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My married cousin  

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Iam kannan from south india. I belong to a middle classfamily. we are doing business in our home town. I like to tell about my Cousin Sister (not in real but due to strong family relation i used to call her as my sister.) I am in 10th standard and i used to come to my office and factory after my school time. In my factory there was an girl unmarried and she may be around 23 and i am 15 at that time. she will be so pretty with 5.6 tall and she had and good figure of 34 28 34. she was the full incharge of the factory and we used to go her house and we had an strong family relation withher family.since 8 years elder than me i used to call her "akka"(Sister inTamil)and she used to call me as kanna. Oh! iam sorry her name is Sudha. When she was orking in my factory she fell in love with a man named raja and both will lie down and take rest in afternoon time very nearly. He used to press the breasts of her and i used to see it without knowing to them. So at this age i used to have fantasy with her and started reading some third class sex books and i will hide it in office premisies. One day we had an night work in factory and she also worked up to 10p.m. and my father asked me to drop her in her home which is 10 kms far from our factory He told me and he left to home. At this mean time the love between sudha and raja broked and she is in full tension.

I taken her in my scooter to drop her inher house, but unfortunately there was a heavy rain when we passed just 2 kms away. i asked her what to do and she said that we shall return to office and go in morning. I said ok and we returned to office. I went to take dinner for her in nearby hotel asking her to olock the office inside. When i left to hotel she had taken the bed spreads and pillows (Which i used to sleep in night in office and used to hide sex books also) to make arrangements for sleep. I had returned taking dinner and we had dinner and i thought trying her today night. But she told that she will sleep inside the office. i had to sleep in factory, but are adjacent(only one door is in between). I could not tolerate my sex feelings and by 12 am i get down slowly and went to office and opened the door. My god door was opened. i sit aside by her and she was asleep and i could see the muslces of her body is going up and down while she breaths. i could see her breasts are fighting with the bra and bloushes that she wears. i slowly slept near her and i taken my legs and put on her legs. she got awake and she asked why u came here? i told it was cold outside and there is no blanket so i came here. she smiled at me and said ok to sleep with her. i was happy. she was wearing an orange saree and i could view the colour of the bra in red. i slowly moved my hands towards the breasts and slightly touched it. she got awake and she told what are u doing? i told nothing. she asked me sleep quiet and i coudn't. I again started pressing the boobs with the blouse and she scolded and refused and said that she knows that i will do such things as she noticed the sex books hided inside the pillow cover.I requested her for one time only to cooperate for top i.e Breasts and not for bottom. And after long struggle she agreed to open the bloushes She refused to open the bloushes and she lie down by closing her eyes and i opened the bloushes and very much excited to see the virgin body in red colured Bra.

With a hurry i asked her to turn upwards and i released the hooks of the bra and the pretty breasts welcomed me and i sucked the breasts with full speed and at one stage i bite the nipples and she screamed. Then slowly i made a massage on her stomach and she moaned like isssssss and ahhhhhhhhh . This continued for about 2 hours and i slowly moved my hands to her lower part of the body. I tried to insert my hand inside the petticoat and since it was tied i couldnt. She refused for that and she folded her legs and i could not move towards anything. That night then after 2.30 am i got an good sleep and she woken me at 6 am and told her to drop in her home and we two didnt exchange any words for two days. After two days she become normal and she said that she said to me in a smiling face that she will not work any over time when i was in factory. I told Sorry to her and she told Thats ok and asked me to control the feelings in this age. After two Years and she was married gone to her husbands village and our family relation continues.

She had an children boy of age 9 Years (At present) and even though i used to mastrubate by having fantasies with her till now also. I used to have weekly thrice by having her fantasies and the semen that mastrubated by having fantasies with her will be more than 5 litres for the past 9 years.Now she was 34 and iam 26. She had Financed some amount to us and she usually comes monthly to our house to get interest portion. I planned to enjoy her as she was married and i had an idea that she will allow me to taste her body if we get an chance.

