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Thursday, August 13, 2009

I rajesh 29 ,I am from Mysore, we are a orthodox family,we are living in near by willage. we three my mum father and a sister , we had a big house ,when it happend I was 17 my mum was her 40,sister was 10, most of my mums life was lonly, because my father was in abrode, that time itself she was her parents home, at that time father start to constect a home for as , 1/2 km away from her parents home.that time it was a holly day seesan,my father left ofter competed fully, partiely finished ,we are using two rooms and a kitchen. one for me and sister one for mum and dad ,he will come once in tow years,stay for 3 months.that time she always happy.

It happend one day we went to grand fathers home ,in the evening we return to our home,my sister stayed there,we sent to shop and baught one ointment ,while returning there was a big rain ,we waited 30 min,mum told we will go, she put her sarry end on my head and her head,heavy rain,I hold her back and she hold my sholder with her arm,we where walking slooly no light full dark,we could see path,I was holding her back tightly my cheek was tuching her boobs ,her boobs butts are little big ,I saw her half nude while she was taking bath ,she freely took bath , this time I got erect, my rod was full size,I tuch my mums boobs with my mouth ,she was not telling, then I press tightly with my mouth on her boob nipple,It was hard and jumping towards the blouse,now her walk become slooly,she hold me tightly with her arms ,then I bit slooly on her breasts,she stoped and huge me tightly,I bite little hard she pull me near a tree,and hug me I kissed her she kissed me ,I SUCKED her breast ,she hold me tightly,we spent at least 15 min on the rain, then we walk home like huge her rubbing her butts and thigh,I put my fingers on her pussy and rubbed,she will go home and do

Once we reach home ,she call me to bath room to change dress,and told me to get a towel I gave the towel she was on her inskirt ,I slip her inshirt it was like water meloon,I kissed then I put in to my mouth ,she clean her head , rap with the towel on her chest,told me to change the wet cloth,I change lungi and went her bed room,she was still on the towel, boamping her hair,I went and un rap her towel,she sat on the bed ,we boath huged,she laid on the bed ,I also laid near her ,she remove my ngi,,shake l my rod ,I insert my fingers in to her pussy ,she told to do fast ,she put my finger on her clitories and told me to rub fast,she was in the willage also she know sex,because my father thaugt every thing to her,then I went on her top and tried to insert my rod ,she open and apart her thigh boath sides,she hold my rod insert to her pussy,and told to press in to her and to pump ,I fucked her ,little while she told me when you feel ejaculat tell me, I did about 10 min ,I told going to cummm,she hold my rod out and mastrubute for me,it was my first time ,then we hug and laid some time ,then we had food,

Ofter food we saw tv ,I called her again , we changed our dress we naked , laid on the bed ,and start again and again,we did 4 times in the night ,ofter that every day we do fucking,then father come he will do for her once he gone I do for her, my sister is little problem for our sex life,she told my father and finish one room for her ,now we got more privacy.once I went to collage I will come once in a month ,for my mum when father come for vacation her first night and I am comming for the month end her first night. by the time I can see her her dress, her behaver,

On my first month end I phoned her I am comming, she told me I am waiting for you ,once I reach home she dressed well and invite me and kissed me I little afried and see hear and there,she told ,she send my sister to grand father home, I huge her tightly and kissed her,now I came to know more about fucking,told me to close the frond door ,and went to kitchen for make coffe for me from the kitchen I carry her my cholder to the bed ,she was laghing and told, you are like your father ,she was on the bed I kissed her mouth she also respond me, I told mum I love you too much ,she also told without you I cant sleep ,I miss you I take her pallu and kissed her boobs I bite her boobs,then I open her blouse and kissed her boobs ,then I MOVED to her bellyand kissed,pressing her boobs,she sliped her sarry and petticaot down

I kieesed her pussy first time ,it was shaved ,her pussy was like bun I PUT MU TONG IN TO her pussy ,she was telling I am dying come and fuck me ,she apart her leg two sides she gave more place to suck her pussy,she pull my hair up I penetrate my rod in to her wet pussy it went inside and I kissed her and pressed her boobs tightly and fucked well. I pore my semen in to her pussy ,ofter we hug togather some time ,I told her to suck my rod she told in the night ,then we have goffe and start secound time, hole night we fucked . we are doing now also

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