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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hi I am a big fan of this site. Now I got a chance to narrate m real story which was happened really. I am a cute guy 19 years of age .M mother has 3 sisters 2 r married & last one is 23 ears of age & she is studying bbl in near b law college. I am the one in the house who is innocent & all my parents & mausi thinks. Even her friends will tease me like "kya re tera lund bada hua" & the ask me to see some porn movies but they don’t know that I am so cunning even my sexy mausi. She is a kind of girl with all fleshy milky boobs I think her sizes r the best in the world. One day my parents told me that there r going for conference to Delhi. They will come after one week. That time they told to my mausi to take about me. Sally we both live in one room & parents in one room & hall, kitchen, drawing hall that is the week that spoiled my character .at the night I closed all the house & locked the doors & I went to my room after midnight I heard some noise beside me its my mausi wearing a nighty .

I put the lights one she said off the lights then she asked why r u waked up, then I said your boobs r visible to me quickly she covered. The she said good night. That is the first time that I saw flesh boobs clearly & closely .then after that I asked m friends how to trap girls they said many plans but I didn’t liked them. One morning she asked me to bring a towel to the bath room & a soap, there I saw 2 candles & carrots, I didn’t understand why there r placed there then I got a idea & I watched her what she is doing with all those things. I closed the front doors of m house & I put on the TV & I went to the bath room & I started sneaking. First she came there & opened her nighty I noticed that she didn’t wear no bra inside her arm pit r full of hair & there she removed panties & she applied some oil on her boobs & started massaging & then she took the candle & inserted in her pussy & started stroking her pussy she rubbed her boobs to the wall & then with the carrots .

She finishes her game & she is coming out of the bath room I jump from there & I started watching the TV. That day I became more hot .at that night an idea flashed in m mind I remembered that she was no wearing any bra inside then I took my hand I put that on her boob then I took another & placed on the other & I started pressing her boobs I touched her nipples & pressed them for 10 mins then she said "enough" go & sleep I was shocked & trembled with fear on the morning she didn’t asked me what I did to her. The bell ranged I opened the door I saw there 3 girls there r m mausi's friends the all went to the room & they are playing cards. Mausi called me then I was wearing a short with out under wear .when I entered in to the room the r all bending & playing all there are 8 boobs visible to me my cock raised to 90 degrees, one the girl asked me what u done to your mausi last night. I was sound less they asked me why your cock is raising I said your boobs are visible to me that’s the reason. Then my mausi near me & removed m shorts I was running out of the then they closed the doors & asked me to dance, I asked them to leave & forgive me then all the gals r watching m lund they r all watching how m cock is rising then m mausi asked me to press her boobs & then all the gals went out side. Then I took her boobs out of her dress & I pressed them .then I opened her panty there I entered my cock in to her pussy then I stocked for 10 mins then she asked me to leave the sperm in her mouth them I did like that. From hat onwards my mausi & her friend’s are the partners of sex game

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    September 13, 2016 at 11:15 AM  

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