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Mother's sister  

Monday, July 20, 2009

In th last story I told about my jurney from out of bombay to my home. Then she was happy . she very much attached with me ,we forgot who we are, she is mums sister ,her affaction to me is incresed, she controled of my salary.she is all in all for me,I am all in all for her, every day minimum two times I fuck her. Same next month I have to go to out station work ,I told her I am leaving next week for one week out station work. She told me she is also want come ,she cant stay alone,I told you are still need some bodys help to walk,be in the home .I decided to take her ,It is 6 hors travel from bombay.

I arrange reservation,hotel,every thing as uswell the company providing me. Saturday night we went to railway station , 10 pm train , reach there 4 am in the morning,we sat on the train she is 30, I am 20 every body think brother and sister. In train we got side reservation up and wown bearths.we sat in the bottam birth,she put her leges to wards me sitting the other end. I put mine to her side.Every body sleeping, I just massage her leges,she told me this is train,her first expierence in train,and she is from willage. no problem,I called her to toilet and closed the door, she is telling somebody will come, I told in the home this the time for our fuck I want now,she sad no here it is not possible,I kissed her she also kissed,we hugged each other ,I moved her pallu and kiss her boobs ,then I opend her blouse and kissed and sucked her boath her boobs.I put my finger in to her pussy above the sarry and rubbed, I opend my pants take my rod out ,told to hold ,she told your naughty now days.finely she hold. I told her to sit on the toilet, she sat I try to in sert my rod to her mouth ,she got angry I cant,she refused ,you are telling to do the daty things.I told you are not loving me ,ok leave , I am going ,finely she agreed told next time dont tell and put my rod in to her mouth and sucked ,I cumed in to her mouth.she spit all cumms out.

then we went to bearth.In the morning we reach their.went to lodge. In the lodge thay provide the room ,we reach the room ,I started the next round ,I told her you are ever butifull to day. we sat on a sofa I placed her my chest on her back,I moved her pallu down and press her boobs from back,and told her I LIKE YOU AND LOVE YOU.She opend her blouse and braw .I massage nicely,and put my hand in to her pussy intie the knots of her inskirt,I fingering her pussy it got wet ,she hol my finger and act fast. Then she remove her dress I also undress,she turn to me now we face to face .her one leg down and one on the sofa ,mine one leg down and one on the sofa.Wace to face ,hug eacher .her breasts pressing my chest my rod is tuching her pussy,she hold me tight and we kissed each other.

realy a different expierence to her ,she hold my loud insert in to pussy and stat fuck we boath fucking ,she put apillow under her butts and put her boath legs to my back fucked nicely I POUR MY CUM IN TO HER PUSSY. we went to bed and slept. Next day we went to a park that was a hill station to much lovers will come , we also went their ,she can walk slooly she put her arm on my sholder,her boobs pressing my ribbs.we sat on a stone and watching all the love games the lovers doing , she was not beliving the seens, the lovers doing,some lovers fucking hiding the stones ,we also got a place to sit and hide, she lane to my chest I hold her breasts press with one hand and put my hand in to her ussy,ander her sarry.she turn towardes me I lay on the floor ,she open her blouse put her boobs in to my mouth,by covering by sarry.

I massage her pussy well,her pussy git wet and woosing.I OPEND my pant take my rod told her suck,she laugh and cover her head ,and my loud with arry,start sucking . she did two times for me. In the evening we have food and walking to lodge ,there was heavy rain,we boath wet she cant walk fast finely we reach lodge , we went to bath room to change dress she remove her dress I also remove my dress. she is full nude I went near her ,with one hand tuch her pussy and other hand pressed her booobs,and hug her, she apart her legs put her leg on the cummod and gave me hull gap,I finger it well ,she kissed me put her arm on my sholder.then sat on the floor and put my loud her mouth and gave a blow job for me. The full 15 days we was there,all the days we have a difference ,we enjoyed nicely,next part I will tell the other story

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