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Lover of Aunties  

Friday, July 17, 2009

Hi i m jimmy khan from hyderabad pakistan i m regular reader of indian sex stories . its my true and real exprience with my aunty during my cousin wedding. ist i introduce my self i m smart good looking 5ft 10" handsome guy. my aunty beena sexy soft and sizzling woman of age 36 her boobs r big 38D. she is 28 38 D 36. my english is not good so plz excused my mistakes. this is story of last febuary when my all family busy in cousin marriage we all are work to elebrate first marriage ceremony in our family after 10 years.

one my aunty beena and i both busy in washing floors and stairs suddenly my aunty duppatta fall down i see clearly his big boobs which made me hot and my dick become erect in 90 degree my 7 inch hard dick try tear my short i try to control my self and go to bath room and mustarbate on the name of aunty beena . aunty see this all happening with me she is smiling and ask me wht happen never see the girl before i m stunt what she is asking me . i m confuse she again ask same question , i suddenly say never see this big and sexy boobs before she said me wana see real .

i m not say any thing. next morning aunty call me to take her to home to bring some cloth for tonight heena cermony(mehndi cermony ). i said ok and take my bike aunty sit behind me. I start to seduce her by apply brake suddenly and her boobs touch me I m got mad about her I m decide to fuck her in his own house after 15 min of distance we reached at her home my dick is in full action . we enter the house my sister rabia is also there I m very glad to see her because I love her very much she is 36 25 35 beautiful girl. She is only 20 my class fellow .

we start talking in different topics suddenly aunty beena come and said help me to place the box upstairs while taking box up aunty foot slip and box is fall on her I suddenly start massage on her foot she say me jimmy I love u kiya tum mujhe chodu ghey main kyun nahi aunty I love u I m not sleep last two nights ur boobs come in my eyes and I m got erect.

Then we go to the room and start kissing ist kiss I do her make me heaven I pressed her boobs hardly and put her cloth off she is wearing only black net bra which make me mad I start licking her ass which give me nice taste I say aunty kiss my dick plz she refused I confess her she put it in her mouth what a great pleasure for me . suddenly her sister rabia come in the room she shocked to see her elder sister during sex with me because we forget to closed the room . my aunty say never mind why should u join us oh its heaven to me two beautiful lady are nude in front of me I fuck her both at same time . my dream comes true fucking my aunty and her sister.

When I put my 7 inch hard cock in rabia cunt it shout with pain and some blood come out my aunty start taste this blood and say what a lovely taste rabia said me fuck me like a rundi fuck me harder and harder give me more and aunty beena wildly pressed her boobs than I put my dick in the ass of aunty she said no plz don't fuck me from back I said no I want to fuck there I pressed my all dick in his ass and she screamed and then said wow I got mad u have very big dick come fuck me harder and harder.

After one hour I cum on her face she said what a nice taste I ever taste . this night I fuck them both sisters twice .and fuck them after every 2 days. Any aunty woman , girls wana share there experience or wana fuck mail

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