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Peice of my neice  

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I am in my early thirties and single. And my brother who has stayed in a distant town came to visit all of us in the family after many years. He came with his wife and little daughter. Or should I just say daughter? Because I hadn't realised that over the years the tiny little one had grown into a very attractive girl. But her nature is still the same, chirpy and playful. She used to love taking piggyback rides on me when she was small. She had not forgotten that. Her name is Payal and now is 18 years old, studying twelfth standard in Bhopal where she has grown up. Being the only child to my brother, they have nurtured her with great care. As a result she is in best of health mentally as well as physically. Mentally Payal has proven herself best by maintaining top rank throughout her school years.

While physically she has a slim, athletic and well-proportioned body since she learns classical dance and also won many prizes in gymnastics. Her complexion is of medium colour but more on the fairer side, with perfect dips and curves in the right places. She's quite a fitness freak and so am I. So from the third day Payal and I started to go for jogging early in the mornings. First few days just went by recalling old memories.

Slowly I realised the changes that had taken place in her after so many years. During jogging I could not miss noticing her beautifully ripened upright and firm boobs blooming through her t-shirt fully wet with sweat, leaving the bra area dry ofcourse. Even for jogging she preferred to wear short skirts, which exposed major upper portion of her fleshy thighs (sometimes even her knickers) while she jogged in front of me, as her speed was more than me. I was overcome by this natural male instinct, but it was embarrassing to happen between my niece and me. So I tried to ignore it.

Some the days she enjoyed mounting on my back for a piggyback ride like in the earlier years. Even though she played with me innocently, it surely wasn't the same for me as it used to be in her childhood days. When sat on my back I would have to grasp her legs and my hands could not resist the smooth sensation of her thighs, her breasts pressing against my back like soft cotton balls, her delicate hands wrapped around my chest, and the heat of her young body. Luckily nobody suspected anything, but I felt very guilty to think such of my niece. Though instincts could not be helped.

One Saturday night after we men folk had a few drinks we all had dinner and settled to watch the TV. Around 11.30 p.m. my brother, his wife, and my parents all retired to bed. Payal and I stayed on to watch TV for a little longer. Payal was still in a blue short skirt and a sleeveless white shirt that she had worn for jogging in the morning. I was in my lungi and a vest. Being a Saturday night and nearing 12 a.m. the cable channel started some hot movies. Out of embarrassment I wanted to change the channel, but the remote control was with Payal and she didn't seem to mind watching all that in my presence. So I also made myself comfortable. She was sitting right next to me on the long sofa.

After about an hour she felt a little drowsy and lay her head on my thigh. The alcohol started having effect on my psyche. Yet like a good uncle I patted Payal on her head and shoulder to make her feel more relaxed. Whenever there was a hot scene I felt her breathing heavily but least shy or embarrassed. She seemed quite broad-minded. And also broad hipped, which I only realised when my hands reached them while I was still caressing her whole body by now. Along with her heavy breathing during the hot scenes, my dick also could not avoid the erection. I was quite sure a part of my hard dick was touching Payal's head. At first she did not to react to it. Later as the erection got stronger, she looked at me and asked if I had the remote. I reminded her that she was still holding the remote. Then she asked, "Uncle, then what is this under my head?" I must've been blushing while I didn't know how to explain the situation.

Since she was a bright 12th standard student, she immediately understood what she had mistaken for a remote, and giggled loudly. I was so embarrassed that I wanted to run away to my room but her head was on my thigh. Much to my surprise, she herself consoled me that it's okay and that these things are natural. I still didn't know how to face her. But it didn't take her long to take the initiatives. She said she was feeling suffocated in the sweaty clothes which she had worn since morning and started
unbuttoning her shirt. I was too shocked with her such boldness. I couldn't decide whether to avoid the temptation or grab the opportunity. After loosening quite a few of her shirt buttons in the front, I could see her brand new pink bra and the lovely cleavage between it.

