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Hungry Lust  

Friday, July 17, 2009

Hello readers this is my first story i am writing plz let me know what u think about it this a very ture story of my friend who live in u s a right now i just change place & names but all other is as is it so let me tel u r her story in her won words .My name is Ruby i am from pakistan born in karachi now i am 23y this all start when i was 18y but u at 18y we asin girls dont know much about sex so i was very inocent at that time it all started back when we were teenage...... my brother Javed and i . Javed & I were two of six kids raised in a average family he was 4years olderthen i was & for the most part ignored me ... except when I turend 18years . I was the only girl in the family , & i' ve since read that it's normal to see some sexual activity between siblings.. playing doctor & so forth.. & that's pretty much what happened then. He' d trap me in my room & try to pull up my shirt so he could see my developing breasts , that sort of think .

My other brother did it too , but not nearly as much as Javed . This went on for a while, until i finally comlained to my mother.. & she was mad on him & he stop it i didn't think about it often , but every once in a while in the years that followed, i,d catch Javed looking at me with an odd glem in his eyes... that made me nervos.But once he went to college . in lahor i more or less forgot about it. Well , then I was 19y & Javed got married to farah a really nice girl they were both barely graduated from college & it look like they had a nice life ahead of them farah came from a very wealth family & Javed started working in her father firm & quickly got promoted & within fore years they had a house.2 nice cars ,plenty of money ...everything they could want except a child . I ll never forget the day that Javed came over to the house & told us the doctors said farah could never have children he was really busted up by that .

I felt really bad for them he & I had never been close but over time Id stopped being mad at him for "fooling around" with me when we were younger I d taken a psyche class & I knew that it wasn't that abnormal plus he stopped being a bossy older brother & had been really nice to me when I started college .... a couple times he gave me money just becoz said he say I was a starving college studten & now with the pain of farah's infertility shadowing his life , I thought i could help him I was working heard on my grad for a psyche degree & besaid that i began to spend a lot of time with Javed & farah trying to help them out I had a lot of free time on my hand since my college was close for 2 months & then one hot july night I stopped over at Javed house to take him some dinner farah had gone to lahor for a week to see her parents & mom wanted to be sure Javed ate right since he'd probably subsist off of chips if no one was there to cok for him I walked in the house ..I had a ...& there was Javed lying on the couch wering a tee shirt & boxers I put down the food what mom had gave me to take him on the table & walked over to him ...he look like he was asleep the air conditioning made the room arctic so I decided to cover him up just as I was reaching for the afghan his hand shot up & grabbed my arm.

He pulled me down on top of him & before I knew it we were on the floor with him on top of me groping at me i was stand for a sec & then I shouted Javed ya tum kya ker rehe ho stop it in response he slapped me across the face hard it stunned me long enough for him to put his hand in my long kurtha & grabe my bobs i have a very nice brests&nb sp; & this is a frist time some one put his hand on it i was not know what to do he was my brother & i am his real sister becouse of my psyche classes I UNDERSTAND THAT HOW TO HANDLE THIS (MY DO I WAS RIGHT) any wayhe was pressing my breasts & trying to pull my kurtha at a same time i start crying i though he wil leave me than but he put his hand out & told me to help him to take my kurtha off i said him u leave me or i will shout & some one wil come but he laugh at me & said there is no one & this room is sound proof i told him Javed i am your sister u can't do this to me plz Javed look at me this your sister but he just keep trying to take my shirt off & i trying to pull it down Javed say Ruby u better take off by your self or i will taier it off i ask Javed bahi what u going to do i was keep crying he say if u let me look at u the way i look when u were young 18y i will let u go, i told Javed that was when we were very young but now we can not do this & i will be die I don't want anyone to see me before i get married it for my husband only but he dont understand it he say Ruby u let me see u or i will take your clothes off by my self i tough for a sec if i let him look at me he will let me go & then i will naver going to talk to him in my life .

So i told him if i let u see my brests u will let me go then he say ya i will let u go & i say u just seat there not going to get up from there he ofcoz he say yes i just took my hem in the bottom of my kurtha & pull it up & show him my breasts in bra he say take your bra off i want to see your breasts i say noway Javed u ask me to show u thats it now i am leaving he just as i was geting up he greab me from behind & took me to the couch & push me & seat with me holding me with one hand & othere hand trying to pull my kurtha up i was keep tilling no no plz muje chore do mumme plz bchoooooo .. but there was no one to save me i was crying & my brother was trying to take my kurtha off i told him plz Javed wait leatsen to me for a sec then u do what ever u like but plz Javed one time plzz Javed he ask what i told plz leave me frist he leave me & told me Ruby u r not going to go out till i see u if u try to make game on me i will take your colthes off & do what ever i want i was shok & look at him i told Javed i will do waht ever u want me to do but plz Javed bahi dont make my life spoile he say Ruby y i will going to do any think to u witch u dont want me to do i just want to look at u thats it i promise i dont do anything, i dont belive him but i have no choice so i just want to do & run to home he saw me i was resting he came near me & put his hand on my back i was very nerves coz no one touch me in sexual way until now this was my first time some one doing this to me he saw me tence he told in a very nice way Ruby dont tence i will not going to hurt u i just want to look at u ok & i just nod it i ask him Javed bahi u will let me go then i was filling so much shram that i fill like this time earth open & i just bired in it but u see u can not die also when u need so i was there seating on my brother couch.

