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Goan Paradise  

Friday, July 17, 2009

I am from a rather conservative family although I am from mumbai. My dad had shifted to mumbai after marriage. We have very few relatives here in Mumbai. A lot of my relatives are in Goa. I love to go there. But still I havent been to any beaches where ladies bath in the nude. Yes there are lots of beaches like that in Goa.

I am 18 years old now. This incident happened to me just a month ago. So I know every little part of that incident. Ofcourse who will forget such wonderful things. I am doing Engineering in a mumbai college. After the exams I was enjoying myself with my friends, playing basketball, football, etc. But eventually I had to return home every day and that what bored me. So I decided I should have a break and have a wonderful vacation. I suggested my mom that I go to Goa to my mama's (mom's brother) place cause I did not visit their house for 3 years continuosly. He had a bunglow there. almost all of Goa is filled with bunglows, so thats normal. Not that my Uncle was too rich or anything, but he was doing pretty well. I had my cousin brother there too. Even his vacation was going on, so what would be a better time than this to go to Goa. Mom agreed and called uncle that I was coming there. He said that he wouldn't be there as he was supposed to go on a tour, but my aunt and cousin would be there. So i had everything prepared for a trip to Goa.

Soon I was on a train to Goa. After reaching there I felt pretty glad to reach home and meet my cousin and aunt after three longs years. My cousin was younger to me by 3 years, but we both always have lots of fun together. So age wasnt a problem.

For the first few days, me and my cousin roamed everywhere. He wasn't that old enough, so i couldnt take him to some of the secret beaches. Every morning we used to leave house early and then come home again at late night. Aunt used to ask us what all we did on that day and all. You must have been pretty bored by this, so let me tell you about my aunt first. My aunt was 41 years old. She was a bit plump as most of the Indian housewives are. But she was too beautiful. She had a beautiful face. I wonder how many guys used to fall for her before her marriage. She used to wear sarees all the time, except at nights when she was in a gown. she used to wear sleevless blouses and sleevless gowns. But at that time I never had anything for her in my mind. I just had oone thought in my mind, to have fun. But I didnt have clue what was to follow and the kind of fun I was going to enjoy.

One morning, my brother said that he had to go on a tour which his college had organised to Jaipur. He didnt wanted to miss it. Ofcourse, even I wouldnt miss going to Jaipur. His trip was educational trip. So I was a bit sad that he was going to leave. But my aunt said that since i had more than a month off I can stay there for few more days. SO I agreed.

My cousin left for Jaipur after 3 days. all those 3 days were spent in packing his stuff. On the very next day after my cousin left, I was walking in the house when I didnt see soap water fallen on the floor and I slept over it landed on my right hand. Damn it was painful. My aunt and I both had a doubt that it would be a fracture. So we went to the doctor, me in terrible pain, and he confirmed what we both had feared for. It was a bad fracture and I was to remain in cast for a month atleast. After my right hand was put in a plaster I felt a little relief and was a bit happy that I would miss some days of college. But since I was right handed I realised the difficulty in carrying out the normal things. i was having difficulty even while taking a bath, since shower wasnt there.

My aunt was taking good care for me. Once she asked whether I had difficulty while having a bath. I replied negatively. frankly I was a bit embarassed because a 18 year old guy was having difficulty in having a bath. My aunt said "I know you must be having some difficulty because when I was a kid, I had the same problem."
(I am really surprised while writing this because I can actually remember everything that happened that led me to my aunt. I can remember what all we talked. thats cool.)
My aunt continued "From tomorrow I will give you a bath." I immediately said NO. I was 18 years old guy and didnt need any help while taking a bath. aunt replied "your hand is fractured. and I wont listen a thing of yours. from tomorrow I will give you a bath and thats final."
I was in a fix, now i have to get naked in front of my own aunt. No way. I was not ready to do that. I didnt have any sort of feelings for her sexually at that time.

