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My sexy sister  

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hello readers of indiansexstories Welcome to this nice story time for us inwhich we explain our experiences about sex in real life. may be we have fucked our sis or mom or aunty. This is story of persons living alone in their houses which no elder has any control.

Take our case i am living with mi elder sister who 25 and i am junior to her by 2 years and mi mom works in DDA and father is abroad and he comes once in year.mi sister has completed post graduation and i am in graduation. She is waiting for marriage.Mi mother does not seems to be interested in household affairs hence she is always busy with office work. house is taken care by sister.

We purchased computer for email and chatting with papa.after the computer was installed by vender and all softwares duly installed the vender intentionally told me about indiansexstories and said it is worth reading. one day i opened the site and just as i was reading a story the power went off and monitor become dead. I didnot care to loggoff or swotch off the computer . after few minutes when i came back computer was on and mi siter was reading some story sent by some of valueable contributor to this desk about how he fucked his sister. she was reading on the story and showing heat by touching her nice parts of body including cunt.and didnot bothered that i am looking on. now i tell u about mi sister .

She is 25 and nice body and curves and cleavage clearly showing on. nice tits and bits.overall if i can say there is no doubt she is sex bomb in herself. she was watching on the computer screen and reading the story and becoming hot . though there was none of mi intention to fuck her anytime or anyday but wat i was seeing was also making me hot.suddenly something from floor touched mi foot and flowerpot was on the floor and broken .

Only then she realised that there is someone in room. i cam closer to her she covered her face with her hands and looked at me shyingly. I was behind her and touching her face and said what had happened mi dear sister. she pointed out towards monitor and on the monitor there was some sex story on indian sex story. she was fully hot i kissed her from back and took her in mi arms and escorted upto sofa where she lied as being ready to be fucked. i was toucing and sqeezing her boobs . she herself opened the hook of bra and i did the rest of job by making her naked.


Since the fucking was over now she narrated what she read it was about group fucking four friends fucking four girls. and she told me this can happen to us too. as she desperately wants to participate in group fucking.i said ok i will see to it till then i agained opened her and now fucked her again. now mi search for behnchods was on. mailed to mi behnchods on this site didnot got any reply.finally one day mi computer was dowqn i called the vender and as he repaired the computer and asked me if he has read any story in indian sex story i told him yes and took interest in talking to him and even introduced him to mi sister and told about group sex.

He said he has three friends who alongwith their sisters can come to us and make the group sex possible as they do it with threesomes. MI HEART WAS FULL OF JOY AND WE DECIDED TO DO IT WHILE OUR MOM IS OUT ON SOME OFFICIAL WORK.

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    September 13, 2016 at 11:14 AM  

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