I came back when my brother ask me to lift up little bit i just got up a little & he pull my kurtha all the way up my face was red with sharm & he did not stop there he pull my kurtha all the out of me i put my hand to my breasts to cover it from my brother & colsed my eyes in sharm he did not talk to me any think & then i fil his hand on my back i know what he is doing i try to push my self back so he can not open my bra but then i was expose to him in front i was so much in shram that i don't know what i should do so i though i should just cover my bobs i got down on my keens to cove it & that was my big mistac to do so he pull my bra hook from back &it open right away i fill his hand on my naked back he was just takeing his hand up to my nack & then allthe way down till my ass i was filing funny in my body i never fill that way in my whole life i was 22y old at that time & i never play with my self in life too this was my frist time but i know about sex a lot coz one of my friend have a boyfriend & she did all the way with him so she tell me a lot so i know all about jwaed now try to get me up so he can see me but i was very much in shy i just tight my self & told him plz Javed let me go mummi is waiting for me but he say Ruby just let me see u for a sec i will see u & then let u go so i just let my body lose he took me in his arms & pull me up, i put my both hand on my chest but he hold my wiest in his hand & pul it from my chest i just colse my eye & fill my bra is not on my breasts any more i know he was looking at my naked breasts then i fill some think wet on my nipple in shok i open my eye & saw Javed had put his mouth on my naked nipple i have a 2000volts crunt in my body .

I shout Javed ye kya kr rehe ho plz nahi tum ne kaha tha ke tum srif dekoo ge plz Javed but he dont leasten to me he was just sucking my nipple frist left & then right one i was filling so nice that i just close my eye & half lay down on couch when he see i was not make any resten or stoping him he just start masgeing my big 34C breasts i just colse my eye & let him do as his will & then i fill he is slowly while masgeing my breast he take his hand down to my thighs i hear a bell in my mind that i have to stop him or he will go where i dont want him to go so i open my eye & saw him looking in my eye i fill shy i told him Javed&nbs p; now u r happy plz let me go he say Ruby i am not hurting right, ya Javed i say u r not but this not nice we shouldn't do this i just let u did coz u promise me to let me go after this so can i go now i try to keep the talk in nice way i dont want him to get mad on me i read psyche & i know if i will be little nice i can get out of hear Javed push me down & came on top of me with his whole body i fill the first time some time hard in between my legs & right away i know what it is i screm Javed plz hato what r u doing but he start kissing me & masgeing my breast i was scared at that time & start crying he told Ruby i just want fill u i am not doing anythink to u but i say no Javed i doint want to do this he say ok then u do one think & i will let u go what i ask he just say like it is not a big deal Ruby take your all clothes off & let me see your naked body &then u can where your colthes back on & go i say Javed tumara digmag karab hogya hi kya (r u mad ) i am your sister i did what it is also wrong plz Javed let me up he say ok then let me suck your breast for a few min or two & before i say anything he put his mouth on one of my nipple & start sucking it hard i could not do anythink i just colse my eye & let hin suck my tits after some time.

I felt his hand on my thighs he start rubing it up n down i though in a fwe min he himself will stop he is just want to fel little bit so i just close my eyes n let him do what ever he want but he did not stop on my thigh only while he was rubing my thigh he bring his left hand on my stamoc n just rubbing it there to it fils me so nice that i don't know when he open my shalwer knot i got shok when i fel his hand in one short inside my shalwer n grab my virgen pussy n start massegeing it got for a sec i was lost in a palsuer then i came to know that is going on i shout jaweed plzzzz nooooooo ooooo plzzzzzzzzz jaweedddddd take your hands off my shalwer but inset of takeing out his hand he start rubing my pussy lips n doing something in it witch i came to know after some time that he was trying to find my clit witch he found it in a sec n he start rubbing it with his forefirnger i was try to get his hand out from my shalwer but now i just put my hand on his hand n hold it just i don't know what to do i sade jaweed plz leave me it is dirty he say Ruby just let me fell it for a while only i don't have any power on it i my self is feling funny in my body i just close my eyes n just let him do what ever he want to do he keep rubbing on my clit n out side of my pussy i just take a deep breath when he see i was not make any thing to stop him he put little presser on my pussy with his finger n put his finger little in side of my pussy i say ooooooooooffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff pplllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzz jjjjjjjjjjjaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeedddddddd it hurttttt he say it will hurt just a little then u fill good i say nooooo ......................jaweed plz both derd ho raha hiiiiiii tum apni ungli baher nikalo he say ok if u promise me to let me see your pussy i wil pull it out i din't think anything.

