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Me & my sister  

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I am mohan from chennai ,I had my first expierence with own elder sister,in our home me mum and sister meduim family,mother was doing small bussiness. my sister was 28 ,and I was 19 at that time ,I finished my 2year exam.she finished her MA,and no job she is always in the home.

one day mum and she had argument gegarding her marrage.the sam day night she was crying . I dont know what happend.,I went her coat sat near her and asked her,she told she is unlucky thats why nobody is not marring her. her body is little bulky,and tall. I hold her hand told I will see a man for you, suddenely she took my hand and kissed and told me you are the only hope for me,she was laying on the coat I put my hand on her hip and slooly rubbing with out knowing anything.she told me move close to her,I laid on her coat andhug her,she put her hand under my head and hug me , my head was pressing her boobs,I feeldifferent ,I also hug her and press tighty.she put her huge thigh on thigh,it tuched my rod and it ercted ,she moving her thigh on my rod up and down.I dont know what to do,my mum was the other room,

I slooly bite her boobs,she press my head on her boobs,I change other boobs, she move move my lungi and hold my rod, shaking slooly .I press her boobs ,she open her blouse and showed me to press,I press her boobs withmy two hands.then she lift her sarry and put my fingers on her pussy I moveing my fingers on her pussy,it was hairy.then she told me to insert my fingers and she gingering with my fingers. then she told me to lay on her top, I laid she hold my rod and told me to puss in to her pussy ,I insert my rod and she told me to fuck.I started fucking ,suddenly my mum called , are you not sleeping she will sleep alone,come here.I remove my rod and went near my mum and laid,the hol night I dreeming her . I wake in the morning , mum told me help to carry some thing to her shop ,I took all the things in to shop and went to home at around 10 am. by the time my sister finish cooking and told me to take the food to mum ,she was in the kitchen I went hug her she also hug me I open her blouse and suck them one by one,she told me to gave food to mum and come ,I will go,let me suck some time,then I went to mum and gave food and came back. then I came back she was reading a weekly on her coat ,I went and sat near her she went and close the door and she change her sarry ,now she is blouse and in skirt,I went near her and hold her boobs she open her blouse and press in to my mouth ,

I sucked.,then she and me laid on the coat we huged tightly,kissed ,then she sliped her inskirt down and remove my lungi we boath naked on the coat ,she told me to fuck her like she told yesterday night ,she open her thigh and went in between and insert my rod and fucked,she hug me tightly and lifting her butts up and down. it was a terrible expirence . 10 min later white fluid came out of my rod ,we slept little time hug each other.then I told her whant see her pussy ,she told me to put the light and open the window partiely ,I SAT in between her thigh and open her pussy with my fingers ,I put fingers in side I saw clearly.then she asked me whant 2nd round ,I told yes and she put a pillow under her butts and told to fuck I did a long time ,then she told me to sat her belly and hold her boobs togather and told me to fuck in betwen her boobs,I did like that ,then I ejuculate my seman on her chest.she cleen with her in skirt. then next day she told to by condom from shop ,I went 2 km away and bought the condom next day also we fucked ,

I used condom.then it was aregular ,with out we boath cant sleep.ofter 6 month I met my friend he told me thay are looking for a girl to his uncle I asked him regarding my sister , he took me to his mum and told about as,with in one month his uncle marrid my sister ,she was very happy ,once the marriage arrange my mum always in the home ,we have no free time to fuck .we get maxium 1 hour by the time she will calle and lift her sarry and we will fuck.eve of the marriage I tried somany ways ,finely we got a change to kiss and forplay only .we mum ,me,and sister sleeping on the floor,I was in the middle I put my finger her pussy and press her boobs,sucked the boobs,,finely I got bold and lift her sarry and fucked well she first not cooprated,then she allowed me to fuck at 4 .30 am Ofter marriage we never met for two month, once I went her home ,she was living with her husband 50km away ,I reach morning her husband was ready to go to school.he told me he will come in the evening,he left.I was sitting on the sofa silently,

I dont know how to start she came with a cup of tea and kept on the teapa ,Again I was not talking,she also not talking I slooly look to her she also look me,she suddenly hug me and kiss me told I cant forgat you, then she was hugged me she asked me do you want intercourse ,I not talked ,she told me to go the next room and change dress ,In the room there was a bed I sat on the bed, again she told me to change dress ,I remove my shirt and remove my pant ,by the time she came and sat on the bed ,told me to come close to her I went with the drwer ,she pull down my drawer,I HUG HER AND REMOVE HER we boath on the bed naked I kissed her tightly press her boobs ,sucked her boobs ,she pull me on the her top and I FUCKED ,I fucked her two times ,she told when ever you want fuck me com on the day time ,working days only. Now she pregenent 8 months, one day my mum told me to call her for her delivery I and mother went and call her to our home, reached home mum went shop and told me stay on the home ,once she went,

my sister was sitting on bed I went and sat near her she told your baby is I am carring ,I hug her and put my one hand on her sholder and other her chest I message slooly ,she remove her pullu ,I KISSED HER CHEST ,,SHE put her hand on hy rod, I stand in front of her naked,she played my rod ,I opend her blouse and rub with my rod on her boobs/she told me to put two pillow on her back ,,then she laid on her back, her butt is edge of the coat,I moved closed and lift her sarry and push my rod in to her pussy,it went in side I slooly fucked her , like this we did so many times,still we are doing ,now she had two kides.

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