So the next morning when I woke up, and after having breakfast my aunt told me that she will now give a bath to me. I was nervous, I didnt knew what to do. So i just striped of my shirt and went into the bathroom. I was only in shorts and underwear. Aunt was in her sleevless gown as usuall. She looked at me and told me to remove all the clothes. I refused. She said "WHy? It's not like I have never seen you naked. I have seen you naked in your childhood. and now you are not thet gronwup. You are still a kid to me. So comeon and remove those shorts." I was nervous. Aunt was acting perfectly normal as if nothings new for her. So eventually I just took off my shorts and not my underwear. Ofcourse there wasnt an erection inside my undies cause I was nervous and at that time I had never thought of my aunt in a sexuall manner. Aunt laughed at me and said "you wont listen to me, right? ok ok you can keep on your underwear." That was a relief for me.
When she started giving me bath she was just chatting with me normally as she always does. But while she was bending my eyes fell on her clevage. wow, what cool boobs she had. I had an instant erection. I forgot that if my dick got erect then it was obvious from the huge bulge in my undies. My size is 6". Then I came to my senses and saw that there was a prominent buldge in my undies and anyone could see it. I tried to hide it, but to no avail. I was sure aunty had seen it, but she didnt say anything about it nor did she show any signs of that sort. Well, the bath was over normally, and i couldnt help the but just stare at her beautiful breats through her wet gown. Her gown wasnt transparent, but it had stuck to her breasts and that my erection more prominant. After the bath, I told my aunt to go out so that i could change my underwear. She smiled at me again and said "Ok ok you shy kid" and went outside.

That day was pretty normal for me except the morning bath. My aunt acted perfectly normal as if nothing had happened. I was wondering whether she missed seeing my erection though the undies. But that just wasnt possible. The next morning again my aunt called me for a bath, and I went inside the bathroom and removed my shorts.I remember very well that my aunt was wearing a transparent pink gown which was sleeveless. She said" now even today you are going to stay in your underwear?" I said yes. She said "I am your aunt, whats the matter in getting naked in front of your aunt? YOu are a kid to me." Still I refused. How was i to stand naked in front of her with my erect penis. She said ok and started to give me a bath. Ofcourse she too got wet while bathing me. Now I could see her black bra and panties very well thorugh the wet transparent gown. I could see her clevage ver yclearly. My dick was on a high alert, fully erect. This time I didnt try to hide it as it was a waste. She could see my erection anyhow.
Then suddenly out of nowhere she put her hands in my underwear and pulled my underwear down in a flash. I was taken by surrise. I just wasnt ready for this. There I was standing naked in front of my aunt with my undies to the floor and my penis fully erect. Aunt was also tken aback by seeing my erect penis. I could hear OH from her mouth. I tried in vain to hide my penis. Then my aunt said "Its ok. You were not ready to remove your underwear so i had to do this. dont be ashamed, be comfortable, while I wash you." She said all tha while constantly staring at my hard penis. Then she proceeded with the bath. all the while my dick was erect. But she just acted as though nothing in the world has happened. At the end of the bath, while going out of the bathroom she said " Now i know why you were shy. You are a big boy now." she smiled and went away.

That day I just couldnt take off the thing from my mind. I masturbated twice that day with some difficulty ofcourse. I just had my aunt in my mind. Images of her in the morning came back to my head again and again. Wet pink gown, stuck to her body, her black bra and panties seen very clearly. WOW

The next day when i went in the bathroom, she said now its ok if you get naked fully cause I have sen you naked anyways. I stood there for sometime when she said comeone remove your clothes. Now I took off all my clothes including my underwear. My dick was semi erect at that time. she started giving me a bath when she suddenly said "Sorry for yesterday. Since you are naked now, I think even i should be somewhat like that" and then she removed her gown. WOOOOOOOW, she was now only in black bra and panties. She had nice pair of boobs. I think her size was 36. the black bra and panties on her white body was a sight for sore eyes. I was just staring at her boobs and the ample clevage which was visible. she started smiling when she saw my dick getting fatter and longer. Then she started pouring water on me, while i was still in a shock at staring at her body. She then grabbed my penis and said "that should be cleaned too" and she went to her knees and took my erect dick in her mouth. I was in heaven. I had never imagined that this would happen. My aunt giving a blowjob to me. great. I came very fast in her mouth, and she swallowed everything. Then she asked me whther I want to see her naked? I just stood there still in a dze by that blowjob and nodded when she just removed her bra and the panties. now my aunt was standing naked in front of me. what a great paisr of boobs she had. slightly sagging, but great. I took a while before coming back to normal. We then both had a bath together. her wet naked body touching mine, that was great. She told me that she would do this every morning to me. and yes everyday we took a bath together, all the while my right hand in my cast. she used to give me blowjobs, i used to lick her nipples. that was great.

On the day my plaster was took off, we went home and fucked each other till both were exhausted. This was first time having sex. And was it great. From that day onwards, I always want to go to Goa even if i get a small holiday. And I am hoping that my aunt and me would enjoy fucking each other whenever we get a chance. That was great. I would never forget what happened the first time when she gave me a blowjob.
Well, thats it. Remarkably I remembered every word what was said at that time. and while writing this, my dick had a constant hardon

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