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My aunty, my wife  

Thursday, August 27, 2009

It is a rare story for you all. I like the things in differently because I need everything forever. My uncle is paralyzed in 2000 and on bed forever. He cannot speak anything. He is above 57 years. My aunty Veena is around 40 and is still handsome with appearing body. I am in the age of 29 only. Uncle is having three children. Elder boy is 19 years and not mentally sound, younger girl 15 years and study in 10 standard and younger boy is 6 years and in 2 class. These children are looking after by h aunty’s elder sister. She is in farrukabad. Uncle and aunty are staying with me in Delhi. My parents are also in the village.

After the heart-stroke of uncle, aunty is very much upset. She needs huge money and all help from me to the treatment and expenses of her and her children. I have been spending money for her without any botheration. I was spending time with uncle and aunty. I spent around 2 lacs rupees for them. After three months time, I asked aunty, why should I do all things for you? What is my benefit? She started crying and told me, you are right but tell me Anil what can I do for you. I asked aunty, Can I ask you whatever I want from you? Aunty agreed because she can not live without my help. Ok, Aunty! I know your problems and helping you without asking me I explained her. Aunty, if you can agree with me I will look after you and your family forever. Aunty anxiously asked me to tell her about my proposal. I told aunty, I want marry you. You should be my wife in future. She started crying. I helped her to stop crying and think about the future.

After 2 days on Thursday, she smiled on me and said I agree for your proposal. I took her to the near temple and asked poojari for the time for our marriage. He told that our marriage will be solemnized on Sunday. We came to house and started working on the marriage. I told aunty we will get married in the presence of Uncle only. She agreed everything. We bought new marriage dresses and arranged poojari to come to the house for the marriage ceremony.

On Sunday, I knot mangal sutra to my aunty in front of uncle and we became husband and wife. We took blessings from uncle. Aunty took blessings from me and accepted as her future husband. Aunty was looking very happy in the new dress. She was just newly married bride.

We have our lunch and spent time with uncle and made future plans. We arranged our first night in the uncle’s room. She agreed for every thing. We arranged another bed and decorated that room. At 9.0 pm, she came in the room with one glass milk and she wore nightgown. I sipped milk and balance given to her. I removed the hooks of nightgown. No panties no bra at all inside her nightgown. She sat as a young girl. We started our foreplay and I fucked her all the ways. We forget the presence of uncle. Aunty was happy all the time. I was regularly fucking her for the complete satisfaction. She told me that this is her second life with happiness. I am her god and no word against my decision. Always agreeing with me.

She like small cloths to wears in the house. Most of the time she wears a small bra and panty. But she look sexy in her dress. After one month her menstrual periods were stopped. She afraid of it and asked me to abort her. I stopped her and told her I want a kid from you. Assured her with promises and she was happy all the ways. She gave a birth of our first kid in January 15, 2003. Now she is breast-feeding mother some times I suck her nipple for milk. She was very much happy with her 2nd life. I treated her as my wife.

The story turning with her daughter Harsha came to Delhi to stay with us. Harsha is cute girls in her seventeen’s. Harsha liked and loved her young brother. But Harsha doesn’t know I am the father of her brother. Because of, I was meeting my aunty-wife in the dark nights and doing for our sexual satisfaction. We never do anything in the day light. So Harsh has no doubt on me. I was good in front of her. And she liked me very much. Harsha stopped her study because she failed in the 10th class.

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