my life, she did about 10 min suddnly semen jump out and wet her hand and sholder,she asked me now ok, I SAD OK. she went toilet and clean her hands.

IN the mid night again it erected , I HOLD my mums hand put put my loud ,she hug me fron my back hold my loud ,her boobs tuching myback ,she start mastrbuting with her right hand saying your father also like are u like thie,i sad yes . scound time she releese my semen I was s nice sleep.

Next day morning I wake up late and ,and went to the kitchen she is making coffe, I went their and hug her ,and kissed from her back to her nesk ,she asked your pain gone I told little is their, then my sisters husband came .we went our home. In the home she stared cooking ,ofter nune she take a bath and had food ,I asked her will go to moove she agreed.we sat in the corner ,back row in the move theature, the start I hold my mums hand and rubbing slooly ,she under stud my plan and told no now in the night only .

I asked can I drink milk ,see every body will watch ,I told , I sit down and suck, she told no once we reached home you can drink.I press my mums breast slooly ,she cover my hand with her sarry. In the intermission I asked her will go home ,she agreed Once we reached home ,she closed front door,she sat on the bed told me to lay on her lap I did,she lift her blouse and braw up ,I stared drink milk, again next breast, I kissed her she also kissed me ,she removed my shirt ,told me to remove pants.she remove her sarry, now she is on her undershirt , I removed her blouse and braw. we hug togather on the bed she put her right leg on my left leg ,hold my loud and rub on her pussy,kissed me,told me lay on her top ,I put my leg boath sides she role up her undershirt ,hold my loud in to her pussy. told me to fuck I did for about 15 min , I pour my heat seman in to her pussy,she told ofter 1 years my fathers death this the time to enjoy.

Hear ofter every that day we do fuck,last 6 years we are doing now days her pussy is not lubrecated she put hony on it tell me to fuck, I alaso suck her pussy every day . one day she was in the kitchen doing cooking I went near hold her brest from behind pressed them and ,kissed her,I LIFT her sarry up and rub her pussy ,she made me sit on a small stool she remove my pyjama put little oil on my loud insert my loud her pussy start pump .ofter some time carry her to the bed I fuck nocely she enjoyed . still contnuing, good mother now she is happy,she is not feel my fathers absence,she is active also. but I have to do slooly other wise she will she is paining/

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