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My widow aunty  

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hello readers This is sachin 21 from kanpur india want to contribute mi own story for readers who are having close links with family members kissing hugging and embracing them and finally fucking them. i My story is not very big but it has a dramatic end too. My parents died in a road accident in calcutta and mi family including mi widow aunty (bua) and me shifted to our family house in kanpur.

A little about bua she is cousin of mi father and was a widow at tender age of 14 within one month of marriage even before enjoying her sex life.As she was cousin of mi father and mi mom remained sick every time she was shifted to us with consent of our grandfather.She is 22 now and her body is well shaped though she is not having very big tits and bits but on an average size having bra size 28 as i use to check her number while it was being dried out side house. With death of mi father we lived together in our paternal house there was no other person living with us me and mi bua and me living for the last one year without any problem.

One day i saw some hot movie showing man fucking his mother like lady. mi senses aroused and thought of fucking mi bua an ideal lady with me. i started trying mi hands on bua sometime touching her body some time intentionally touching her boobs and so on. One day i made mi diskwala to show some semi blue movie on disk. HE AGREED and put on the movie on satr plus channel which mi bua use to watch very keenly. the time of movie was fixed as such theat the last programme which mi bua use to see immediately after that the movie started. I INTENTIONALLY left the scene before start of movie and allowed mi bua to see the enture movie.

She watched the movie and i watched her seeing movie and making facila expressions.Finishing the movie she was too hot as she went directly to bathroom to masterbate and the bathroom was thru mi room. I SAW THE ENTIRE proceedings and was keeping mum. as soon as bua came out of bathroom i just asked bua r u alright. SHE said oh no mi child i was just in the bathroom for cleaning miself. I WAS smiling .MI arrow hit the cupids eye. NEXT day bua did not woke up as she use to i prepared the tea and offered her a cup of tea she took the tea and said sorry i was not able to wake early. i said no problem bua let me allow to solve u r problem if u have any. she said sit near me. i sat there taking mi cup of tea. she started telling the movie she saw yesterday night and took mi hand and kissed it.

i was too pleased with the reaction. i too kissed her saying bua i love u.she smiled and hugged me and kissed me vigourously and not left me for minutes together. i too hugged her tightly. both our bodies was touching each others body and mi dick was erecting.she smiled and touched mi dick and said oh it is marvellous thing to touch . and saying so she opened the buttons of her maxy and allowed me to have darshan of her nice tits. now we were free and sensing sex in her eyes i too become frank and asked bua to let me fuck u. she nodded her head for yes. i opened her body and saw nice pair of boobs raw and her pussy was hairy i immediately brought razor from bathroom and shaved her off. now hewr pussy was like and clean play ground and on this nice pitch i wanted to play the game of love. i lifted her ass by both the hand and make way for mi erected dick to enter in her pussy. Sure was i making mi dick stronger and stronger for first trial of strength and bua s playground was tyempting me to come and play. i started sucking her boobs and she too sucking mi everarousen LUND. she was licking and sucking like a hot dog lick the pussy of bitch.

the licking and sucking continued till the bell of door struck. i was worried immediately put on the clothes and went and saw milkman standing there. i took the milk and was abusing him for coming on this time but with no other alternative emptied his vessel and come back .Bua was worried about knowing milkman. I again opened mi dick and put that in the mouth of mi bua and asked her to lick it again. as i was standing she kneeled down and started sucking mi dick. as it become hard mi bua said "KOI AUR MUA NA AA JAYE LALLA AB DAAL HI DO" i said ok bua i am coming took her to bed and as she lied on bed i was on top and entered mi dick inside mi buas pussy and started making strokes.

she was enjoying fully as it a honeymoon night and we both cum together. she licked me off and i licked her.THIS practice continued till i arranged for her marriage agian.and even after her marriage i use to fuck her as it was know to mi uncle that i am using her off and on and he has no other choice then to accept this fact.

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