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My mother & sister  

Monday, July 20, 2009

Hi my mame is Unny , I am from kerala,I have a afair with my mum and sister,they knew each others but thay not talk each other .In my home we three mum me sister ,mum is a widow is working in a school cleark.mum was 44 years ,sister was 22 years married 5 months back and her husband is in gulf.she and my mum looks like sisters. This happend one day I came from my school due to a strike in the school. I saw a very pain full seen in my life .I just came to home ,the front door was closed from in side,i thought mum may be in the school. I notice light in my mums room was on ,I just came from kitchen side push the door opend, I saw there mun is bend and hold a chair roll up her dress upto her hip showing her back , somebody fucking her .one min I unconces , I waight a while,he stoped and my mum sat on floor and hold his penis in to her mouth,and turn left she saw me. Suddenly she came to me and the fellow went from the front door,she asked when you came ,why there is no school, I was silent ,I sat on the a wooden piece out side kitcken.I was think to leave home. she is calling me come in to home. In the night i told herI am leaving to unknown place she shocked and crried , she hug me and told i lost my husband now you, you go i am going to suside, i looked her sad no.

she told last 2 years no happy with out your father We eat food , as uswell we slept in the same bed,she asked how long you watched the seen, I sad from the begining ,she asked do you like . yes my friends share there expierence. can we do here ofter I never go other than you.i agreed ,she huggd me kissed me ,told me to do same. I did she moved my lungi and hold penis ,it got erect,she pull up and down and rubbed.. tookmy hand and press her breasts. told me to do.i press nicely she move her nighty up.told me tosat on her top put legs boath sides. she hold my rod, rubbed on her pussy told me to got wet she told me to insert in to her pussy .and i start fuck.she lift her butts up and dowen. I pour my semen in to my muns pussy. We boath went to toilet and clean ,we return to bed room .I put light i hugged herand told I love you mum she kiss me , told i love you ,you saved my life. we sat on the sofa ,she sad you can do whatever you want.i press her breasts she told press hard .ofter some time i remove her blouse and press,then i drink milk from her she press my head on her boobs.she put her hand on my rod and shake well.and put in to her mouth.them she remove her dress. now we boath naked ,I told want to see her pussy ,she sat me in front of her on the floor. she part her legs two sides ,I open her pussy it was red in colour ,clean shaved I put my finger slooly .she told to kiss.I kissed and suck well.

Then we started secound round on the bed,she lay on her back and part her legs two sides I insert my loud to her pussy. i fucked nicely.15 minofter secound time I ejaculate in to her pusssy. then we slept .next day she get ready for the work i told put leave,she went to school took leave .I waited in the home once she enter the bed room i undress her ,and full day we fucked. The next week my sister came ,now i bold and asked her how you are adjusting without your husband she laughed , in the night we three are sleeping in the hall ,I was center ,I put my hand on my muns pussy and massage .then i slooly pull up my sisters nighty and tuch her pussy ,she wake and hold my hand ,still i am keeping my hand on her pussy,she took her hand.i slooly massage and insert my finger.thenI put my hand on her breasts,and press them. my mum know i am playing mysister.she went to bed room and sister told me do the same I told we will go to bed room we went her bed room and closed the door. I remove her nighty.she told mum will know what will do,i told no problem i take care of that are you interested ,she agreed. I pressed her tender brests and kissed .she call me for fuck,I fucked her, in the night three times we did . Morning mother and me went to school , on the way I came back to home.

I saw my sister was ofter bath with towel on her chest.I went near her press the boobs moved the towel. she is like golden girl .I fucked her two times .in the evening mum came she asked me about my sister I two times did in the night. On day my sister came to home by the time . mum told me you dont go to colleage, help sister .she also full mud to fuck.mum left I went her bed room she was ready to change dress I told her I will do for u I take her sarry out and remove her blouse ,braw and inskirt. I hold her boobs from back and message her body ,then I move my hand to her pussy and rub her ,she turn to me and sat in front of me and start suck my rod ,my rod pour semen in to her mouth.she washed her mouth and my loud ,in the bath room there is place for apply soap for the cloth ,I sat there SHE STAND in front of me I SUCK,her boobs,then she sat on the place I NELED on floor ,she show her pussy I suck her pussy,then ,then I told her to bend forward and hold the place. I fucked her from back,while fucking I hold he

r boobs. then we took a bath. in the evening mother came .she asked how many time fucked ,I told 4 times. night come to me. One day mum was taking bath I came from town . I push the door it opened I watching the bath seen.she asked me are you take bath.I change clothes and we boaththaking bath,I rub her pussy ,she showed well pat her legs ,then she put a leg on the stool ,rest her back on the wall,I take my rod penetrate to her pussy hole it went in side along with soap,I start fucking it making noice,like pluk pluk pluk,we boath enjoyed , she laughed, then she sat on floor I also sat ,boath face to face ,she put her legs over my thigh,sat on my thigh ,she insert my rod in to her pussy,hold my sholder and pumped up and down I pour my semen,then she stand and placed her pussy in to my mouth,I sucked well. then we finish bath .

when ever she is in kitchen I HOLD HER breasts FROM back rub my rod on her back.some time in the dinning table,she will stand near me I RUB her butts , she enjoyed that. Ofter that there is no difference between us, ofter my marriage me and my wife went to town living there. ofter one month i call my mum i am comming to see you return in the evening,.she took leave waiting for me ,I reached home she opend the door, she huged me and crying i am loonly ,she coverd by a shaal.she closed the door and called me to bed the bed room i just moved her shaal,I surprissed she was naked, I carry her put on the bed. I emove my dress and fucked her . we fucked 3 times .in the evening I left. every month I will come to my mum and my sister . some time mother and sister will come to my home ,when my wife is on night duty (nurse) thay will come to town . Now I am 31 years and my mum is 56 years. last week my wife and children went to her house.I came to see my mum .when I enter the home she was in bath room washing clothes ,she lift up and kissed me ,comming two more clothes to be put soap.i rub her back butts and press my rod on it.then one hand pressing her boobs and other butts,i lift her sarry up,and opend my pants take my loud ,rub her pussy from behind.she part her legs and gave me place to enter my rod.

i rub her pussy with my rod .now slooly getting wet .I take some soap on my rod, insert in to her pussy.i was fucking she told me we will go to bed.then we went to bed room I remove her dress one by one ,I kissed her she also kissed me.she hold my loud in to her mouth start sucking.she lay on her back i insert my looud in to her pussy,and fucked. Two days I was with my mother ,secound day I shved her pussy I kissed ,I sucked her pussy.she is happy. likeI am fucking my sister and mum

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