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My Sis showed me heaven  

Friday, July 17, 2009

Hell o guyz this is horny Shaoba again. This is my second story, in which my sis (neha) forced me to fuck her boy friends.

One day I came early from school, because of prediction of heavy storm. My parents were out of station and me sis out for a photo shoot. She is a model. Thus, I was expecting no one to be their in the house. When I reached home I unbuttoned 2 buttons of my top exposing my bra (size 36) and surprisingly, I found the door to be open. I sneaked in to se who's in.

When I entered I heard click- click sound and a man voice, "push it in, press harder". I was wondering what's going on. Probably the sounds were coming from bedroom, when I peeped in, a great surprise..

My sis is a doing porn shoot. She was on the lap of a handsome hunk on the Conner of the bed, facing her back to him. She was wearing red panties, which was slipped till her knees. This hunk was stroking his dick in her ass and pressing her tits. She was showing her sweet pussy to the cameraman.

The cameraman clicked and said "next pose", "lay her on the bed, Neha put ur legs on his shoulders and take his dick in ur pussy".

My sis said, "I want him to wear a condom."

Seeing this I felt scared. What is my sis doing? What will our parents do if they come to know???

The photographer shouted "no!@#". And at the same time a thunder bolt struck, BANG-BANG. I fell on my back, from behind the curtain.

Since I unbuttoned my top, my tits with white bra were exposed and as I fell wind blew up my skirt exposing my panties.

Every in the room were shocked and surprise. My sis shouted at me "what r u doing hear, ur supposed to be in the school?" I said in great fear and adjusting myself "we had half, due to storm predictions". And immediately it started raining.

Seeing me adjusting my self, the photographer gave me a hand to raise me up. Once again my tits were exposed. He said "u have a good boobs and figure too 36 24 34", and with a sudden push he removed my top. With shame I was hiding my tits bye my hand I heard both guyz were laughing. And with the next jerk the naked male model he removed my skirt and suddenly photography started, click-click.

Seeing this, my sis came to my rescue, said, "She is a small girl, plz leave her alone." The photographer said, "I will pay u double." Hearing this, "she moved towards me and removed my panties, exposing my pussy. Click-click.

I was in such a position that I couldn't protest and had to hide my pussy with one hand and my tits with another, click- click.

The hunk model started kissing my neck from back. I cried "!!!" my sis said don't worry later u will start licking it. Click-click..

She removed my hands and started brushing my pussy, in order to make my pussy stiff and photogenic. Click- click..

The photographer was only in blue jeans, exposing his muscular body. I could see him creasing his erect crotch, now I felt a hot rod in my ass. My sister was still massaging pussy. I started to feel comfortable. I was losing my grip of my tits.

The hunk unhooked my bra, and guided my hands towards his buttocks. My sister started licking my pussy. I started enjoying the moment. I hardened my grip on the hunks ass. Click-click..

When i looked towards the cameraman he was naked, moving towards us with a camera in his hand. He gave the camera to my sis and said "u do the photography" my sis gave him the way to my pussy.

The photographer said to me, "I will drill u up with my massive tool to show u heaven on earth." His tool was really massive it was around 10" long and 3" thick.

"I wanted that tool in me" I shouted and grabbed him to come inside me. I took a deep breath and started kissing him. Click-click.

Now both my holes were stuffed. I was sandwiched between them, and we three were jerking in cyclical motion. I mourned ahh.ahhh.ahhhh. Click-click.

Another thunderbolt struck BANG-BANG, we fell on the bed, where I felt I was I n heaven. I said "faster.harder.quicker....swifter.fuck me, rape meeee.."click= click.

The hunk moved out, in order to lie on the bed properly and give his dick in my mouth. His dick was a shaves one 8" long 5" thick. I gave him oral till he cummed. His cum was like Amruth (medicine of immortality) click-click . some fell on my mouth which I licked it click-click..

Suddenly lights went of, so no further photo shoot was possible. It was raining heavily.

Since no further photo shoot was possible, my sis joined us in the heaven

We fucked the whole evening. Since our parents were coming after three day, we four staid together for another three days, sucking. fucking. jerking. masturbating.. Sleeping.............................(yes of course, we hardly slept)

We tried every position inscribed in "The Bible Of Sex>>> KAMA SUTRA"

They paid us triple the amount for both; even I became professional porn model.

After this day, we two sisters went to photo shoot every weekend. And my sis maid me fuck her friends every weekend in front of the cameras.

This is girl who likes o be fucked 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, 30 days of a month and 365 days a year.

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