She looked up at me and smiled to encourage me. She even clasped her fingers around my hot bar that was already beginning to ooze wetting part of my lungi since I was not wearing any underwear. Payal was pleased to feel the moisture. She seemed thirsty for it. I could not control myself any more. I also took liberty in feeling her whole body caressing and cajoling it from head to toe. She loved the sensation of a rough and tough male palm massaging her soft tender skin. As my hands were returning upwards from her toes to the meaty thighs, they made their way to the waistline of the skirt, which was merely an elastic band with no complicated hooks or buttons.

I gracefully slid the whole skirt down the legs exposing her dark pink panty with white lace borders. Her ass was burning like a furnace and the flesh of the butt was like soft cake. Unleashing the only button in the shirt that was remaining midway, allowed me to have a magnificent view Payal, as I had never known before. Now with only her main assets hidden under the pink bra and panty, she looked like an angel craving to be possessed by the devil. She seemed to have learnt quite a few traits in college. Adoring the length of my towering inferno she rubbed it softly first. Then confidently placing her lips over the head of my upright dick, she started sucking and occasionally nibbling on it too!

"Some girl" I thought to myself. While she relished the juices from my dick I turned in the 69 position to work on the pussy region. Just to make sure that we don't get caught red-handed I quickly went near everyone's rooms to check if anyone was awake. It was 2 a.m. and all were fast asleep peacefully snoring away. That gave Payal and me plenty of time to explore each other's soul. When I reached the sofa she looked at me with those soulful eyes and slipping backwards begging me not to hurt her. I did promise not to hurt her although I knew that it was quite a task if she was a virgin. I took her leg in my hand and started licking it from the calf upwards. Then kissed and brushed my unshaven cheeks on her bare navel region. She loved that barbaric feeling. While doing so, my hands reached out for her boobs still hidden under the bra. They were unbelievably soft. I could feel her heartbeat increasing rapidly. She was already shivering when I pulled the bra straps off her shoulders and unhooked it from behind. Shedding the bra let her well sized tits bloom to their fullest with the nipples pricking, up hard as nuts. I fondled with her tits for a while, which aroused her even more.

She was getting impatient now and almost wanting to cry out to me to do it faster. I purposely went at a slow steady pace to make her crave before we reached the peak. As I delayed my actions she was getting more and more desperately breathless. Each breath she took made her breasts swell more. Our bodies were sweating as if we were melting in each other's heat. I put
both her hands above her head and licked her neck and armpits. Payal pulled the hair in my head in return. She wanted to shout but knew she could not. So she screamed as low as possible begging me to finally take off her panty and enter her. I was also getting impatient to view her fresh tender pussy. But I saved it as the dessert.

So first I turned her around with her face to the ground. Water was running tremendously from my tongue like that of a hungry dog. With that I made like a stream all the way from her neck down the spine till I reached the elastic band of the panty. I almost felt like chewing off her delicious ass along with the panty. In fact I did chew up part of her panty at least, and through the shredded remains dug my tongue into her asshole. It was so sweet. I also rubbed the dick couple of times against her ass to create friction to provoke her more. Finally it was time for the dessert. Having fully removed the panty I was as desperate to see and feel her pussy, as she was to have me enter her groove.

Turning her over with her back on the ground again, I fancied the marvellous sight of 18-year-old bare-naked nymph all for me to feast on. Savagely I lashed my tongue over and into the delicate pink lower lips, sucking the juices out of them. Clamping her arms to the ground in my powerful claws I wondered how to drive my giant dick into her tight young pussy without hurting her. So I let the head of the dick feel its way through the opening of her clit. She was crying quite loudly already. I asked her to fully relax her whole body and specially the pussy part. I waited patiently till she did. In the next few minutes she was easy with herself and was enjoying the whole situation once again. As I kept warming her up with to and fro motions of my dick gently into her clit, she smilingly gave me the green signal.

Before she knew I jolted the dick directly up to the core of valley that was flowing floods of our mixed juices. Once I touched the core we carried on for quite an extended period building the speed and heat with all the friction till a melting point. Felt like the whole house was on fire. She too had managed not to scream in spite of the pain of first experience. After that we continued to share such experiences for a number of years. And I kept guiding and correcting her when she discussed the amateur sessions she had with her college boys. When she got married I saw to it that she conceived her first child within eight months of marriage.

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