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Sexy & hot sister  

Monday, July 20, 2009

Hi freinds & reders of this site.I m a regular visitor of this site & want to share some of my real experiences with you.Don't even dare to think it as a fake story.Well to begin with,it all started when I was in FYBcom.My mom & dad work& this leaves me & my sister alone all day at home.My sister Neha is really beautiful &damn hot.She has long hair right upto her waist & bulging boobs.she was in TYBsc.She was around 5'9" tall but short than me.I m 6'1" tall.This event took place on a hot summer afternoon. I returned home after college at around 12.30 pm, took a bath, had food & was relaxing in the sofa in the front room.

She normally used to return at around 2.00. Since i was alone,I got a little bit horny,so I started watching a porn video with the door locked on our VCD player.I got a hard bulge.Suddenly my sis entered the house.She normally used to carry a duplicate key & used to enter without knocking or calling. I froze at the scene,my sis looked at the porn movie on the TV & she turned around & saw my big bulg.She didn't utter a word & went running inside the bedroom & locked the door from inside.I felt ashamed at the events that happened,turned off the TV & slowly went inside to apologize to my sis.I saw that the door was locked & no reply came even after knocking.

After sometime I again knocked,this time she opened the door.I entering started apologizising to her.She didn't utter a word & slowly closed the bedroom door.She came & stood near me.I was scared & started apologizing again when suddenly i felt a hand on my cock.My heartbeat raced & I said"what r u doing sis?" she said,"Just what you want to do". & then holding me tight gave a juicy kiss.She then started unzipping my pants,took my cock in her hands & started sucking it.carresed it with her soft & juicy tounge.She uttered"oh bro,I always wnted to do it"She sucked hard.Finally after sometime she stood up & said"Wanna take off my cloths".I didn't wait for another second & took her top up first.This was the first time i was seeing my sister's boobs & no wonder they were big.

I gave it a nice squeeze & started s! ucking her nipples.They had become rock hard.She moaned"ohhhhhhh.....yes lick it,press it,play with them.I took off her jeans & panties which were quite wet & got a god damn view of her pussy with her public hair. She said" what r u waiting for"I got really aroused & bagan licking her pussy.She moaned"Ohhhhhhh..........yessssssssss; just lick it, come on play with me, come on fuck me.I pushed her to bed,parting her legs slided my cock inside her vagina.I began fucking her really hard.She started screaming"Yeah fuck me,enjoy me satisfy me bro.That big cock of yours,come on play with me,fuck me,fuck me hard"

After sometime i came.All my juices were licked cleanly by her.After all things were done she said" this is what you wanted right,you got it,I love you & always wanted to have you in bed."I was shocked to hear it & replied,"Really".She said "Yes I always fantasized about you.You see I also watch those porn movies but doing it in real is all fun"After that we had sex many times & we even used condoms.She used to treat me as her husband & we even watched porn mov! ies together.

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