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My sister & her motherinlaw  

Thursday, July 16, 2009

am sathesh from chennai ,in my home we mother ,father and a sister ,sister married, mom and father teachers, sister married 2 years pased no child,her husband is in abrode.once in a year will come and stay in home, like two years passed ,his family he is the only son ,his mother want a child ,she lost her husband, so his mother told my sister if you not concive she will arrange other girl to her son ,my sister came and cry to my mother ,she told my aunt regarding the problem. my aunt told no problem her husband is comming next nonth I will talk and take boathe a doctor for treetment.

Next month he came ,she took her to a doctor ,tested and took medison ,he went abrode with six month medison ,one day she came and told my sister the your husbands semen count is nill,he cant produce a child ,I heard the talk, from the next room, my parents dont know ,ofter , I talk more to my sister ,gave corrage and she is attached to me.days passed one day my parents went for a marrage our native willage . my sister is 26 and anormal body and fair like my mom ,her boobs are big and sexy eyes .it hapend when I was 19 . we boath alone in the home morning about 10 am I came from out side,she was crying ,I sat near her on the coat and asked her we do intercourse and solve the problem, she push me down and told me not see my face,I went my room .

Another 30 min she called me ,I went and stand ,she told me to sat I sat near her,If any body came to know what will do,she asked ,I got corrage,I told ,I am not going to tell any body are you going to tell ? no,then what is your problem ,she lafed and asked can you take care me anything happend,yes, she hug me and kissed me ,I pressed her boobs,she asked did you fucked any girls, no this is the first time ,you teach me I will do.,she laid on the coat and told me also lay.she kissed me and open her blouse and ,told to suck her boobs,she rub my body.I EXITED and my rod be came 90degree ,she removed my lungi and hold my rod ,I lift her sarry up and rub her pussy ,it was hairy ,she rub her pussy with my rod,then she pull me on her top ,asked me to in sert in to her pussy ,I tried ,she hold and in sert in to her pussy it went inside told me to pump I did ,she spred her leg boath sides ,I pumping pumping and cummmm in to her pussy ,she happy ,I told no body dont know ,then I remove her sarry and we boath naked we started next round ,we did about 4 times

all the two days we never know wether it was day are night, ofter ten days her husband came for 15 days vacation,she went and I also went along her .I got friend ship with her mother in law ,she was 48 and good body she was widow I took her to move and hotel for tiffen,she was very attach me. two days I have no chance to fuck my sister third day evening ,her husband went near town on his bike, I called my sister to the terrace ,she told me you a bold man ,we sat on the corner and kissed and huged pressed her booobs, I told lay here we will fuck ,she told no no, I told her bend for ward catch the wall and see your mother in law ,she did I went back and lift her sarry up to her butts and insert my rod in to her pussy from her back ,and start fucking she showed nicely apart her leges ,I fucked and cummmm in to her pussy,

she kissed me and told you know everything , heare after every day evening after dark we will do at least one time till her husband left to abrode. during the days her mother in law got stomach pain admited the hospital , nobody to stay in the night my sister told you stay in the hospital she and her husband went home.. in the night nurse gave tablets and went ,I sat near her and talking ,she moved close to me and tuch her body to my thigh,I thaught she need me,I asked how many years you are alone ofter your husbands death 10 years , are you not feeling lonly, yes ,what to do, then I asked want to any message to your stumoch ,if you dont mind do ,I start message, then I went switch off the light and again start , during my message she spred her leges two sides and remove her sarry from on her boobs and told getting hot,I moved my finger down to navel.and little down I feel her hairs , then I little down and tuch her pussy ,then I just press my fingers in to her pussy ,she lift her sarry up and told do like this ,I did ,then I open my pant zip and tke my rod out and took her right hand put on my rod

she hold..I slooly bend and kissed her ,she hod me tightly hug ,I laid near her and we boathe hug each other .I removed my pant and insert my rod in to her pussy ,it was thight and dry she told she getting pain ,I put some milk on her pussy and insert it went ,I fucked ,hoding her boobs and ,kissing her ,I pour my semen in to her pussy,we did two times in the night ,next day my sister and husband came ,thay are happy , I told my sister ,,you are lucky , now you can fuck your sister and mother in-law,now I have no time are no bother, ofter one monthe she called me and told she concived ,every body happy,our aunt came and asked how happend ,she told ofter the treetment we fine ,when ever we got chance we do in our home and otherwise will go to her husbands home, this is my story

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