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Sister & me  

Thursday, August 13, 2009

This is Rangan from chennai ,it happend when I was 20 years , my native is a willage ,I finished my diploma in printing tech ,I joint a press in chennai,once in two month or once in three months ,will go to native What I know is to work and eat ,I was a supervisor in the press ,the salary also not bad ,I stayed near the press.

In the willage me and my father and mother 2 younger sisters,The next portion my father elder brothers family also ,there two sisters they married ,had childerens,one sister in one who I an going to tell you,she got married and her husband was working in pwd driver,he passed away, she had a girl was studing in a mission orphenage One day I went to her home near my willage to see her ofter I got was a small house she was happy when I saw her I also little exited ,she was very close to me ,her butts and boobs are jumping above the blouse ,her chekes are shining ,I was feeling to bite her cheeks.

I stayed whole day she cooked for me we to sat togather and laid in bed togather she was 31years ,she loved me in my childhood ,I was the only male child in the house, in the evening she was taking bath in side coumpound between house and the wall,I sat near the step and was talking I noticed her boobs and when she apply soap she showed her thigh and little her boobs ,her shape when she was pouring water I exited my rod erected ,this the first time .In the night I gave some mony ,she kissed me and crried I am lonly ,I asked her are you willing to come with me to chennai,she agreed ,I told my parents and they also agreed.

Ofter two days she came with me ,we took a luxery bus and traveling ,unknowingly tuch my arm on her breasts ,it was soft ,ofter I tuched slooly several times she noticed and not told any thing, in night light switch off ,SHE told she is going to sleep on my lap please hold me ,I hold her on the stomach ,in night I slooly moved my hand on her boobs ,she put her hand on my hand and hold tighty on her boobs ,now I got bold I pressed her boobs she cover my hand with her sarry ,we reach chennai in the morning till I pressed her booobs. we reached 6 amhome and we finshed bressing bath ,and I told I will by some tiffen from hotel.she agreed I bought and went to home .

she was laying on the coat towards the wall ,I sat near her tuching her back ,she turned see me I saw her jumping boobs her ribbes tuching on my thigh and knee.she closed her eyes ,breathing heavely,I put my hand on her belly and pressed slooly ,and moved up and pressed her boobs ,she was talking havy breaths ,I open the hooks on her blouse ,she lift and hug me ,she kissed me tightly ,told me laid near her ,I laid ,she put one leg on me and hug me ,she pressed her boobs in to my mouth ,I bite ,she ohhhhhhhhhhssssssssssssssss,dont bite suck open her braw also ,I sucked her boobs ,kissed her bite her cheeks ,kissed her neck,she told me to close the door ,I close the door and laid near,she rool up her sarry and told me come on top ,I laid on her top ,not doing any thing , she knew I was not having expierence ,she hold my rod and insert her pussy

I tried it was not going ,she hold and rub her pussy with my rod ,now it wet and went inside ,she push my butts to do fuck I fucked slooly she told do fast I did fast ofter 10 min I pour my seman in to her pussy, we laid like about 30 min ,and she told ofter 3 years I have a new life to get fuck.she kissed me several times ,then we had brake fast . Ofter we sleept at about 1 pm I wake up and saw her she also wake up ,I told this the first time ,she told thats why I helped you,then I asked one more time ,she told in the night I waited up to night ,ofter food we went to my land lords home we talked about an hour ,they came to know she is my sister ,once we came she chance dress I told ,I will do for you,I undress her and she also un dress me ,we start next round ,she teach me how to do how handle girls ,her sex parts, hear ofter we are like husband and wife,now she is working in my press and she also earning ,her husbands pension and her earning ,now she had agood life her daughter also gron up ,staying her new

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