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My cousin brother  

Thursday, July 16, 2009

It was a summer vacation. My parents had left to office. My cousin brother 2 yrs elder had come for vacations to our house. Wee both were alone at home as my parents were not at home. Getting bored we tried all sorts of games. Finally we decided to play mummy child play. One of us in turns were supposed to be child & other the mother. First I was the mother. My brother was the child and he acted as if he was crying & I were to do all things that will make him stop crying. I was singing a lullaby,put him on my lap,patted & so on. Finally I took a bottle & kept it in his mouth as if it was a feeding bottle. My brother started sucking it & stopped crying. Now it was my turn to be a child. I decided that I wont give up. I started to cry. He tried all that I tried to stop me crying, but I was not giving up.

Then he tried patting me on m! y chest to make me sleep. Something amusing started to happen as he was patting almost my breasts. But I didn’t mind it. Now he took Mr. ,e on his shoulder and started patting my back. Now the amusement was still increasing as my breasts were pressing against his chest. Still no bad thoughts in both of our minds. I was not giving up. I didn’t know what went in his mind, he put me back on his lap & he kept his hands on his chest & said now drink this as if he was breast feeding. I got a shock & I stopped crying. He won but still I was not coming out of the shock. He was in that position for sometime & the amusement was getting concentrated inside me near my breast & down there between my legs. I was not able to understand that feeling. Now he said it was his turn to be a child.

I put him on my lap & patted him. He said he is not going to stop until I did what he did. I felt shy & closed my face. He was not leaving he told me to do the same. I kept my hands on my fully clothed breast with a pounding heart & acted to offer him that. To my great surprise he took the breast in his mouth. I just pulled back. He again did so. This time I was closing my eyes tightly & letting him continue. I opened my eyes to see that something hard was touching my hand from in side his lungi. The amusement was getting more & some juicy fluid was wetting my panty. Though scared about this first I was letting things happen. He stopped & he said “you should lift up your cloth & feed the real way otherwise I will start crying”. Hearing this my heart pounded hard but I did not do that. Now he lifted my tops ( a sort of shirt! ) & exposed my bra of one side. Amusement was pouring fluid down there. I didn’t stop him.

He tried to lift my bra which was difficult so he traced it back & released the hook. Now it lifted my bra on one side exposed my hardened tits with my heart pounding harder & harder. I couldn’t control my self but did nothing to stop him. He took my whole breast in his mouth & started sucking my breast like anything while his other hand traveled to the other side & started squeezing it. I was forgetting myself. I could not imagine what was happening, but enjoyed every moment. Now I realized that the hard thing that was touching my hand was pulsating harder & harder. Curiosity of how it was pulsating was getting on to my head. My brother pushed me to lie down & lifted both my tops & bra up making my breast see up. He got up to adjust himself just then his lungi slipped & fell down getting me the answer to m! y curiosity. I saw his bare hard thing jumping up & down. My panty was as wet with my juice as I was drenched in rain. My eyes was fixed to his thing. Seeing this he threw his lungi aside & was naked completely. Now he started to take revenge. He loosened my skirt & pulled it down inspite of the ressistance of my hands. ( probably the ressistance was deliberately not enough ). My eyes could see my wet orange spotted panty. But his eyes could not tolerate it being there.

He touched my wet paoing to leave me. He hugged me with my breast pressed hard against his chest & made me lie down, started to squeeze my breast with his hands, kissed me everywhere, sucked my breasts hard, went down to my panty bit it with his teeth & pulled it donty at the most wet part. I jumped & pushed him aside & sat up suddenly with my breasts jumping up & down. He was not gwn. Now my hairy mond was open & I squeezed my leg! s harder. My brother puleed down my panty with his mouth took it out of my legs & tasted sucking the the juice out of my panty. Seeing this I was pushing out more & more fluid. Now he opened my legs against ressistance my box was now exposed to his view with hairs wet with juice. He touched me there put his finger in. I jumped with excitement. He pushed it more & more & pulled out & pushed in & out. I was pouring his fingers with my juice. The other hand was squeezing my breast. Now he took my hand & placed it on his hard thing. Heart was bursting. I touched it for the first time. He was also wet over his thing. I held it tight pulled the skin down. He squeezed my breast more & more as I did that.

Now his pink head was fully seeing me. He forcefully kept it on my lips now I took it inside my mouth. It was tasting great suddenly he pulled it out & bent my legs up, opened my lower lips & pushed ! his thing in forcefully. I shouted aloud he closed my mouth with his. Pumped me harder & harder. I know I was shouting harder but no sound was let out by his mouth. I was about to climax so was he. He pulled it out & poured his hot cream on my breasts & face & came in. we laid there on each other for some time. We got up. Cleansed ourselves dressed up. Guilt was making us not face each other. But after sometime he gave me a kiss on my cheek & hugged me. I too hugged him hard & planted kisses on him. The guilt was gone. We had ourselves everyday then on till he went back & now every vacations

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