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My first time  

Monday, July 20, 2009

my first time I am karan from trichi ,I was 20 at the time ,I dont have any expierence, I was working in a engenaring company ofter my diploma in chennai, once in two time I go to my native place near trichi .one time I went to my native ,my sister ,my fathers brother daughter staying next willage told me , that she want come to chennai, to take a enterance test to her daughter., her husband is in gulf ,no body is there to help her ,I told come with me. we traveled to chennai we reached chennai in morining we took lodge near her enterence center. 90am, me and her daughter went the enternece center and told her I will be commming 4 pm .

once I reached to hotel sister took bath ,and wore a inskirt on her chest comming from bath room. she told me her leg is swelling ,and pain do little message. she lay on the bed and put a pillow under her leg, I sat near her thigh and,I started massage I can see her thigh well she is telling her husband will come once in 2 years she is suffering with out any help every thing she has to do.she is 35 and good helthy and straight body.

During massage I just gone up to her thigh ,she move her left leg towards left,and fold the leg up ,her pussy showing to me,she was closed her yes ,I moved my hand little up she is not told any thing ,I placed my hand on her pussy she press my hand with her two thigh. she hold my thigh and pull me forward, I sat near her hip tuching my thigh. she told me I dont think any thing I am with out my husband past 20 months, every day night I sufferd a lot ,she roolup her inskirt ,hold my hand put on her boobs,I pressed them ,she told me to change my clothes ,now we togather on the bed with our bare bodies. she asked me , do you intercourse any girls,I sad no she kissed me ,hug me well she told me to come on her between tighs .

she sat in front of me put her legs on my thighs hold my loud insert in to her pussy,and hold my body,lay on her back on the bed ,told me to fuck I FUCKED NICELY, Then we dressed and went restarent have food ,return to the lodge .once we enterd room I hold her from behind and press her breasts nicely she turn and kissed me ,remove my shirt I MOVED her sarry down and open her blouse and braw,I kissed the breasts and suck them.she remove her sarry and inskirt.again we started fuck up 3 pm we fucked 3 times.

she told me ofter 20 months she is happy In the evening she went native with sher daughter. I called her nest day she told me ofter 15 days she will be comming .one day she called me in the factory she is comming next day, the train will arive 4 .30 am in the morning. In night I dont have sleep ,morning 3.30AM left train stationon my bick,she reached 4 am she came out of the bus I hug her and kissed her . going to my room on the bike I rub her thigh,she hold tightly press her boobs on my back. once we reach my room ,my home owner told me to drop min in the bus station he want to go out of town .

I return from the bus station.I reach my room she took bath and in her nighty SHE is making coffe I hold her and kissed her mouth and her breast,she also hug me,I LIFT her nighty up and kissed her boobs and drank milk .took our coffe and sat on the bed drank ,she undress me boath naked ,she lay on the bed on her back ,I hold her boob and massage her pussy and insert my fingers ,she is shivering now,I went on penetrate my loud in to her pussy and fuck and I pour my juice in to herpussy secound round we started she lay on the bed her butts on the edge of the bed put her leges down. I stand in front of her insert loud in to pussy ,start pump about 15 min again I pour my seman in to her then she sat on the bed put me on her lap,she kissed me I suck milk she hold my loud and masterbute she suck my loud I SUCK HER PUSSY. 3 days was with with me we enjoyed .every body know she my sister sher daughter is studing in chennai.her husband know she is staying my room,some time he call my room. past 5 years we doing . still coundnuing our relationship .

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