I just want him to pull out his finger out of my pussy coz of it pain a lot i say ok i will just pull it out he right way pul his finger out n the next sec before i think what is going on he pull my shalwer down n took it out all the way from my legs i fill so shy that i put both my hands on my face n cross my legs to hide my virgin pussy n say nnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooo plzzzzz jaweed but he ignore my cries n got donw on his keens to look more closely my pussy i fill so shy that i just colse my eye in my hand also then i fill that he is trying to open my legs but i colse it very tight he try again but i was like puting my all energe to hide my pussy he sa y Ruby plz let me open your legs but i din't do or say anything just laying there with my legs tightly close n say plz jaweed let me go oooooooooo but again he din't say just want me to open my legs , when he see i am not opening my legs he just keep rubbing on my thighs i know that he want me to relax so he can open my legs in one short but i keep my legs colse tightly i just haveing very nice felling in my body n some thing funny in my pussy too then all off a senden i fell very wet on my pussy n got like 2000volt curent in my body n it comes from my mouth aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh n i look from middle of my fringers he put his mouth on my pussy n sucking my cunt from out side i never tough of geting so much plauser in my life i just haveing a butter fly in my thighs n fill like geting that tounge more depper but i was scard that if i will let him open my legs don't know what elas he will do n the other side of me tilling just let him do little bit n thats it u can stop it .

Ii was just thinking what to do n i fell anthere 2000 volt curent in my body some who he open my upper pussy lips n find my cilt n start rubbing it with her tounge i say oooooooooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaa....................w hat rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr plzzzzzzzzzz jaweedddddd mojeeeeeee chourrrrrrrr doooooooo but he keep sucking on my cilt n i have no choice i open my legs for him with out thinking n as soon as he saw me relax he grab my both thighs n open it all the way i never open before i was all naked n open in front of my brother i fell my face all red til my ears i was shaking like a lafe in a storm n my brother was lapping my pussy lips n cilt like he best foon of his life i just lay there n don't have little power to do or say anything to my brother after little while i fill like takeing his all tounge in me i can not say him anything but i start pussing my cunt little up to met his tounge n he understand that i am not going to stop him for anything he want to do to his 22y virgin sister i don't know when or who he take boxer out but when he leave my pussy n came on top of me i saw from my fingers that he is naked n his lun is like 8"long n 2n a half inch thick standing in front of his body n i fell some thing like who it will fill on my pussy if he rub on it n then the next sec he was on top n his great lun of man hood was on my pussy i shout jaweed nnnnnnnnnoooooooo..............plz don't do this infact i want him to rub on my pussy but some thing inside told me if u let him rub it he might put it in n fuck u n take your virgen pussy n i don't want to lose my cherry like this so i try to close my legs again but too late .