Before 6 months i.e in December 2001 she phoned me and asked when to come home for getting Interest amount and i replied to phone next day. At that time my family members planned to go for an tour for seven days and i usually will not join the tour because i want to be in factory. Next day she phoned me and i invited her to come and stay in our house for two days with her son. She told that her son had gone to grandmas house in halfyearly exam leave and she told that she will come and stay for onenight. I told that i can arrange you the amount on saturday and i asked her to come saturday afternoon. She doesnt know that my parents are leaving for tour on friday night. She had a program to stay in our house on saturday and leave by sunday morning to her mothers home and to take her son with her to his house. I eagerly awaited for the day to come. As she told earliershe came exactly at 4p.m to my office and asked where are the family members? I told they went on tour as an immediate program as programmed on Thursday. Then she told ok give me the amount i will leave to my mothers house. I told u can go tommorrow and she hesitated to stay with me. Then I told that i want to go outside and i will come by 7 pm and i will drop u in your mothers home at 8 pm. she told ok and i left her in my office and went outside. Actually i dont have any work and planned to make her to stay with me.

At this season was rainy and it begun to rain at 7 pm and i rained heavily up to 8.15 pm. I was near my office and i phoned her and told i was about 6 kms away and it was raining heavily that i will reach after rain only. She asked me how i will go to my house and i told if it was too late i will drop u earlier in the morning. She said Ok in a low voice and i returned office at 9.45 pm. She was tired by sitting 5 hours in a place and i asked her whether she will prepare dinner in my home or to get it from outside. She told that she was tired and she asked to get something from hotel. I dropped her at my home and went to hotel to get dinner. I reached at 10.30 pm and while coming i brought a bottle of honey and icecream with the dinner. I also bought some Adult agazines and a packet of Moods Condoms and ididnt show to her. As she told that she was getting tired i bought one tablet for sleeping and i said it was the tablet for headache. We both enjoyed the dinner and she took half of the tablet and both went to sleepin differnt rooms. As it was a sleeping dose i know she will not get awake for 4 hours maximum and decided to enjoy her. I slowly wake up and went to her room and she was sleeping with her saree was away from her blouse. Her boobs were standing like two pillars as she weared a tight bra inside her blouse. Slowly i went near her and laid aside by her and started taking ofthe saree. as she was in sleeping doss she could not realise fully at that moment what was happenning.

I slowly removed the saree form her body and she was in Petticoat and Bloushes. I was very excited to see the half naked body and the stomach muscles were coming up and down as she was breathing. I slowly removed the hooks of the Blouse and i took her head slightly upwards and removed the bloushe and she was in Bra and petticoat. I slowly pressed the boobs with bra and she was sleeping like an statue. I got more excited and started to make massage with her stomnach muscles. With an excitement i also removed the white bra and i could see the two mangoes asking me to take it in my mouth. I thounght of seeing whether she was wearnig any panty or not and i slowly lifted the petticoat upwards and i was very happy that she weared and black panty and i stretched the elastic downwards to see her pussy. Oh god it was the first time for me to see a pussy of a woman in real. Her pussy were covered like jungles of black hair and kissed the pussy and i thought of doing above that with her prior permisison. I Know that she will be awake at 2 pm and till that i pressed her boobs and licked her pussy and made my penis inside my underwear. At 2.40 she got awake and she realised that she was half naked and there was no saree , bloushes and bra. she saw me sleeping near her and she asked me to get up and asked me what had i did? I sipmly saw her and she fell an angry sight towards me. I told that i had lost my control and ididnt cross the line of control and if it hurts her i told i feel very sorry for what had happenned.

