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Mami & Me  

Thursday, August 27, 2009

this is mohan this is my story few years back....

Mohan's mother called him to tell him that she had received a call from her Aunt Nirmala and he was needed there, so he had to stay with his aunt for a couple of weeks.

Mohan was 19 and his examinations were just over. He was free because he had two months till the next session. He was not happy because it was going to ruin his vacations.

He protested that he didn't want to go to her aunt's house but his mom told him that she had to go on a business trip with her company; otherwise she had stayed at her aunt's house.

Mohan was the only child of his parents. His father was employed in Canada while his mother was also a working lady. She was employed in a software company in Chennai where they lived.

The next day his mom dropped him at his aunt's house. His aunt was one of the sexiest lady in their family. He used to think that his uncle was very lucky man to get such a sexy wife.

Her aunt's name was Nirmala but all people called her Nimmy. Her aunt had called him because she was pregnant, she was in her ninth month and she needed someone to be with her in case of emergency. She called him because her husband was out of town for a month and her rest of her family was settled in foreign so no one there to stay with her, she was also confused and afraid as it was her first baby and she didn't wanted anything to happen to her baby.

She married his uncle (his mother's brother) two years before and was 24, at the peak of her beauty and youth. She had a perfect pair of boobs and a thin waist. Her figure was 40d - 34 - 38. She took great care of her body and that made her the queen of sexy women. Her boobs were perfectly firm and round and her buttocks were just stunning. They swayed as she walked.

Nimmy arrived at her aunt's house in the evening. She received her with warm hands and gave her a warm hug. This was enough for his dick to stand in attention position. Nimmy had never seen a pregnant woman in his life. He had seen some on net but seeing a hot, sexy pregnant babe in front of his eyes was just unbearable.

He threw his handbag on the bed in the guest room and directly went to the bathroom. He jacked off himself several time to relief his aching cock.

Mohan called her aunt mami because in Tamilnadu the wife of one's mother's brother is called mami.

Next morning Mohan's mami came to wake him. After brushing his teeth he went to the kitchen to have his breakfast. He again got an erection by seeing her pregnant mami and this time his mami noticed it. She didn't say anything. As she was an open minded person and considered Mohan's erection a natural thing, she also felt proud that she was making a young man hard.

After breakfast his mami needed his help in house work because of her pregnancy. Mohan tried to hide his erection but he failed every time. His mami noticed that he wasn’t feeling comfortable with his erection so she gathered some courage and said to Mohan "Mohan... I know that you aren't feeling comfortable in my presence and I don't blame you for your erection... but I think that you must try to control it... I mean you should wear underwear."

Mohan was a little shocked because he thought he was able to hide his erection from his mami so far. “I... I... I am sorry. I didn't want to hurt you... but I forget bring my under wears."

"That no problem, you must have asked me first I would have given you your uncle's underwear." She went to her room and brought three under wears and handed it to Mohan and told him to wear one of them." After several minutes Mohan returned with all three under wears in his hand. "They are too big for me." Mohan told his mami.

His mami again went to her room and returned with her panties in her hand. "I only have this at this time." This made the situation for his dick even worse. The thought that he was wearing his sexy mami's panties made his cock even harder.

Days passed by and Mohan got used to wear his mami's panties and also didn't have an erection by seeing his mami.

It was the fifth day with his mami. That night nearly at 11 pm his mami had a severe pain in her stomach. He quickly picked up the receiver to call the doctor but the line was dead. He was too much worried because her mami was crying due to pain.

He took a daring step. He picked up her mami in her arms and led her in the back seat of the car. He drove her to the hospital where she was admitted. Mohan was waiting in the waiting room and praying that nothing would have happened to her aunt or her baby.

After two hours a doctor came and told her that her mami had given birth to a beautiful daughter. Mohan was happy, he was too much happy; the happiness was inexpressible for him. He asked the doctor weather he could talk to his mami. The doctor told him that he could meet his mami but don't talk too much with her.

His mami was lying on a bed and the child was in a cot beside her. Mohan sat beside her mami for a little time. He told her that she needed rest. He spent the night in the hospital.

His mami was discharged after keeping her for one more day. Doctor told her to take complete bed rest for at least one week. Her mami was very happy. The whole week Mohan did all the work of the house and the Food was brought from the hotel. His mami was greatly thankful for his help.

After 3 week his mami went to doctor for a checkup. The doctor told her that she was fit can do the house or can go on work if she is a working lady but the doctor strictly told her that she should feed her baby on her milk for at least two week without any interruption. The doctor further told her that if the child doesn't take enough milk (the child didn't empty her breasts) she should not worry about it.

After two days since the trip to the doctor Mohan and her mami were watching a movie on HBO. His mami was wearing a cotton gown and she fell asleep. Her gown was not buttoned because she had recently fed her daughter. In her sleep her gown was displaced such that her left breast slipped out. It was a golden chance for Mohan to have a closer look at her mami's breast.

He went close to her to have a clear view of her boob. Her nipple was hard and long as it was recently sucked by her daughter. It was light pink and nearly an inch long. The scene gave Mohan an unbearable hardness.

He pulled his pant to his ankles and began stroking his 8" dick. It took seconds for him to cum. He exploded before he knew. His shots fell on her mami's left boob which was hanging out and a few shots even fell on her face which made her mami wake up.

