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My mother & me  

Monday, July 20, 2009

I am from bangalore ,my name is Ragava, I am 25 years ,in our house me my mother and a sister ,sister IS a teacher married ,mother was 45 years at the time,I was 19 years,my sister was in the hospital for her 1st delivery,our earning is my fathers service pension mony my mother looks young little big butts and normal size breasts, when she walk in the streets every body looks her,I am the only male in the home,our uncles will help us.

It happen when my sister was in the hospital ,me and my mother attending her ,in the night I will come to hospital to help my mum and sleep their toghter in next room, in the home also me and mum sleep togather in the mat. 7th day night nurse came and gave medisin to my sister and left .we closed the door and start sleeping ,in night I have a pain in my loud I dont know what happned ,I sat and see my loud it feel little swelling , I called my mother and told I have pain in my loud she put light and told me to show her she saw the fore skine sweling ,she remove the fore sking down she saw a ant bite the skin it is sticking and she found some white powder tipe in side my loud ,she asked me are you cleaning your loud every day I said , no ,she called me come to toilet,we went their she washed mine,then we slept togather .

In the night I could not sleep ,I called my mum still paining, she told no problem sleep , she hug me and moved my pyjama down hold my loud gave message ,it got erect and stand straight. immidetly she stop message ,I hold her hand and told to do ,she told no enef pin will go ,I hold her hand sad little more time to message, she sat on the bed and start message up and down I CANT control the different plessure in my life, she did about 10 min suddnly semen jump out and wet her hand and sholder,she asked me now ok, I SAD OK. she went toilet and clean her hands.

IN the mid night again it erected , I HOLD my mums hand put put my loud ,she hug me fron my back hold my loud ,her boobs tuching myback ,she start mastrbuting with her right hand saying your father also like are u like thie,i sad yes . scound time she releese my semen I was s nice sleep.

Next day morning I wake up late and ,and went to the kitchen she is making coffe, I went their and hug her ,and kissed from her back to her nesk ,she asked your pain gone I told little is their, then my sisters husband came .we went our home. In the home she stared cooking ,ofter nune she take a bath and had food ,I asked her will go to moove she agreed.we sat in the corner ,back row in the move theature, the start I hold my mums hand and rubbing slooly ,she under stud my plan and told no now in the night only .

I asked can I drink milk ,see every body will watch ,I told , I sit down and suck, she told no once we reached home you can drink.I press my mums breast slooly ,she cover my hand with her sarry. In the intermission I asked her will go home ,she agreed Once we reached home ,she closed front door,she sat on the bed told me to lay on her lap I did,she lift her blouse and braw up ,I stared drink milk, again next breast, I kissed her she also kissed me ,she removed my shirt ,told me to remove pants.she remove her sarry, now she is on her undershirt , I removed her blouse and braw. we hug togather on the bed she put her right leg on my left leg ,hold my loud and rub on her pussy,kissed me,told me lay on her top ,I put my leg boath sides she role up her undershirt ,hold my loud in to her pussy. told me to fuck I did for about 15 min , I pour my heat seman in to her pussy,she told ofter 1 years my fathers death this the time to enjoy.

Hear ofter every that day we do fuck,last 6 years we are doing now days her pussy is not lubrecated she put hony on it tell me to fuck, I alaso suck her pussy every day . one day she was in the kitchen doing cooking I went near hold her brest from behind pressed them and ,kissed her,I LIFT her sarry up and rub her pussy ,she made me sit on a small stool she remove my pyjama put little oil on my loud insert my loud her pussy start pump .ofter some time carry her to the bed I fuck nocely she enjoyed . still contnuing, good mother now she is happy,she is not feel my fathers absence,she is active also. but I have to do slooly other wise she will she is paining/

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