Later she went tobath room and made her dresses correct and she came and smiled at me and said that she thought i might have controlled my feelings and said you are keen to enjoy me for 10 years. I smiled and yes i like you. She told u naughty fellow what the tablet that medical shop person given, i could not realise that antthing u did? oh i missed a lot. I told her it might me a heavy dose for headache and u got asleep and so i thought not to enter the main prmisies with my brother without prior permission from u. she appreciated me for my control and she asked me whether u like to have me? I nodded my head and i still waited for her permisson. She scolded me that time was going on and it was already 3.05pm and what are u doing simply. Oh i got an green signal from her and got ready to attack her. I asked her to wait for some time and i asked her lets have an bath. She refused as it was cold and i told there will be nothing if two of us take bath at a time . In shy she told ok and she asked for another dress and i asked what for another dress? she gave an smile in her face and asked me to come to bath room. I took and towel and i undressed all my dresses except my brief.She was in saree and in full dress. She started to remove her saree and i told that i will remove her saree and dress.

With a smiling face she gave me permission to undress her and slowly i undresses her one by one. Now we both are in underwears only and i poured a mug of cold water on her and with shivering she hug on me. i was very much happy and enloyed to have an female body on me for the first time. I slowly applied the soap on her body and boobs and pressed and sucked it. She told ok lets have bath only and reamining we acn do it there. I said ok and i removed her panty and asked whether i can remove the hairs on juicy pussy. She scolded me that it will create problem and her husband will have an doubt onher. I realised my foolisheness and i applied soap on her pussy and cleaned it very well. She also removed my Underwear and she touched my penis and it strtched to 7 inch and it beome more harder than before. She told that my penis is much bogger than his husband and she will play with it for the remaining night. both ofus washed our birth organs and she took her dress and simply weared an towel and entered in to the bed room. I went to dining hall anmd took the icecream and honey and i also entered the bed room. I just looked after the main doors are locked safely before entering in to the bed room.There i saw her sitting on the bed with only towel on her waist.

She asked me what for honey andicecream and i told it is for us to eat. I told i will eat first and then she. She said ok u eat first and start the drama. I said "Akka ne ippa than devathai mathire irruke, nan kodhu vechavvan" (Sister u like an angel, iam an luccky man). She said dont take more and asked me to show my strnght in works. I removed towel and now both of us are najked and she kept her two hands on her pussy and covered. I removed the hands of her from her pussy and asked to put on my shoulders and we two laid on bed as naked. I asked her whether she want icecream or honey, she told lets have honey first. I said ok and i took the honey and implied the honey on my penis and said ok take it. She was very happy and fely shy and said "Poda ne romba kurumbu". She licked the drop of honey on my penis and asked me why are u not eating . I said i wnat to eat and I applied the honey on her haiy pussy and we both are in 69 posisition. Then after the honey i applied the icecream on her boobs and sucked it like anyhting. She also applied on my penis and she sucked my penis and two small balls below. I tasted her body with my tongue from the top to bottom of her leg and really she looked like a 25 yrs women to me. She also made her saliva andshe was eager to taste my penis. She said that her husband never do such things and he simply passes the water to my crops and will leave her. She said this was an excitement in my life and she will not forget this incident never and looking for more such occassions. She said this is enough and u give some work to ur brother and she spreaded her legs. I asked her whether she had done family planning and she said No,and u can proceed since it was safe period.

But i asked her to wait for a minute and took the moods and asked her to wear it in my Penis. She asked whether u had any relation with others and how u got condoms here? i told that i planned to enjoy u and brought today. She was surprised and asked why didnt u tell me before? i told i was afraid to tell u openly. She told if u had told me before i could have enjoyed more. I took my penis with a shield(Condom) and she showed me the pussy and asked me to insert me in it. She kept a pillow under her buddax and asked to insert by force the penis in to her pussy. Since it was first experince she waited and gave me all the instructions how to do it. I really enjoyed it and she whispered and gave sounds with a excitement and hugged me. I did it for 8 Minutes and my brother leaked the semen in condom and i got up. Then we again had an oral sex for an hour and we contioned for another excitement tour at 5.30 am and we enjoyed till 7 am in the morning. As iit was allready late we woke up and took a bath together and she told that she is waiting for more occassions in future till i am married.

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