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My first time also  

Monday, July 20, 2009

my first time I am shankar ,19 years ,I am from kerala a small willage .we in our home father mother A sister AND me. next house fathers brother and his wife two small kidds like 5&7 is rubber estate ,our two homes father mother ,step father are government employes .morning thy will go and evening 6.30 pm only return. my step father wife ,the aunty is not working she always in home .

she is good fair ,butts,nice looking.her lough and her looking is a sexy look,her hair also long .there is no dfference between our family and her family. some time I purchese things to the kidds. I help her home works.we to good friends ,we talk jocks.she is 30years one day I came to home due to school strike. at 11.00 am I reached home ,I went her home kidds also went to school.she asked me why you come early.she wass cooking I helped her.ofter food she told me to fetch water from well to her bath .I was fecheing she carry the water ,fill the tank near the kitchen side.she used take bath there ,little while she start bathe I was sat near the kitchen door,she wear a towel to cover her breasts, and her thigh above her knee.I enjoyed the seen I saw many she and mother my sister also this time I got erect my loud .

applying she turn other side apply her boobs and her pussy . she turn this side pouring water her boobs ,showing little to me .I noticed. ofter her bath she came to the room to change dress , we wore a lungi and blouse we sat in the hall in the sofa and watch TV.I atracted her breasts .I start to notice.she also notice my look.she asked me what you are looking ,I smiled ,she also smiled she told me to come near to her ,I moved near her.she asked me what you want. I saw her and told ,I want drink milk, are you small baby to drink milk.I told yes. she put her right arm to my sholder and pull me to lay on her lap,she kissed me then she open her blouse and ,she hug me towards her breast I start to drink milk.

I was drinking she put her right hand move my lungi look my loud out pull my jetty down. she move her hand up and down it was 90 degree.,I stop drinking and kissed her,she closed the front door ,told me to come to the ded. In the bed she lay on her back ,she told to rub her pusy ,small hairs on her pussy she bend her knees up and told me to lay on her top .she hold my loud near her pussy and told me to insert,it went inside ,it was wet told me to fuck .I WAS FUCKING ,she put her legs on my back and pull me down. ofter some time I feel some thig pour out of my loud, fill her pussy. she call me come to bath room she clean her pussy,and hold mine also cleand she wore her lungi and blouse we sat and watching tv ,she was not talking I told her it is my fist time, can we do one more time,she sad come close to me ..

she told me stand in front of her she remove my lungi hold my loud in to her mouth,she suck some time. again we went bed she told me to lay on the bed she came up on me put her legs boath sides in sert my loud in to her pussy ,start pump up and wown,ofter some time sat near me hold my loud pulling up and down ,little time later my semen jump out in to her face and on the blouse blouse. again we went clean. ofter she told me ,your step father fuck me once in two weeks, I need daily, dont tell any body,we can do when ever got time.some time cut my school and we day we went to her parents home for a function.their she arrange to sllep togather we did in the night, 4 times we are doing last 6 years

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