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Mum & me  

Thursday, August 13, 2009

This the story from Easwar ,from kerala , the story between me and mother,when I was 20 I was working in bombay ,I am the only son ,my mother was with me she was 45 years she had a good shape,nobody tell she is 45, every body ask are your sister ,she had leen body and medium shape breast medium size butts,she dress nicely,she came with me to bombay,ofter my fathers death,she was with her brothers home ,Ofter I settled , I had a good job.

While she was staying oneday she fell down in the bath room, we had one bed only we boathe sleep, evening I came from work she told she had pain in her hip ,I took her to doctor shop ,the lady doctor told no fracture ,apply one ointment,we reach home, I told her to apply ointment,she told wile sleeping is good. In the night she laid on the bed on her back,and told me to message the ointment,I took the ointment and roll up her nighty,slooly rub the balm,seeing her bare butts my loud got erected I put the light and see ,she was silently laying ,when I was rubbing she also got tempted she she apart her legs,I can see her pussy from back, then I stoped rubbing ,and laid near her on the bed,little while I put my hand on her .she was on her back rod was tuching her butt,I moved close to her and put my thigh on her butt.

pressing my rod on her butts,I turn her and now she laid on her back ,I moved her nighty up to her belly ,put my hand on her breasts,pressed nicely, then I suck her breasts,then I took my rod and rub on her pussy she told no no no ,I condnue rubbing ,then she slooly moved her thigh,and gave more place ,by the time her pussy was wet,then she told me to insert my rod in to her pussy it went in side,I start fucking she tightly hold me ,and lift her butts ,I FUCKED her fastly ,she told me when water is comming tell her ,I was full fast I gummmm in to her pussy,she sent to bath room and washed her pussy, she came from bath room she walk normaly,I asked her ,what about pain,she told no pain she is allright,then I tried secound round, she helped me to do freely,she remove her nighty and ,

I was also naked ,kissed, hugged ,this time she on my top and she insert my rod in to her pussy and did fuck,the she told me to ,suck her pussy ,she suck my rod it was my first expierence, her fuck was ofter 3 years ofter my fathers death Every day at least 2 times we do fuck ,she is now fresh and she never think about my father,and never she feel lonly. one occation she went to her brothers sons marriage she stayed there 15 days ,and came back, I pick up her from station, we traveling on a taxi she took my hand put on her thighe and perfom a lough ,

I rubb her thigh and pussy above the dress,she slooly lift her sarry and told me to her pussy ,and coverd by a was wet,she moved the edge of the seat and gave green signel, once we reach the home she remove her dress and hug me, me also naked she told me to lay on the bed she came on my top and she start fucking,then she laid and told me to do on her top ,up to evening we fucked for 3 times, now she is 55 ,I am 30,she some time offer in the day time ,when my wife and child away from home//

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