I was trap i start crying no no no plz jaweed don't do it to me he saw just relax Ruby i am just going to rub on u only but i say no jaweed it is geting late plz jaweed let me go but he is not aulloo ka patha that he let a hornny wet pussy virgen girl go with out fucking her no matter if she is his sister so he just kepp rubbing on my virgen pussy his hard 8"dick head(topa) n i kept teling him to let me go then i just lose my body n let him do what ever he want i though he will just rub n let me go but no he got a diffrence plan for me a plan to fuck me n fuck me hard while he was rubbing on my pussy with his hard dick he took my whole body in his arms n start sucking my nipples first right n then left i was in like 7 haven coz it fill so good some were in my mind its say that it is wrong but my body is telling other story n when he saw i was completly in plauser n takeing deep brath he angle his hard dick on my pussy lips n rubbing hard in side of my pussy lips so he can find my little tight virgen hole n i was just doing oooooooooooohhhhhhh...........sssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeee plllllzzzzzzz jjjjjjjjjjjaaaaaweddddddddd what r u doingggggggg mmmmaaaaaaaaaaa iiiiiiiiiii willl dieeeeeeeeeee oooffffffffffff pplllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzz bbbbbbbbbbbbbbuussssss..................kkaaaaarrrrrroooooooo but he keep rubbing it hard in side of my pussy lipssssssss n then i filllllllll as he push little hard on my pussy his dick hard go right in n i screan lode nnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiii pppppppppllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzz nnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiii but he push it little harder this time n his dick go almost 2or3"inside of me i try to get away from under him but he hald me so tight that i can not move a inch from under him i try to push him n crying tell him to take it out but he just doing in n out his 2,3 inch in my pussy i told jaweed i am virgen plz do not spoil my life he say Ruby just relax i will not go too deep in u i just want to fill it i say plz jaweed it is paining a lott n there was a tears in my eyes but he told just relax for a 2,3,min n i will pul it out n u fill good too n he keep doing in n out in me , now i fill also little good i got the pain in my pussy but fill good in a way so i just relax n let him fuck me with his hard dick a littlebit i told him jaweed plz don't go too deep in me i don't want to lose my virgin cherry he say don't worry Ruby u just relax n i will fuck like this only slowly n nicely i just colsed my eye n he was fucking me in n out then every time he go inside of my pussy he push little harder n try to go more in i say jaweed iesthe u r hurting me but he don't lasten to me he just pushing 1inch at a time n then i fill some thing gavein in my pussy n his dick go in one short all theway in till his balls touch my ass i screem so lode that if that room was not sound proff the whole town would know that i got fucked by my brother i was trying to get out from under his body n grip like fish want to get out of hook i was in so pain that i can not talk or say just crying n doing ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhoooooooo........aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa n he just put his all 8" long dick in my no more virgin pussy witch he fuck with his dick n lay still not pulling out or pushing in after like 3or4 min when he see that i was just crying a little no makeing big fuss he pull out just a inch n push it in again .

Ii just did aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh n he keep doing in n ou 1or 2 inch at a time then in a while he start pulling out 4or5inch n puting in back i fill little pain n was doing plz jaweed slow is hurting he say Ruby it go away your pain just relax for a min the main part of pain is gone now u r going to fill good n start fucking my pussy with long n short pushess now i fill better n i was takeing deep breath when he fill my pussy is little wet n losse but not that much lose just to adjest his thick dick dick in my tight pussy he start fucking me hard he pull out all the way till his just dick head in my tight pussy n then he push it in hard all the way i was just doing oooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff ff.................n then i fill like some thing is happening between my legs,n inside my pussy, i want him to do more faster n hader when he was puting in side of my pussy i push up on his dick n try to take more of him this make him so exsited that he was fucking me like 100miles a hrs n then i cum n cum witch i never though i ever going to fill this way my whole body was like in some kind of plasure i just forget about my brother who just rape me n i fill so much love for him that i my self don't belive this n i just hug him tight in my arms n then i fill his dick is geting biger n biger in my pussy n then he came in me .

God aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh Javeddddd i fill like a lot of craker is shot in my pussy at a some time but in a next sec i came in my sence nnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooo..........Javedddddd..................plz don't come in me i will become pregnet but it was too late he just hold me tight n keep pumping in my tight pussy till he just lay down on me like dead person i also lay there n takeing deep breath n then we heard phone ring i got fear in my eyes n look at jaweed he look at me n said don't worry just don't say anything i will talk on the phone n he got up from me his dick came out with a pop sond from my pussy, he gone to pick up the phone n i try to get up but i fall down again coz its pain a lot in my pussy n i lie down back n start crying coz now i got my sence back n i know that i am no more virgen i got fuck n fuck hard i was saveing my self for my husband but my brother took my cherry n leave me as a used car i was crying n he was talking to some one on the phone i got up again some how n look at my self down my pussy was all red with my virgin blood n my thighs were allso with blood n mix with his n my cum i was worried about geting pergnet if i get pergnet my life is over .

I pick up my clothes n run to the bathroom when i go in the bathroom i look at my face in the mirror anyone will see me like this at this time they can say right away i got fuck n hard fuck i wash my face clean my thighs n cunt when i touch my pussy to clean it fill like someone strach it with the blade its hurt a lot but some how i clean it n were my clothes back on i could'nt were my bra coz some time middle of my rape my brother brok my hook of my bra so i have to were my kurtha only anyway when i came back out he was also in his pant but no shirt he say mom was on the line n i got scarde i ask what u said he look at me n smiel n say i told her that u hear n enjoying your time i got red n say tell me plz he say noting yar she saying she is going out with shaida anuty she wont be back till late eveing so tell Ruby to stay there only til i come back n he look in my eyes n wink at me i got red i say no i am going just befor i turn to go to the door he grab me n then got a surprize in his eyes i say u broke my bra thats y i could'nt were it n become red he saw i was shy n just standing he took me in his anrms n told Ruby seat we wil talk i want to talk to u only .................what happen next did he just talk or fuck my brian out also n then how he make me come to his place every day for fuck n how he make me bring my best friend salma to his place to fuck n did i become a pergnet with him

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