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Mother's sister  

Monday, July 20, 2009

This story with me and my mums sister.In my home me and mum, father,and my sister. my mother had five sisters,the lost one is ,married and her husband in gulf,he is not getting good salary in gulf.Financily she is very poor.All other sisters and mum is helping her.

I was in bangalore and working and staying in a small home ,I was 20 and she is 27 and having one 4 year old girl day one of my mums sister and family came to see me in bangalore for tour . she asked me why dont you call the mums sister for your cooking she also lonly there,she also happy you can solve the cooking problem. I told her to tell my mum ,she told my mum,and mum called me to take her sister to bangalore. one day I went to native and look her and her daughter to bangalore.In the home is one bed room and small hall and a compind kitchen and bath place. She is happly staying with me ,saturday and sunday we use to go park and moves on my bike. now she had good time .one day we went park we sat a long time ,she seeing all those lovers she little un happy

I asked are you happy she is silent, then I took her to shoping she told me to by some under garments,she purchesed braw ,under skirt ,panties,makup items. Then I took her to restarent had food and went to 6.30 pm movie . In the movie hall not much people, she sat near me the girl baby was sleeping so put a towel on floor laid her.she put her head on my sholder ,I got my dik erected,I press with my arms on her breasts,she silent and help me to press to close to her my arm on her breast put my palm on her thighes. she hold my arm and press on her breasts.the other hand she hold my palm and guide my fingers in between her two thighs.

she squese my fingers between her thighs. she kissed me I can feel her got breath,I put my right arm on her shoulder and kissed her she hug me and kissed me ,we fourgot ourself,I press her boooobs ,boath one by one.I put my finfers on her pussy above the sarry,she put one thigh on the chair rest and allove more gape to finger her pussy. suddenly light on for the intermission. she told me ofter two years some one male tuching her.again the light off she open ber blouse and cover with sarry,I press and squese them ,the other hand lift her sarry up and in sert my finger in to her pussy she sat forward on the edge of the chair and allow me to do freely.

Then we reach home , she and baby gone in side ,I told her going to by eatables for us and baby, one I came from the shop ,the baby on the floor,and she lid on cot and her sarry up to her knee,and her sarry pallu not on her breast.I sat near her and put my hand on her thigh and massage slooly towards her pussy ,she closed her eyes and bend her knees ,her sarry on her updomes I can see her pussy ,I sat close to her and squese ,her pussy and press her boobs. she hug me and told me to change my dress ,I remove my pant and shirt,with my jutty I laid and hug her , we boath heg togather ,kissed,she moved my jutty down with her leghs. she told to fuck,she is hungry for two years, I tried to insert my loud in to her pussy ,she hold my loud and guide my loud in to her pussy it was wet and my loud went in side

I fuck for 10 min she lift her butts up and down. finily I filled her pussy with my hot seman.she hug me a long time . then she remove her sarry and blouse ,we boath naked ,we hug again like one body even air cant go through . she told me to do fuck from her back ,she bent forward I insert my loud from her back in to her pussy.I fucked her from back.again I ejaculate she is happy.the hole night I fucked 4 times. this was my first time still we are contnewing ,now I am 28 she is 36 /only twice her husband came and stayed for three months. ofter her husband gone she will come and stay with me. once my mums other sister came .she was sleeping on the cot we boath badly want to fuck,in the we boath went to kitchen ,she went forward I lift her sarry up to her hip.she showed her pusssy open ,I fucked her from back,it was a different expirence

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