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My little sister  

Friday, July 17, 2009

I was introduced to this site through a friend. After reading stories and fantasies on this site for 2 months, I wanted to tell you something which happened to me long back.

I am a sex maniac and had sex with more than 50 women in the past 5 years. Some of them are neighbours, family members and relatives. To your astonishment, I had sex with my mom, two sisters and some of my own aunts.

I am Sanjay Kumar, and people call me Sunny. I am 25 years of age. I am working as a Pharma Sales Executive in Mumbai. I live in Mumbai in a 1 bedroom apartment. My family lives in Hyderabad. I have a loving father, working as a Area Sales Manager for a reputed organization. I have a wonderful mother, Aged 44 and two younger sisters, Neha, 19 and Urmila, 21.

This hapenned to me last year. My younger sister was 18 years at that time and she was just blossoming into a cute girl. My family came to see me in the holidays. My dad went to Pune on some business. Urmila did not come with them as she had a college assignment and Neha came along.

One day ...

My mother went to the Temple. my sister was alone in the house. i was sitting on a chair. I just wrapped my towel aloing my waist and sat on the chair. Part of my cock (lund) was visible. My sister came along and she saw my cock. She was quite amazed seeing it. I immediately covered my sexual organ and worked as if nothing hapenned. Neha gazed at my cock.

Neha: Bhaiyya (Brother), What's it.
Me: Neha, it is my organ to pee.
Neha: Bhaiyya, let me see it once again.
Me: No dear Sister, you can see it later, when time comes.
Neha: No Bhaiyya, Let me see it now.

She made a hell of noise and i had finally obliged. She said that she wanted to sit on my lap and she stared at it for some time.

Me: OK Neha, Your time's up. You need to go now and I need to get dressed.
Neha: No Bhaiyya, Let me touch it once.
Me: OK Neha, But only once.

I was a little horny at this time and I was unable to control myself. But since this is my cute and sweet little sister sitting on my lap I had to control myself. She touched my cock and she slowly stroked it up and down. I did not say a word. She was just stroking it up and down slowly. In the mean time, mom came back from the temple and Neha ran in. I opened the door for mom and all was normal.

The next day Mom went to the temple again. (She goes to a temnple as and when she had time. I was on leave for a week since my family was here.). I had bath and was sitting at the sofa wearing a jeans. Neha came and sat on my lap. She started to remove the button and the zip of my jeans.

Me: Hey Cutie pie, What are you doing.
Neha: Bhaiyya, I did not explore your 'thing' properly yesterdya, and hence I am finishing off the work today.
Me: OK Neha, do not create trouble again. This is the last time you will see my cock.
Neha: What do you call it.
Me: Darling, it is called as a Penis in Biology. You can call it as Cock.
Neha: No Bhaiyya, I will call it as Neha's Flute.
Me: OK call it whatever you want to, But make things fast or else Mom will come back and we both will get a good beating.

This time I carried her to the bed. I removed my jeans, and lay downm on the bed. She climbed on top of me and she sat on my thighs. She is a cute little girl. I felt proud that I am giving my sister some sort of Sex Ed. She once again started to stroke it. Now my cock was at it's fullest. She squealed with excitement.
Neha: Bhaiyya, Look my Flute is growing in Size.
Me: It's OK neha. It iwll go back to it's original size soon.

Till 10 mins she stared at it and my cock was back to it's normal size. She went away when mom came back. In the evening, Mom was chatting with my neighbor aunty (I have a story and I will share it with you later.) Neha was nowhere. I searched for her in the house and then went to bathe. In the bathroom, I had the shock of my life. Neha was there. she was only in her skirt ans she was coming out of the bathroom. I bumped into her. Since I was completely naked, on seeing her nude boobs, my cock once again was erect. She was trhilled at seeing it and she started to touch it. I was excited seeing her boobs.

Me: Hey Neha, DO you want to see you flute go up and down again.
Neha: Yes, Bhaiyya.
Me: Come on in to the bed. I will show you. But there is a problem here.
Neha: What' it Bhaiyya.
Me: There is some direct relationship between you touching your Flute and I touching my Flesh Apples.
Neha: Flesh Apple? What are they and where are they.

I pointed to her boobs and she said it is OK. She sat on my lap. I sat on the chair. She started to stroke my cock and I started to fondle her boobs gently. Since she was just a cute little kid, I was careful engouh not to press the boobs harder. We enjoyed for about one hour. In the mean time, I cummed. I tried to control, but Alas, I lost control.

Neha: Bhaiyya, What's it. It's White and Sticky.
Me: Neha, It is a special Liquid. It comes out when a cute and sweet chick like you touches it.

We had fun for four more times. Later, my family went back. I pormised Neha that I will give her more fun for the coming Rakhi festival.

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