Mohan was stopped dead in his action but he quickly pulled his pants up and ran to his room. Her mami was shocked at what Mohan was doing but soon she realized that her left boob slipped out from her gown which made Mohan to do what he was doing when she woke up. She felt sorry for Mohan that she had produced a very difficult situation for him. Firstly her pregnancy had made difficult for Mohan to control his erection and now this accident.

She said to herself that if she had made difficult for Mohan to control his erections then she would also relief him. She thought of a plan to help Mohan. Mohan didn't come out of his room the whole day. She knocked her room at dinner time to come out and have his dinner and she is waiting for him in the kitchen.

Her mami was waiting for her when Mohan entered in the kitchen. They both ate quietly. After the dinner she ordered Mohan that she wanted to have some talk on the incident that happened today. Mohan was afraid that she would scold him and tell his mother.

"I know that what happened today was not right..." she said to Mohan.

She further continued that "But... I think that... it was not only your fault... I think that I was also.... involved in it... I must have clothed myself properly."

She paused for a moment and then said "I know that it would be difficult for you to control your erection every time you see my breasts or see me feeding the baby."

Listening her mami saying about her breasts made Mohan's cock to stand in attention position and Mohan had to adjust himself to hide his erection.

His mami noticed his erection and started crying "See I made you hard again... I have made your life so difficult... you have to masturbate several times to relief yourself... I will just stop taking care of my figure..."

Mohan bent forward and took his mami in his hands "Mami stop crying... Its not your fault to be so beautiful."

While he hugged her mami his chest came in contact with her breasts and his cock became harder and stiffer. He was sitting so close to her that his cock was now touching his mami's lower abdomen.

She grabbed her dick with her hand and at the same time a moan escaped Mohan's mouth. She tightened her grip over his dick and moved her hands over it. Mohan let his head fall back on the sofa. Nimmy pulled his shorts down and started stroking his full grown cock.

Nimmy took his dick in her mouth and began sucking it. As Mohan was fed up by her mami's sex torturing so he didn't last for long and came in her mouth without any warning. He shot too much for her to sallow it all.

Nimmy stood up gave him a kiss on his lips making him taste his own cum and said "I think my work is finished here because the erection which you got because of me has been subsided."

After saying this she left the room and went for sleep. After some time Mohan also went to sleep.

The next morning when Mohan came out of his room her mami was feeding her child. She hand not covered her breast and even didn't try to cover them as Mohan entered the room. Mohan cock came to life by seeing her mami's naked breast and this time he didn't tried to hide it.

He sat on the couch watching TV. After a while her mami came and sat beside her. "Mohan could you do me a favor?" she asked him. "What?" was Mohan's reply?

"You see... the baby is not taking enough milk and my breasts are full and it hurts a lot. So could you please suck them?" Then she pulled her one breast. Mohan was in a state of shock. His mami asked him again which brought him in his senses.

He grabbed the boob with his both hands and took the nipple in his mouth. He applied very little pressure on her nipple and milk came out flooding his mouth. The warm sweet milk felt so good that he wanted to suck her nipple forever.

Mohan let her head fall back on the couch. She was moaning. "Ahhh.... suck it harder. It feels so good. Suck it harder and faster... Aaaahhhhhhh...." Listening her aunty using such erotic language Mohan increased his pressure on her nipples. He was now nearly biting her nipples.

"Aaahhhh... also take the other nipple." Mohan took no time to act on his mami's command. He took the other breast out and sucked it as hard as he could. While he was sucking his mami was busy in undressing him. She pulled her shirt and pants off. She motioned Mohan to stop.

"Thanks for the great sucking you have really given a great relief to my sore breasts... but now you have caused another problem." Mohan was afraid weather he had sucked her nipple to hard.

"You sucked my breasts so beautifully that you had made my pussy sore... so could you please also relief my pussy." After saying that her mami stood up let her shirt fall off her shoulders and pulled her pajamas down. She wasn't wearing any panty. Her pussy was nicely shaved and her love juices were dripping.

She sat on the sofa, spread her legs and motioned Mohan to start his work. Mohan was still in a state of shock but he recovered quickly. He sat down between her legs. He placed her mouth on her pinkish pussy lips and kissed them. An electric shock went down Nimmy's spine.

Sucking a pussy was not an easy task as compared to sucking a breast. The thought was enough for Nimmy to give her an orgasm that she was being sucked by her nephew. She didn't last for long and came in Mohan's mouth.

After that she pulled Mohan up and kissed her deeply to taste her own juice. They kissed for nearly fifteen minutes. Their tongues explored each others mouth.

This sucking and kissing had made them very hot, especially Mohan as it was his first time. Mohan could not wait a second; he took control of her mami, pulled her legs over his shoulders and placed his dick on her pussy lips. He stopped for a moment to seek permission from her mami. Their eyes met and she gave him an affirmative sign.

He pushed his penis into her in a single thrust. She let out a moan as she felt the manhood entering her. Her pussy was flooding with her hot love juices. In the beginning Mohan was slow but with the passage of time he increased his pace.

"Ahhh.... faster... faster... harder... take it more deeeeeep..." she was screaming with pleasure. Her hot pussy didn't let Mohan to last long and he came inside her. At the same time Nimmy also came making her cock sink in her juice.

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