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My aunt Padma  

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dear friends, I GOT A GOOD RESPONSE FROM U ALL THANK U. After i and her son enjoyed padmaja aunty, she was very upset that i made her son involve in it. she got angry upon me.Later i cajoled and comforted her while her son was afraid to face her he was in the next room.

I slowly began to kiss her and she was protesting it but i held her tight and begin to kiss her lips and forced my tongue into her mouth and bite her tongue. While doing this i slowly began to touch her lovely breasts and removed her blouse and bra and took her nipple in my mouth and began to suck it hard she out of ectasy pressed my head towards her breasts, and while sucking her i roamed my hand down to her plumb buttocks and begin to press them. I caught hold of her two asslobes and begin to knead them and padmaja aunty was in a very excited state, and i lifted her saree and inserted my hand deep into her asshole and was finger fucking her asshole and simulateneously sucking and biting her nipples.

Padmaja aunty was not able to bear it and was letting out huge sounds of ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh................ ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh......... Then i guided her hand towards my cock and she held it tight and slowly i whispered into her ears, darling how about having one more cock while u r holding mine the other can fuck u and while u keep one in ur mouth the other u can catch it in ur hand, hearing such words she was getting excited but telling that she is happy with mine cock hearing this i pressed her towards me and begin to bite her nipple hard and was pinching her ass she let out a cry and asked me to slow down to which i replied i will slow down only if u agree to have one more cock, she did not speak anything.

Then i left her in that state she begin to protest hey what happened i told her that i do not want to fuck her as she was in great mood and begged me to fuck her and i did not listen to her and out of frustration she told me that whatever i order her to do she will do it. That was it i let out a smile and she knew that she was trapped.. So i went out and called her son in, he held his head down and came in, padmaja was also ashamed she turned around her back was facing us and i immediately got very hard seeing her ass, i told her son to take a look at his mom`s ass and he kept his eyes glued to her ass, slowly i led him towards his mom and he began to touch her ass and he looked at me i told him to carry on and he was playing with her ass, while i went in front of padmaja and saw her expressions she as soon as she saw me she held me tight and i asked her how she was feeling by the way her son was playing with her ass she just kept quiet and i begin to kiss her she was sandwiched between me and her son. While iwas kissing her and playing with her breasts she began to touch my cock and gripped it while her son now became more bolder and he pressed his cock onto her ass and was kissing his mom neck and also began to touch her breasts, thighs,navel while i was also kissing her holding her breasts, her navel and my cock brushing against her thighs, she was really very very excited and became weak with excitement and she was not able to stand in between us but i and her son balanced her in between us. As her one hand was on my cock i guided her other hand towards her son`s cock and she gripped it tightly and her son was very very excited with his mom holding his cock. That was scene two cocks in two hands , she in between us we rubbing her all over kissing her pinching her and she getting more and more excited all these things were happening with our clothes on

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