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How my brother made me hot  

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hi Friends, I am Reema here From Delhi, I have recently started reading Indian Sex Stories. Most of the stories are very good.So i decided to write my Experince.So all our Friend can enjoy the same.

This happend when i was 18 year old.I am born to a middle class family i have my father mother & one brother younger to me. I know about sex from 14 year of age & knows how boys get attracted seeing the body of the girls thats why i started dressing to atract lot of guys.My physic is very good Big breast,Mideum size body so lot of boys were behind me.I used to get lot of Proposel from boys for afaier but i was never intrested to have any seriousness with any body. In turn i use to make boys hot by showing my celvedge & panties.whenever i use to take bath i use to know that guys are watching me from the tarace.Thats why i perposly use to act such to make them hot.

I started masterbating from the age of 14. As we were staying in a small house just 2 bedroom so my Parent use to sleep in one Room, I & my brother in other room. I was not aware that my action was Driving my brother also hot.this happend one night when i was sleeping & suddenly my sleep broke which never happend earlier i started felling a hand in my breast slowly pressing & my nighty all up to the waist level.Then i realise it was my brother doing all this. So i decided to keep mum & watch him . He was pressing my breast gently rubbing my tits from one hand & other hand trying to insert in my cunt.

As i was sleeping side way it was not comfertable to him. so i decided to shift my Position & sleep straight .He was bit scared & pretend to sleep after some time i started moaning he felt that i am at deep sleep he started his action again. This time he got up & came above my body he was very happy to press my breast & put his fingure in my cunt. i was geting wild & hot. then slowly he lifted my Nighty so much above my panty & started removing my panty i was enjoying all his action.

After few min he removed my panty till my knees & started kissing my cunt. I had already gone mad he was also pressing my breast very hard. After few min he removed his shorts & was nude. He then just kept his cock above my Cunt. I was very hot & started licking.i could not control myself & was also scared that if he put his cock inside my cunt then i will get pregnant. so slowly i moved my hand on his cock & started pressing. He now realised that i am awake so he moved aside scaringly.

As i was hot i could not control i just went above his body & started shaking his cock he was happy & wanted to fuck me He was pressing my breast very hard now & removed my nighty & bra i was nude in front of him his cock was very long & hard, as no one has yet had sex with me so i was not aware how much it will pain. He slowly said to me that he want to fuck me. I was shaking his cock in one hand & he was finguring my cunt in the other had. I asked him if he had Condom

He said he dosnt have so i told him to buy one so that we can have sex next night.after we just licked each other & went to sleep

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